Mustard oil — it is benefit, harm, and methods of use in cosmetology and medicine. How to use mustard oil indications and contraindications.

Of mustard seeds, by cold pressing (or extraction of the seed), extract oil of the same name. Mustard seeds belong to the family of chestnoslov, the content of which is rich polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). The mustard oil has found wide application in cooking, cosmetics, cosmetology, soap making and traditional medicine. Often, for medicinal purposes, the oil of mustard is used in following diseases and ailments:

— diseases associated with joints;

— diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

— pleurisy;

— urolithiasis;

— tumors (due to the content of chlorophylls, phytoncides, isothiocyanato and sinigrin possible beneficial effects on malignancy);

— rheumatism;


Mustard oil (essential) tool, which has strong antibacterial properties. But it belongs to the category of the most poisonous plant that can cause injuries to the skin and the appearance of inflammation on it. Gently use the oil for people with problems of the digestive system and liver.

Benefits of mustard oil

The impact on the human body due to the combination of polysaturated fatty acids:

— positive impact on heart and blood vessels (vasodilating effect; the obstruction of blood clots and cholesterol; increased elasticity of blood vessels; the decline in blood viscosity);

— positive effects on the digestive system;

— normalization of hormonal background;

— beneficial effects on the Central nervous system, endocrine and sexual function;

— increase the overall level of body resistance;

— normalisatie of carbohydrate metabolism and biochemical composition of the blood (increases the number of red blood cells, hemo globulin, leukocytes);

— reduced exposure to harmful toxins, salts, toxins and radionuclides on the body;

— improved vision due to vitamin A;

— a positive effect on reproductive function (vitamin E).

Medicinal properties of mustard oil:

— Decongestant effect on the body (used for edema);

— Bactericidal and antiseptic effect (used as a germicide. Heals injuries and wounds);

Antiviral effects on the body (helps to effectively cope with SARS and other respiratory diseases);

— Analgesic effect (helps to reduce pain);

— Immunostimulating effect on the body (due to vitamin-antioxidant — vitamin a).

Cosmetic properties of mustard oil:

— provides the skin, has a rejuvenating effect;

— relieves the tension on ligaments and muscles (can be used during the massage);

— effectively fights hair loss;

— effectively fights grey hair;

— stimulate the growth and thickness of hair.

Benefits for pregnant women

Due to a number of vitamins (E, F and A), mustard oil is useful for pregnant and lactating mothers. The whole pregnancy will be easier, reduces risks and complications during the birth itself. And when the baby is born, the taste of mother’s milk will be sweeter and tastier because of the chlorophyll and vitamin E. they Also have a positive impact on the process of lactation.

The potential harm of mustard oil

Before using mustard oil (as a dietary Supplement and external use), consult beforehand with your doctor. Those who suffer from diseases associated with the myocardium, the cardiologist is the Prime need before receiving money. Also, caution should be exercised before use of mustard oil for those who have observed: ulcer, gastritis, hyperacidity of the stomach. In any case, consultation with an experienced specialist will not hurt, so please be reasonable and will consult medical professionals before using.

The reason for abandoning the use of mustard oil can serve as a hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction to the oil.

But remember that the most important thing in the use of mustard oil is the observance of dosage. Incorrect use of oil can be the cause of injuries, deterioration of health and health status.

Application of mustard oil

Mustard oil is used in two ways: internally and externally.

Internally the use of oil as a dietary Supplement.

For the treatment of number of ailments and diseases (see list above), and also for preventive purposes, apply mustard oil.

Dosage and duration of treatment

Mustard oil is consumed three times a day one teaspoonful. To take this kind of dietary Supplement can with no limit on duration of admission.

External application of mustard oil

Mustard oil widely used in cosmetics. It is also perform a professional massage.

Effect of mustard oil on the skin

Mustard oil has the ability to quickly and easily absorb into the skin. It hydrates it, nourishes it with nutrients, normalizes the PH balance and softens the skin perfectly. In addition, due to the biochemical composition of mustard oil, skin is protected from harmful ambient influences. The oil in this case acts as a protective film for the skin, so it’s gained such recognition and love among the beauties. Problems premature aging not to touch you if you will regularly perform cosmetic treatments using mustard oil.

But not only young seductress should pay attention to this amazing tool. Also women who are already faced with the problems of skin aging, losing its tone, appearance of wrinkles etc, you can use mustard oil. It will help smooth wrinkles and to give tone to the skin. This issue is an important regularity, perseverance and patience!

Moisturizing mask with mustard oil

Two tablespoons of mustard oil you will need four drops of essential oils: ylang ylang, lavender, rosemary or sandalwood. Thoroughly stir the mixture, apply on face or body. This mask does not need to be washed off.

Mask for problematic skin with mustard oil

Take one table spoon of the oils: mustard, jojoba, almond, avocado and wheat germ oil. Mix thoroughly. Then blot with a cotton cloth with the mixture and in the form of application apply to problem areas on the skin (15 minutes).

Effect of mustard oil on hair

Mustard oil helps to strengthen and improve your hair. This oil also stimulates the accelerated growth of the hair follicle. Because of this beauties can count on a few extra inches in a month to the length of their tresses. And Oh, how pleasant and valuable for girls! In addition, the density of hair you will surprise after regular hair masks using this amazing tools.

Oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, so it is also a unique cosmetic for girls who have too often wash the head, from whom she quickly imeet. Also mustard oil will help to cope with the problem of gray hair and excessive hair loss.

Oil having a problem of hair loss and gray hair

RUB oil into the scalp. The best results will be from performing massage movements for 5-15 minutes. The most important rule — do this procedure quite regularly (3 times a week). The effect of the application of oil you will be pleased with your hair will again become thick, lush and beautiful.

Universal hair mask of mustard oil

Universal mask with mustard oil is simple. Apply oil to hair (pay special attention to the roots). Wrap with plastic hair and put a towel on top to great effect from the mask. If time allows, can hold the mask to my head 8 hours (leaving it on all night), but if time is limited — can wash after 30 minutes. Wash your hair very thoroughly (several times to lather the head) as any essential oil or vegetable oil is washed out is not easy. But your hair from the first application will become more manageable, healthy and shiny.

To improve the mask as follows. In mustard oil, add a few drops of essential oil etc, bergamot, ylang-ylang. The method of using the same.

Can add mustard oil in your shampoo, it will improve the performance of the latter.

Oil to treat colds

Mustard oil lubricate the area of the feet, chest. The oil should be rubbed into the skin, gently massaging her for about 5 minutes. Also, when cold it is sometimes recommended to bury your nose in mustard oil (a few drops in both nostrils).

Oil for the treatment of cough

Prepare a simple mixture of mustard oil and salt (20ml/4G). With this mixture RUB the back and chest of the patient before the appearance of redness in these areas.

Mustard oil is a great help in therapeutic, prophylactic and cosmetic cases. However, it should be used wisely and knowledgeably. Incorrect application of mustard oil may be the cause of allergic reactions, deterioration of health, burns and other injuries. Be sure to check the dosage and duration of treatment or preventive measures with the competent specialist.

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