Modern types of hair removal — all «For» and «Against». Choose the best.

The fashion for smooth skin has long been rooted in the modern world. Increased «hairiness» is not something that attracts people, but rather off-putting. And this applies to both women and men.

Many of them have learned to look after themselves and their appearance by removing unwanted hair from the skin surface. Hair removal is aesthetics and hygiene, thanks to this procedure, You will rid your body of bacteria and body odors.

In addition, waxing hairline was used as the main procedure, which helped to avoid the infection of parasitic organisms such as lice, ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek peoples.

To date, the categorical «for» expressed by the dermatologists and cosmetologists all over the world, since the different methods of hair removal helps to avoid reactions of irritation of the skin, excessive sweating, followed by unpleasant odors, as well as the formation of bacteria on the skin surface when the person is not able to follow the personal hygiene, for example, in extreme conditions.

Modern methods of hair removal offer quite a range of services, including:

• Waxing,

• Sugaring,

• Laser hair removal

• Photo — electrolysis,

• Ultrasonic hair removal

• ELOS hair removal

• Qool-epilation and others.

Let’s talk more about them and find out what type of hair removal suitable for regular use.

Bioepilation (wax, sugaring)

Sugaring and waxing today considered one of the most affordable and easiest ways to get rid of unwanted hair in different areas. Of course, the procedure can be as seasonal, and only in the summer, before the start of the beach season.

Waxing has its own materials that are used in the hair of different type:

1. Low temperature and cold wax is used on fine hairs and removes keratinized layer of the skin. Thanks to him, the skin becomes soft and velvety. This wax can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

2. Hot wax works effectively on coarse and thick hair. It is most often used during the first procedure.

It often happens that waxing causes pain and discomfort, since the surface of the skin, wax is applied, it stiffens and the hairs are inside this mass. Then sharp movement against the hair growth is removed a special paper or fabric strip, which is applied directly to the wax. The hairs are pulled out at once with the hair follicles. Effect after such a procedure is stored in the order of 3-5 weeks, it is very fast, but the sensation leaves behind a truly «unforgettable».

More gentle procedure is sugaring or sugar hair removal. The procedure is based on the use of thick caramel paste that is rolled out across dailyrama area against the hair growth. Hooking the hair, the paste also need to «break» as the wax strips, only this should be done for hair growth. Given the number of reviews, sugaring can be considered a less painful procedure is available for use in the home.

However, the procedure bioepilyatsii quite painful and is not suitable for ladies with sensitive skin and low pain threshold. If there are diseases associated with obvious skin lesions, to hold a session of table setting is strictly prohibited.

Laser, and Qool epilation

Procedures similar way, but have some differences. Explaining in accessible language: laser hair removal from hair removal is modification of the laser used for the procedure. At the session of hair removal laser-a particular type of waves is selected based on the color of Your skin and colors of hair. The more contrast between them, the more effective the procedure. Usually on dark skin with dark hairs and light skin with light hair laser hair removal is not carried out due to their inefficiency.

During photoepilation used lasers with different wavelengths that allows us to treat different skin areas and to capture a large area of the treated surface.

Qool-epilation appeared relatively recently. It allows us to treat all types of hair, including light, gray and vellus.

All methods are quite effective, as is the destruction of the hair follicle. Because of this, the hair re-grow for a long period of time, typically 4-6 years. The procedure is virtually painless, but for people with a low pain threshold it is possible to use special means on the basis of lidocaine or apparatus with cooling features.

There are pitfalls and laser hair removal, for example, burns and allergic reactions, which may occur on sensitive skin. In addition, on our skin there are hidden the hair follicles, which cause the hairs to grow back even after the procedure. Therefore, the session of hair removal need to be repeated after some time, and it is not cheap. Qool-epilation eliminates the excessive «hairiness» in 10 sessions, and each will have to pay.

For this procedure you will need to let my hair grow out to 3-5 mm. the procedure Itself takes very little time: the bikini area is processed in the order of 10-15 minutes, the nasolabial folds – 10 minutes, but for feet treatment will take about an hour. However, Qool-epilation is more long-term, as it covers a small area of the skin. Usually one treatment takes less than a half hour.


It is the electrolysis suited owners of light skin and blond hair. During electrolysis the hair follicle is destroyed under the influence of a directional electric current. To perform the procedure, You will need to let my hair grow out to at least 2 mm. the surface of the skin is treated by introducing a thin needle into the area of the follicle and the destruction current. After a session is almost always considerable hyperemia and edema of the cover, therefore, most likely, immediately after the electrolysis to go to the beach You can not.

The cost of electrolysis is much lower than the photo or laser treatments, to the same after the necessary number of sessions (usually 2-3 is enough) You will be able to permanently overcome the excessive «hairiness» of any zone.

Cons of electrolysis is very important:

1. First, the procedure is very painful. To provide any anesthesia for the patient during it is almost impossible, because in the area of anesthesia subsequently, the hairs will grow twice as fast, as paradoxical as it sounds. The only exception is the special ultra-modern vehicles equipped with the technology of cryotherapy (freezing) of the skin.

2. Secondly, for carrying out electrolysis there are numerous contraindications, including diabetes, skin diseases, malignancy, hepatitis, pacemaker, coronary heart disease, hypertension, varicose veins, and even dental pins in the area of the epilation. Also the procedure can not be performed by pregnant women and people with intolerance to some metal alloys.

3. In rare cases, after electrolysis on the skin can be visible scars.

Ultrasonic and enzymatic hair removal

Here is where you can relax patients with a low pain threshold. It often happens that in their case the use bioepilation, electrolysis and even laser hair removal is impossible, but the effect on the hair follicle by ultrasound or enzymes is quite acceptable.

The difference between these types of getting rid of excess vegetation on the body is that a special gel-conductor, destroying the hair follicle and slowing down hair growth, is delivered directly to the destination by ultrasound or temoerature. In the first case, the patient will not feel anything, and in the second only a slight warmth. Usually allergic reactions, redness and swelling during and after the application of these types of hair removal available.

The disadvantage of ultrasonic and enzymatic hair removal is the impossibility of its implementation in people with varicose veins in the area of the procedure, as well as the presence of scars and skin allergic reactions. Enzyme hair removal is prohibited for pregnant women, diabetics, people with bleeding disorders, hypertension, as well as during infections and colds.

Processing the skin surface with ultrasound may be conducted for light and dark hair, the small downy sheets and even particularly sensitive areas where the use of other types of hair removal cannot: ears, nose, the halo of the chest and upper lip.

Usually the effect after applying these types of hair removal persists for a long time (up to years), but for the formation of a stable result it is necessary to conduct 8-10 sessions and repeat them annually thereafter. To grow hair for the first session is required before a length of 3 mm.

ELOS hair removal

Perhaps one of the most modern and high-tech ways to remove unwanted hair on any area of the body is ELOS hair removal. It combines all three types of remedies against the scalp, which we have already described: laser, electric and photoepilation. The combination of electromagnetic waves, the pulse of light energy and diode laser radiation is achieved by persistent long-lasting effect, which you can get rid of hairs in a short time and forever.

The procedure itself is absolutely painless, You are likely to feel the hot touch, which can be compared with the feeling of cotton on the surface of the skin. During a session of hair removal, You definitely will handle a site of special cooling means, using it sensitivity cover is markedly reduced. After epilation the skin does not remain any traces, burns, excessive scarring or pigmentation. Grow long hair also is not required, because ELOS-hair removal can be performed in the presence of hairs with a length of only 1-2 mm.

For optimal results, You may have to undergo the procedure more than once. But after each treatment the hairs will visibly shrink and lighten.

The only significant drawback epilation of this type can be considered value. Usually it is higher than the cost of laser treatments or photoepilation. Contraindications to too. For example, patients with a pacemaker or metal plates to hold the implant procedure impossible. Also ELOS hair removal is contraindicated for people with a weakened immune system, HIV and cancer patients, pregnant women and those who suffer from Allergy to the sun.

To sum it up:

Summing up the above, it should be said that the most effective, painless and safe method of getting rid of hair can be considered as a photo or laser hair removal. They are suitable for most patients of cosmetic surgeries and have a reasonable price. If You are on a tight budget, then you can try the ELOS hair removal and Vice versa – when finances do not allow you to visit a beautician every 3-4 weeks and pay for each session, use the paste shugaring or wax strips at home. Everyone chooses a suitable form of hair removal, the main thing – to consider all the nuances in the selection and care of your health.