Mineral makeup

In the Wake of the desire for naturalness and sustainability in recent years emerged fashion trend in makeup face mineral makeup. What are these mysterious «minerals» and they are better than traditional makeup? Face it together.

What is mineral makeup?

Only the cosmetics, which is composed entirely of crushed minerals of natural origin, has the right to be called mineral. It has the form of powder superfine grinding and produced, as a rule, in jars with the membrane. Compact powder, liquid correctors, eye shadow and other products but difficult to spill, unfortunately, minerals are not. You use the term «mineralized cosmetics,» i.e., containing minerals, but not entirely consisting of them. To distinguish the mineral from mineralized cosmetics easy: the number of ingredients of these «minerals» will be no more than five to seven.

The main components of mineral makeup

  • Mika (Mica) is a basic component that replaces traditional talc. It gently mattes the skin without drying and without clogging pores.
  • Titanium dioxide (titanium white) is a sunscreen and gives the face a light tone.
  • Zinc oxide is a natural antiseptic. It dries out and reduces sebum.
  • Iron oxides, chromium oxides and other oxides are used in mineral cosmetics as pigments. Combining them with the basic components of the tools, you can make any color, from natural to saturated.

Advantages of mineral makeup.

In addition to decorative function, mineral makeup is also beneficial for the face. Cosmetologists recommend to owners of sensitive and prone to allergic skin rashes to pay attention to the mineral Foundation powder and proofreaders. Cosmetics made from minerals rarely cause allergies, as it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives and colors, and due to its dry texture without the fat and moisture can be stored for about three years. Mineral cosmetics can be mixed in various proportions to obtain a new tone and density of colors of decorative media.

Disadvantages of mineral makeup

Cons of mineral makeup are almost there. But it is necessary to mention that the mineral makeup you need to get used to, since it is applied exclusively with a special brush and to a certain technology. Jars of loose powder is unlikely to survive the journey and shaking, so the road of cosmetics «minerals» does not fit. Also some may scare the price of mineral makeup, but it is in most cases justified because spent «minerals» are much slower than usual cosmetics.

Text: Valentine Shmidova