Mens hairstyle with shaved sides (photo) — stylish gentlemen! Options hairstyles mens hairstyles with shaved sides

Fashion trends men’s hairstyles do not change as often as women. At the same time, men’s fashion is not less interesting than women’s. It requires attention and a special approach.

Given the current pace of life and the employment of men, their hairstyles and image as a whole change, in accordance with the position, status, and Hobbies. Shaved sides hairstyle men is an attractive and modern option.

Mens hairstyle with shaved side – characters that fit the style

Hairstyle with shaved sides is not for everyone. But those who can afford such diversity – the lucky ones.

Hairstyles this kind look good on men with round faces, a square face shape, because visually extend it. Should exclude this hairstyle those who have a tall and rather elongated shape of the face, otherwise, these haircuts can change the aspect ratio of the image.

Shaved sides are not entirely acceptable for the status of men and more Mature. Also note the presence of scars and damage to your hair in areas where shaving is expected.

Most of these haircuts are popular with young, energetic, athletic, men, in particular, and students.

There are a few basic men’s haircuts, on the basis of which, with the help of tonsure of the lateral parts of the head, create new ones, considering the fashion trends.

Following the style of hairstyles, men often use mousse, gel and styling wax. These tools generate the needed volume, hold and shape hair. Nail styling hair, apply a much less common, but also not excluded from men’s fashion.

The latest trends in mens hairstyles with shaved sides , can be called creativity, which is applicable to young and energetic age is the variety of patterns and geometric forms created by clipper or trimmer.

The shape and style of these options depends on the mood, scope, and audacity of men.

Framework and options for men’s hairstyles with shaved sides (photo)

It is the General rule that the main (classic) men’s hairstyles do not change for several decades. They can be complemented by some of the current trends and options, but overall unchanged.

Let’s consider each option separately:

Haircut «Military»is perhaps the most simple, basic, and most popular. Imagine a soldier who has no time to monitor the condition of their hair. A minimum of time and means the creation of hair and styling it – this is the main advantage. Hairstyle characterized by short hair over the entire head. The sides and the back can be cut shorter than the top of the hair, but only slightly. Care that haircut is very simple – washed my hair, dried. If you want you can add some «flavor» to cover the hair with a hair gel. They will be stiffer and will not create the effect of «dandelion».

Haircut, Straight hair-base, the upper part of which is more than side and rear, and this hairstyle can be transformed into «Poluboks» that allows you to more carefully shave the side of the head and leave the high top of the hair. Considering the fashion trends, these hairstyles vary and are complemented by a special shaped «protrusions» and reliefs. Machine for shaving creates a cool outline that looks special.

The haircut is the «Undercut» differs radically shaved side and rear parts, and a sharp transition to makeshadow, longer, part. This haircut fit with special tools and can be applied at any age, depending on the thickness of the heads of tonsure sides.

The buzz cut is especially popular in the 80-90 years. His feature in the cropped hair on the side and rear parts of the head. The upper part of the hair is usually less than the previous haircuts. Shorn and allocated the upper part of the hair with a sharp transition. Apply styling products to create the effect of spines and standing hairs.

Haircut «Canadian» implies a smooth transition and smooth shaving (speed) side and rear parts of the head. Bangs stacked back, perhaps with the use of styling wax. Can be lifted over the roots of the hair, creating the effect of elevation waves. If the form requires better fixation, the hairspray is simply irreplaceable.

Haircut «Briton,» similar to the «Canadian» smooth transitions. But the main difference between her long bangs, which can drop to the side or to be extended. Styling products need to fix the bangs so that it was «one whole» and not crumbled.

Creative approach and innovations in mens hairstyles with shaved sides (photo)

Increasingly, modern men, tend to stand out from the crowd. Someone changes the style of clothing, and someone changes styles hairstyles. Basic, these haircuts, easy transformirovalsya and applied in the everyday active life of each young person. In recent times, was especially popular and some variants and additions to the basic styles: the «Hitler youth», «Sagittarius», «Voyage», «Beaver».

Each of these hairstyles, in their own way, bold and unusual. Consider their options.

«Hitler» has become particularly popular in recent years. Clean-shaven sides and long bangs, often laid to one side, tell about its owner much – daring, unconventional and creative. Fit long strands of hair on the crown using mousse or gel. You can add the effect of wet (with wet hair). This will give you additional energy.

Hairstyle Strelets drew men’s attention to themselves recently. Shaved side of the head combined with a long, laid back bangs, especially significant are highlighted because shave trimmer. The transition boundary of the hair from short to long, very small, as astrosaurs almost at the roots of the hair. Very often, the stylists offer an unusual approach in this embodiment. The boundary line can be selected along at some distance.

Option Voyage no less relevant, because it is very similar to the previous one. Long hair has special means at the opposite, from selection of hairstyles, a line. The boundary of transition from short hair to long, stands out, wider and clear stripes with the use of trimmer or shaving machine.

«Beaver» or «beaver», is back with a vengeance. This haircut requires almost no styling, as its feature correctly cut the lateral parts of the head. The length of the top section of hair up to three inches. In contrast to the «Hedgehog» haircut «Beaver», has a clear and smooth boundaries between the side parts of the head and upper. When cutting hair on the side, in the transition to the top, they are slightly rounded. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this hairstyle is visually rounds the face. That can be very important in some cases.