Massage oil — what is the best to use? Choose oils suitable for the different types of massage.

Do You love massage as I love him? At first it may seem that your skin are going to use to prepare the rolls, after kneading it like dough. Then comes the feeling that you every cell in my body, feel the point even the touch of your fingertips massage. The skin reacts to any movement: sometimes pain, sometimes tickling. And in the end comes full relaxation this relaxation cannot be compared, perhaps, with nothing.

It’s like you’re swaying in an invisible hammock while your body breathe in some fresh sea breeze. The whole gamut of emotions gives us a feel good massage, but if it is made using special oils, essential or vegetable, then massage hands gain incredible softness and skin after the procedure becomes soft and smooth.

Massage oil: whether or not to use it

Surely You have noticed that therapists will always use special oil. You may even have wondered: «Why oil? Can it be replaced by a simple body cream?». The answer is simple: cream or lotion will not work when you use massage techniques, and here’s why.

The structure of the oil does not compare with anything, because any cream is absorbed almost instantly. As for massage techniques you know prolonged exposure to specific points and areas of Your body, the masseur simply can not perform a procedure that is called «dry». Will be there for this huge discomfort, because the hand is the main tool of a professional masseur will not slide along the body. Besides massage oil, you need him also for other reasons:

• Massage is needed for many people prone to stress and emotional stress. Those who suffer insomnia, experiencing the impact of negative mood, recovering from depression, very frequent sessions of massage. A massage using special essential oils and composition, helps restore the nervous system and restore energy to the body.

• People who are familiar with the symptoms of degenerative disc disease, back pain and pinched nerve endings, thanks to massage forget about those if not forever, then for a long time. Some aromatic oils have become great helpers in the way of getting rid of such problems.

• Also choose the massage ladies who wish to get rid of cellulite and reduce body weight. And this is also excellent for a variety of oil.

Sorry, for a course of massages, there are certain contraindications. However, to make acupressure point massage of the face, for example, in the temples, bridge of nose, forehead or chin with the use of oils is not prohibited by nearly anyone.

Essential oil massage: what better to choose

The essential oil in its pure form for massage not used. The fact that in small bottles stored a concentrated oil, so it must be diluted. That is why, to massages or cellulite restorative massage, you will need a base oil to which you want to add a few drops of essential.

For example, the «orange peel» is perfectly able to fight grapefruit oil, it breaks down fatty deposits by penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. It also contains a large number of useful vitamin C. Inhaling grapefruit oil in massage, You will be able to strengthen the immune system.

In addition to grapefruit to fight cellulite will help these massage oils:

• Geranium, because it has antibacterial properties, calms the nervous system and relaxes the skin,

• Mandarin or orange. These oils help to speed up circulation in certain areas of the skin, improve its elasticity,

• Juniper oil, it not only has an amazing pine scent and promotes relaxation and improves skin structure, tightens it and removes toxins.

And even as the basis for weight loss permitted to use oil of cedar, lemon, cypress, lavender, rosemary and cloves. Each of them will be a great help, when all the forces thrown into the fight against cellulite and excess weight.

Base oils suitable for massage, together with aromatic compositions:

• Argan,

• Sesame,

• Apricot or grape seed

• Karité butter (Shea),

• Coconut,

• Almond,

• Jojoba.

These products are perfectly combined, they soften the skin, and in the capable hands of the masseur become an effective tool for weight loss. Just a few drops of essential oil can be added to the composition, and You after a few sessions the massage will feel how smooth was Your skin, and even reduce in the waist and hips by at least 2-3 cm for example, excellent composition for anti-cellulite massage:

• 4-5 tbsp. of a base of almond oil

• 1-2 drops of orange essential oil,

• The same amount of geranium oil.

Oil for erotic massage: indulge the senses

Erotic massage as a part of the intimate life of the couple, helps to turn the banal rubbing in a sensual foreplay. Some essential oils are considered to be real aphrodisiacs: they arouse passion, increase libido and contribute to the mutual pleasure of partners.

What oil would be appropriate during the erotic massage? Not much:

• Essential oil of ylang-ylang,

• Patchouli,

• Sandalwood,

• Jasmine,

• Rose oil

• Neroli.

Erotic massage is never too active. Usually a gentle, light touch can alternate with smooth rubbing and Pat. You can surprise and excite your soul mate, arranging a session of erotic foreplay with essential oil for massage. For example, use the following composition: 3 tbsp base oil (jojoba or Shea), add a few drops of sandalwood and the same ylang-ylang. Please note that massage intimate areas of the body with the use of essential oils is not recommended due to risk of irritation. But it is allowed to massage legs, feet, lower legs, back, abdomen, arms and neck.

Believe me your partner will be delighted by Your touch, and You will get an unforgettable experience, because on the level libido will be taken care of stimulating oil.

What massage oil suitable for face

Competent Facials are essential for every woman. Moreover, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons or spas, enjoy expensive cosmetics or to call home a personal beautician. Enough to do 2 times a week with a special mask, clean your skin with scrubs or peels, and massage the face.

On Your face there is the same skin, like on the back or in the buttocks. Only on the face it is more thin and delicate, so need soft care. Facial massage should not be too active, fundamental movement is aimed at solving the following problems:

• Accelerate blood circulation and improve cell regeneration. So, You stop premature aging, improve the complexion and smooth out wrinkles.

• Oxygenation and nutrition. This is particularly relevant for owners of sensitive, delicate and flaky skin.

• Getting rid of the swelling. If no masks and compresses do not help, a facial can actually deprive You of this problem.

Basic and aromatic oils for the face is allowed to combine with other ingredients. Imagine as if You need to make a mask for the face, but You try to «RUB» it into the skin. For example, the combination of «olive oil + lavender + lemon juice» will provide the skin the flow of oxygen will help to whiten it and get rid of age spots and acne. But the following masks for a massage would be great to nourish the skin and enrich it with vitamins:

• Honey – 1 tbsp

• Melted coconut oil – 1 tbsp

• Milk – 1 tbsp

• Capsules with oils vitamin A and E,

• 2 drops of orange oil.

Massage with a similar composition can be done independently. Well, if You want to relax and have fun, ask a loved one to massage Your cheekbones, forehead, nose, temples, neck and chin.

Massage oils: how they can be applied

If you want, You can assemble a collection of different oils, because the range of application is not calculated only body massage or facial. Some songs are perfect for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases during epidemics. Even the toddlers will be helpful to inhale essential oils of lemon, juniper, lavender or mint. They will eliminate the primary symptoms of the disease, and will also help in the treatment of cough and soothe the nervous system little fidgets.

Adults essential oils suitable as the basis for massages. For example, the composition with Shea butter, rosewood, ginger and orange has a warming effect and will be appropriate in the cold season, if You’re cold. Oil blend of sage, lavender and sandalwood in combination with a base of sesame or flax oil will help you relax after a hard, eventful day and go to sleep.

If You suffer from insomnia, you can try to get a massage with oils of ylang-ylang, Jasmine, lemon balm or neroli. In this case, will help both General massage of the whole body, and simple acupressure face. Just remember one thing: an allergic component is present in almost all oils. If ever You have experienced an allergic reaction to some oil, use it again not worth it. And with care you need to try other base or essential oils for massage.

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