Masks of concoctions – a ticket to a youth or destroy beauty?

Mask of concoctions (used the same word badyaga) has long been used as a folk remedy to fight with bruises, bruises, bruises and even rheumatism. People who had heard about the analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties of fresh-water sponge, rubbed the skin with water, diluted powder, which was prepared from dried freshwater sponges.

Of concoctions, and fat also made an ointment. Because the concoctions had and irritating, it was used as a substitute for blush. Today, many girls are confident that mask of concoctions will help them to rejuvenate and to get rid of serious cosmetic defects of the skin.

But not all ladies are described this improvised tool. Some of the girls believe that the use of such home products – a direct path to premature aging of the skin. A small percentage of women that were tested mask of concoctions, prove that is not met means nastier and more dangerous than that. Whom to believe?

What can the mask of concoctions

Typically, the mask of concoctions are not prepared from the gel which contains the crushed sponge and powder. It can be purchased in almost every pharmacy. The powder has a greenish-gray tint. While the mask is applied small needles are of natural origin, contained in the powder, dig into the skin, irritating it. As a result, accelerating the biological processes of skin regeneration, aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation, dissolve scars and bruises.

A number of girls believed that the mask of concoctions is dangerous as it causes severe burning of the skin and its peeling. But that’s okay. Peeled off the old skin giving way to a new, which is clean, smooth and beautiful. It turns out that, regularly relieving the skin, we get rid of annoying problems: pimples, acne, age spots, acne scars, deep wrinkles, etc.

Most mask of concoctions suitable for women with oily skin. It’s also used by girls with normal skin. But the owner of a dry skin should be wary to use this home remedy, and it’s better not to refuse him. Mask of concoctions are effective not only as anti-aging agents and is suitable for the treatment of acne, acne scars, eliminate pigmentation, bruises, old scars, scars. It also eliminates oily seborrhea and smoothes the skin.

Masks of concoctions: types and methods of cooking

The most popular home remedy made from sponge is the mask «plus peroxide fresh-water sponge». You’re probably wondering why it is so popular. As already mentioned, sponge needles to injure the skin than it stimulate the regeneration processes, removes keratinized layer of cells, leading to rejuvenation. What makes hydrogen peroxide? Components that are emitted during its decay, absorb dirt and pigment. They like eating them from the surface and washed away, while simultaneously disinfecting the skin.

Important recommendation: use for making masks only 3% peroxide.

Not all favor a mask of peroxide and concoctions. Some annoyed ladies claim that entanglement causes burns, scars, leads to the emergence of or increase in pigmentation. Enemy of skin think and peroxide. She is accused of killing healthy cells, provoking a premature aging and the challenge of cancer. It should be noted that no official confirmation of the link between peroxide and cancer was found. As for the appearance of burns and pigmentation, it is possible. Because not all girls adhere to the recommendations on the preparation and use of masks of concoctions.

To prevent unpleasant consequences, you should follow all of the rules of the home treatments with concoctions, which will be mentioned later. Now let’s look at how to prepare a mask of concoctions and peroxide, which will rejuvenate your face, cleanse the skin, get rid of spots, acne, bruising, narrows pores, lighten freckles. You will need: two teaspoons of concoctions and 3% peroxide. The latter will require an amount which will make the mixture suitable for distribution on the face. Mask of concoctions applied to the skin massage movements and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes.

See also other effective masks of concoctions:

— universal face mask – prepared from the powder concoctions and hot water, the two components are mixed to obtain a pasty mixture; such a tool is suitable for tired and devitalized skin;

— powder concoctions + boric acid (2%) mask for acne and any form of acne;

— excellent remedy for age spots: take one teaspoon of concoctions and clay (white or black), dilute them with warm boiled water until a thick mass;

cleansing, tightens pores mask: for normal skin – take in equal amounts (two tablespoons) yeast and concoctions, spreading them with cream; for dry skin: mix a teaspoon of powder with two tablespoons of sour milk.

Important: any of the above-mentioned funds can not endure on the face for longer than 20 minutes. Mask of concoctions and boric acid as peroxide, is removed with warm water after 15 minutes.

Recommendations for use of masks of concoctions

After applying the mask of concoctions there is a tingling sensation, which is accompanied by redness of the face, and later, the skin actually starts to climb, using this tool is not recommended before important events. And even better after cleansing concoctions and even a few days to spend at home. Therefore, make the mask better before the weekend or during a holiday, when you can afford not to go anywhere. Some girls try to correct the ugly picture with the help of concealers, which is highly undesirable, because makeup allows the pores to breathe, and applied on the irritated surface, even may cause serious inflammation. Do not forget to clean the skin from all the excess before applying the mask.

If you can’t sit at home the next three days at least before going outside, apply sunscreen and use quality masking skin imperfections products. But following rules for the use of masks of concoctions to violate categorically:

1. Before applying the mask be sure to test the portability of concoctions. This mixture is applied to the bend of the elbow or another place that you can cover the clothes.

2. A means of concoctions do not use on the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. For the treatment of skin problems mask of concoctions used no more than once a week as prevention.

4. The number of applications per year – not more than 10 times. Continued use of concoctions can cause severe thinning of the skin, acquisition of bluish hue, and the development of dangerous diseases.

5. Mask powder concoctions are not designed for use in spring and summer. Ignoring this rule may lead to the appearance of age spots.

6. On the face apply only freshly prepared mixture.

Note: disregard the above mentioned rules, in most cases, leads to the development of serious consequences, threatening the occurrence of severe skin diseases.

Contraindications for use of masks of concoctions

Beauty treatments using concoctions not fit the ladies with too thin, sensitive and dry skin and those women who have individual intolerance of the main component of anti-aging masks. It is forbidden to use Holy and in the presence of the face of open wounds, scratches, abrasions and purulent inflammation. It also should beware of a girl with rosacea.

Rejuvenate with the help of concoctions really. But in order not to hurt the skin, you need to comply with the guidelines does not violate the essential rules of the use of masks. If you are considering a mask of concoctions as remedies for the treatment of acne, pimples, be sure before applying it consult a doctor, take their assigned tests, pass examination. Often, these problems require solutions from within.