Masks from clay for the face — the best recipes. How to make rejuvenating and healing mask from different types of clay for face.

Clay is known for its beneficial properties since ancient times. Even Cleopatra indulged themselves with masks and body wraps with clay. There are several varieties of this product: white, red, blue, yellow, green, pink and black. White clay ideal for sensitive, dry, irritated and even baby skin. It kills germs and reduces inflammation, enriches the skin with mineral substances and updates it. Red has a color due to its high content of iron oxide and copper. This type of clay is suitable for those who are looking for the elixir of youth. Available to all blue clay. In addition, it is universal. Suitable for skin types from young to wrinkly and pimply and Mature. It has antibacterial and rejuvenating properties, contains silver ions. All this makes the mask based on it truly valuable for skin of any age. Yellow clay helps to preserve moisture in the skin, prevents aging processes and regulates the process of sebum. Green is a godsend for oily, greasy Shine of the skin or having areas of different fat content, and it also eliminates signs of pimples. Pink is the most unusual clay because the result of mixing red and white. It combines their best properties, and therefore suitable for the skin ruffling against any makeup, but it effectively draws out impurities from the pores and significantly reduces the size, eliminates inflammation and maintains skin moisturized. Red clay stimulates intracellular metabolism, tightens the skin.

Consider what masks you can make from clay and other wonderful and easily accessible products. Choose a specific type of clay that suits you and your skin, and use in any of the following recipes. Importantly, in the preparation of the mask, do not use metal utensils, because the clay can react with the metal (possibly even blistering) and its effectiveness will be reduced. Preparation of all masks is one principle: mix all the ingredients together in a porridge or cream to smear on the face. By the way don’t do the mask alone, call friends or do it together with her husband and children. Leave the mask to dry on face for 10-20 minutes, and at this time will have a great fun and make a bunch of funny pictures. Don’t forget to wash off either with warm water or wipe with a wet towel. Then apply to the skin nourishing cream favorite.

The clay mask from clogged pores and acne on the face

Problem skin is not only in adolescence, often it has to face during pregnancy, after childbirth, and prolonged exposure to the sun. We offer to your attention a simple mask of two ingredients: clay and Apple cider vinegar, taken in equal parts.

This mask helps to open pores and reduce their size, exfoliates, prevents new infections, treats acne, improves skin complexion and makes it radiant.

The trick: Mix the components you need to obtain a creamy consistency. Take organic Apple cider vinegar, not made from concentrated juice. Don’t worry, the smell of Apple vinegar will be almost invisible. If you have skin that is very sharply reacts to external stimuli, we suggest that to make a mask for 10 minutes and gradually increase the exposure time. Your face may be red. Do not be afraid! Within half an hour it will be back to normal.

The clay mask Glamglow analogue, increasing the radiance of skin

Store mask – a convenient invention, but they can quickly empty your wallet. Why spend a huge amount on something with preservatives when you can make fresh mask at home? Right, why not! Moreover, it is much more useful and cheaper. So, we offer you a mask, an analogue of the famous Glamglow from Sephora. It not only cleanses the skin and gives it a glow, but also exfoliates it.


A quarter of a Cup of clay;

1 blister tablets of activated charcoal;

A couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil (depending on the sensitivity of your skin);

A couple drops of peppermint essential oil (depending on the sensitivity of your skin);

1 tbsp olive oil grade Extra Virgin;

1 tbsp aloe juice;

40-60 ml chamomile broth.

The trick: RUB face in circular movements of the fingers, when wash off the mask. So you will otherwsie dead skin particles of the epidermis and the face will look more beautiful. The resulting mixture may be enough for you 5-6 applications. Refrigerator is the ideal place to store this mask.

A cooling mask with clay and cocoa for the face

When it comes to cosmetic skin funds, suffers and your skin and your wallet. They are often expensive and quite toxic. We spend our money on the best products in the endless pursuit of youth. What we often don’t understand is that all these wonderful jars fill our bodies with toxins which only accelerate the aging process.

We need natural products that offer real health and youthfulness of our skin and bodies. That’s one of the masks, which will help you with this. Clay and essential oils.


0,5 tbsp of clay;

0.5 St. l. cocoa;

0,5 tbsp of ginseng;

2 tbsp of yogurt;

2-4 drops of peppermint essential oil.

The trick: the Yogurt is better to take the most natural (it has more nutrients), for example, Greek. The ideal option is to take homemade yogurt. Cocoa also need classic, Nesquik and its analogues does not give the desired result.

The clay mask, rejuvenating skin on the face

Our skin is constantly in the struggle. Stress, lack of sleep, dryness, dirt, food we eat and products that apply it on face, sometimes work against us, making our skin look tired. If we sleep well, are stressed, eat healthy food, avoid toxic of all makeup and lotions, then of course our skin in excellent condition. But let’s be honest, our lives are too busy. To perform all of the above is sometimes impossible. There is a solution! Use homemade facial masks.


4 tbsp of organic Apple cider vinegar;

1 tbsp. of honey;

1 drop peppermint, tea tree oil or rose essential oil;

2 drops of rosehip oil;

1 drop lemon essential oil;

2 tbsp of clay;

2 tbsp of powder from brown algae.

Trick: If the mask seems too thick, you can add plain water and dilute to the desired consistency.

Two-component mask with clay and almond oil for very sensitive skin


1.5 tbsp of clay;

1 tbsp of almond oil;

Trick: Almond oil can be replaced with water. However, the oil can moisturize the skin. While water will be a worthy component in the mask for the skin with a greasy Shine and enlarged pores. The mixture can be used on the face and neck.

A clay mask for the face with coffee grounds

Clay masks have many benefits, they tighten the skin, help to combat irritation and reduce pores. Perhaps this mask will be your lifesaver. In this mask you will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of coffee and clay. Coffee refreshes the skin and helps get rid of dead skin particles. In fact, this recipe is quite effective scrub.


4 tbsp clay;

2 tbsp coffee grounds;

2-5 tbsp. of Apple cider vinegar.

The trick: Apple cider vinegar can be replaced with water if you don’t want to irritate the already tired skin. If the mixture seems too thick, feel free to add more vinegar or water.

A clay mask for irritated skin

Offer you to enhance the action of clay with the help of other great and useful substances. Apple cider vinegar will help reduce irritation, honey – accelerates the processes of renewal and moisturizes, lavender essential oil – kills bacteria and helps to restore the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.


3 tbsp of clay

0.5 tsp. of honey

1-2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

5 drops of lavender essential oil.

The trick: Use two times a week will reduce the size of pores, lighten the skin and regenerate and rejuvenate it.

Of course, some masks do not solve a problem with your skin, it needs an integrated approach to care. Healthy lifestyle, eating right, taking vitamins, personal care. Most importantly, monitor your health and let those face masks you will use only in the preventive purposes.