Masks for skin around eyes at home will return you to a couple of years. Unique masks for the skin around the eyes: homemade recipes

Even with the best of heredity without regular care the skin age will make itself felt already with 30, or even 20 years, but what about the surface around the eyes where skin is particularly thin and has a high sensitivity and vulnerability.

To avoid premature aging, turning back the clock will help only a thorough, regular Facials and eyes, and this is the inevitable mask for the skin around eyes at home.

Skin care around the eyes at home: how?

The main objective of the care of the skin around the eye is providing this region with sufficient moisture, a warning from stretch marks and premature appearance of wrinkles, especially «crow’s feet». Since youth have to learn to fight with bluish circles and bags under eyes, using all methods, including traditional medicine.

It is strictly forbidden to use for care of the skin around the eye creams designed for the face or the entire body, because their texture is much heavier, so these funds can only hurt, causing swelling. Not having purchased the cream, start making masks for the skin around the eyes at home.

Take a rule from 25 years to use the cream around the eyes. Generally, purchased ingredients for skin care around the eyes do not divide day and night, but there are exceptions.

In the morning, after washing, wipe the surface around the eyes and entire face with toner and apply eye cream.

Necessarily, when applied to any area of the eye to observe the massage lines. Start with the outer corners of the eyes, pass the lower eyelid, go to the upper area, and return to the starting position.

Creams it is best to drive a gentle tapping, thus making a light massage around the eyes.

On Sunny days, try not to leave the house without sunglasses, so as not to provoke the appearance of wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes.

It’s important to arrange an evening eye care. When removing eye make-up should once and for all forget about soap, which dries, irritates and ages the skin.

Make-up remover at any store or pharmacy to buy the most simple, inexpensive cream, milk or cream makeup remover, which is easy to handle even with a super resistant waterproof mascara. Remove makeup, wash my face.

Then repeat the morning stages of care: toner, cream, massage.

To maintain youthful skin around the eyes, this complex should be mandatory as brushing your teeth otherwise in a few years will have to accept the fact that your wrinkles will show age, or you become a regular customer of the special rooms.

Mask around eyes at home applied twice a week will help strengthen, restore, nourish this area with the necessary ingredients. Doesn’t matter will these funds, the compositions purchased or made based on folk recipes.

However, if there will be a choice to laugh and have wrinkles, or to keep the skin around the eyes wrinkle-free with the expression mymra, laugh, for, filling themselves with hormones of joy, you retain the youth of the soul, and therefore of the whole body.

Masks for skin around eyes at home: how to choose a purchase the funds

On the development of tools to zeal for the skin around the eye work entire institutions, cosmetic companies, thousands of inventors seeking the elixir of youth that can stop aging, so the shelves of cosmetic stores filled with various creams, tonics, masks.

Deciding to self-care for the eye area, you get a mask for the skin around eyes at home you will be able to apply at a convenient time and change them according to your choice.

Don’t rush into trendy boutiques, do not rush to the popular brand, first read the manual.

— Buy just the eye cream, which shows the age range, versatile this tool can not be.

How to help a woman in 60 years means, where it says «25 years», and 30-year-old lady doesn’t need the cream, marked «55».

— In summer, try using moisturizers and nourishing in the winter, although all the means to care for the eye area contain a moisturizing base, only to a greater or lesser number.

Masks for skin around eyes at home: folk remedies

Nature take care of the beauty of humanity, creating unique plants, the means to care for face and eyes.

For the masks will be guided by the existing problem or the task. Choose the mask to prevent and get rid of:

• wrinkles around the eyes;

• bags under the eyes;

• bruising in the eye area.

1. Wrinkles around the eyes more likely given age, so the masks in this case do 2 times a week or every day, preferably each time choosing another to avoid habituation.

— Apply daily at night during the week mask, based on potatoes and olive oil can remove existing wrinkles.

For its preparation we need:

• 40 ml of strained infusion of parsley – 1tbsp. L. green, filled with 200 ml of boiling water for a quarter of an hour;

• 1 tbsp. grated potatoes;

• 25 ml of vegetable oil.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, spread on cooked 2 small gauze pads and place on eyes for 20 minutes. Definitely more convenient to do it lying down. Rinse the mask is recommended, enough cotton swab to remove the remains of the potatoes.

— Very dry skin under the eyes is easy to moisten, mix egg yolk and vegetable oil, which is applied under the eyes for a quarter of an hour, wash off with water and apply eye cream.

— Amazing effects from the use of bread mask when out of the crumb of white bread, the best loaf, mixed with vegetable oil, tortilla is prepared and applied under the eyes for quarter of an hour. Rinse with water, and, of course, apply the cream.

— Not only moisturize, but will give nourishment to the skin around the eye is a mixture of egg yolk, honey and oat flour, taken in the ratio of 1:0.5:1. Jelly-like composition of just at the quarter hour positions applied under the eyes and rinse with tepid water, then do not forget to apply the cream.

— Eat a banana? Leave a piece the size of 1.5 cm for the beauty of their eyes, mixing it with the same amount of butter to cream that is easy to drive under the eyes and leave up to half an hour, then wash off with water.

— Ladies of Mature age will be surprised by the effect of oatmeal rather of cereals, filled with hot milk or cream, and cooled to body temperature. Swollen part should be spread on gauze, folded in 2 times and apply on the entire surface of the eye for a quarter of an hour, after which you can wash off.

2. The appearance of morning puffiness under the eyes, bags during the day has several reasons. It can be a disease of the heart and kidneys, improper diet and fluid intake, heredity and more. In this case, without additional professional intervention to cope with the problem impossible.

Doctors say you are healthy, and the swelling does not pass? Analyze:

• do not use if you have a lot of fluid at night;

• perhaps in your menus too much salty and spicy food;

• what about alcohol in the evening;

• be sure to check for allergies all means, apply it on face and eye area;

• tears no color, because favorite show with tearful end it is better to see a day in the replay.

The swelling and bags will also help mask for the skin around the eyes, which are prepared from local funds.

— Regular 20-minute application on the eyelids with a cotton swabs soaked with warm infusion of chamomile and Linden flowers, and it can be peppermint tincture, over time, will reduce the swelling.

— Fresh birch leaves, narwana in the day of preparation of the mask, at night, pour mineral water so that it covered the 6 – 7 leaves. In the morning moisten in the infusion tampons and impose on the swollen eyelids for 25 – 30 minutes.

— Hurry and don’t have time to prepare the mask? Cut from raw potatoes 2 circle and cover their eyes, lie down for 15 minutes, the swelling will go away.

Summer potatoes will replace the cucumber. A cotton swab dipped in cold milk, apply on the eye, put on top of slices of cucumber and lie in a relaxed state, just a quarter of an hour.

— Perhaps you have a growing Melisa, then prepare from the juice, soak them a piece of white bread to form a slurry, which should be put on the eyelids for a quarter of an hour. Flush all water or cold green tea.

3. Dark circles under the eyes can be removed with regular use of masks.

Home — fat cottage cheese will perfectly play the role of masks from dark circles under the eyes. Enough to carefully grind it and apply for 15 minutes under the eyes, then rinse with tampons green tea.

— Not having anything else at hand, contact a used tea bags from the tea, which in the form of heat just put on the lower eyelids.

Masks for skin around eyes at home: tricks and tips

We all want to have a well-groomed appearance, but only a few are willing to sacrifice their habits in the name of beauty.

Smoking is not only bad habit is primarily a «killer» of the skin under the eyes. Exhaling smoke, people passing by will narrows his eyes, here and wrinkles. Nicotine kills minerals and vitamins, the skin is fading, primarily around the eyes. You decide beautiful eyes or Smoking.

Amazing things happen with the skin around the eye when added to the daily diet increased the amount of broccoli and carrots, as well as a habit to drink a glass of fresh juice.

Over eye cream? Don’t worry, come to the aid of any oil, butter or in the home, which spread under eyes and wash off in the morning.

Love yourself, admire their way and remember, every man the architect of his own beauty.