Masks for oily skin — make right at home

For cleansing oily skin, normalize functioning of sebaceous glands many women use homemade masks.

But not all are happy with the result. It’s time to get acquainted with the best recipes of masks designed for oily skin.

Egg and honey mask for oily skin

To get rid of zaselennosti, acne, inflammations, annoying pimples and huge pores craters will help egg-honey mask. They are capable to conquer the owners of normal, dry, Mature skin because the eggs with honey good refresh, clean, make the skin soft, saturated with vitamins, smooth wrinkles.

To get a great refreshing mask, mix a dessert spoon of honey with one egg. The mask is kept for half an hour. Rinse products with cold water.

Since the mask probecause, desiccate the skin components or medical preparations, it can be used through the day.

The present rescue for greasy skin is prepared with a teaspoon of honey and one egg protein. They are mixed until smooth and spread on clean face for 25-30 minutes. After a few treatments you’ll notice that your skin is less polluted, it is not shiny throughout the day, looks fresh, the pores became less pronounced, decrease in the number of acne pimples.

To make the tool for cleansing oily skin, pores can from tablespoons of honey, eggs, a pinch of chopped leaves of fresh mint and 10 ml of decoction of dried chamomile flowers. If you need to clean and moisturize, energize oily skin, make a mask of egg yolk, one tablespoon of nectar and steamed rolled oats.

Note: 10 ml of the decoction is one teaspoon.

Strawberry masks for cleansing oily skin

Summer is a great time to treat greasy skin masks of fresh strawberries. Before you make a mask out of strawberry puree, you need to prepare a special soap-berry lotion.

Take two tablespoons of crushed strawberries and pour 125 ml of boiling water, then add a pinch of fine shavings of lye soap. Stir this cocktail. Let it infuse for about half an hour, then decant the liquid into a glass.

Apply on face a paste of fresh strawberries, and then, after 10 minutes wipe off the mask swab dipped in a homemade lotion. After removing the wash means water whose temperature reaches 30°C. This mask can relieve from acne.

instead of fresh strawberries many girls applied pressed from soapy water the berries that were used to prepare a lotion.

You can also pour the strawberries with 60 ml of infusion Kombucha, leaving it to infuse for three hours. Selected berry distributed over the skin for half an hour. Remove the mask with a cotton pad, which is moistened in the infusion. After that, rinse face with cold water. The mask eliminates Shine, tightens pores and disinfects.

You can also make a mask for oily skin strawberry juice and kaolin. You need to mix the juice squeezed from fresh berries with a tablespoon of white clay. The consistency of the mask should resemble thick cream. Smear a thin layer on the skin, wait 15 minutes. Clean the skin with warm water. If you have lots of pimples, after removing berry-kaolin products rinse with a decoction of yarrow. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Mask from a persimmon for oily skin

And in the winter to appease the greasy skin the best masks from persimmon. They cleanse the face, saturated with vitamins, tone, make the skin soft, hydrated, refresh and even pull.

To maintain the skin in good shape, it is sufficient to use a mask from one flesh «the divine fire» (so you can translate the name «persimmon»). Persimmon is also called date plum. If mashed fleshy berries linger on your face some 10 minutes, the skin will have time to cool and enriched with vitamins to freshen up.

You can complicate the recipe by adding the persimmon pulp a tablespoon of starch and grated potatoes. Not to be redundant in this cleansing oily skin products whipped white of the egg and two big spoons of yogurt. The mask is erased with a wet disk after 20 minutes.

From rice flour and persimmon to make a mask scrub. A mixture of one berries, a tablespoon of flour rubbed into the skin leave on for 12-15 minutes. After a tool is washed off with warm water. If your skin is very shiny and gets dirty easily, instead of rice flour is better to add the oatmeal or starch. However, this means the scrub will not be called.

even if you have oily skin, the mask can add oil, but only need to know which of them can help solve the problem. For example, to remove greasy luster, make skin smooth and reduce rashes on the face will help mask of a teaspoon of good olive oil, the dining room – cereal and a ripe persimmon.

Grapefruit mask for oily skin

Grapefruit juice are often used to whiten the skin and get rid of pigmentation. In addition, the masks from grapefruit perfectly clean face. More suited for oily and normal skin.

The cooking method is the simplest mask of citrus: pulp of grapefruit you need to put on gauze and then on the skin. 15 minutes later a person should rinse with cold water. One grapefruit mask for 15 minutes is prepared from wheat flour and citrus juice. The flour can be replaced with oatmeal.

After a hard day, prepare a mask from a tablespoon of grapefruit juice, a teaspoon olive oil and chicken protein. The mask is applied on the skin pad in three layers. Breaks between coats – no more than a minute. Wiping the skin for the third time, wait three to five minutes. Then you need to wash. Wash – warm water. Of grapefruit juice and camphor oil can also make a lotion for oily skin.

if skin is oily, wash your face periodically with mineral water. It does not hurt to add a grapefruit juice. One spoon of juice will be enough for a glass of water.

Mask for oily skin of olive oil and essential oils

We have already mentioned the recipes of masks, which includes castor or olive oil. But this is not the whole list of oils that fit the girls with overly active sebaceous glands.

For oily skin suit and the following oils: lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint, lemon, grapeseed, almond, peach, apricot, jojoba, hazelnut oil, etc. Using the mask of these oils, we can normalize the production of sebum, to tighten pores, and eliminate acne. These oils have a cleansing, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties.

essential oils should be blended with the base oil, for example olive.

If you have a lot of pimples, in addition to lavender, you can add the oils of chamomile, geranium, sandalwood, and so a Good mask for oily skin is obtained from castor and olive oils. First – it cleans, removes sebum, and second, nourishes and moisturizes. To do this mask in the evening. In the morning it will be enough to wash with warm water.

So, to cleanse the skin, pour the blended oil in your palm and heated, begin to RUB the mixture and massage it. Pay special attention to problem areas, take a good massage the oil into the pores located on the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks too don’t forget.

Now you need to remove grease and accumulated dirt, bacteria from the pores, expanding them with a wet towel. Wet it under the jets of hot water, squeeze so the liquid is not dripping, and put it on the face. You need to steam the skin, just look no anneal face.

When the towel gets cold, again soak it in water and wrung out, place on the skin. After that, wash your face with warm water (several times) and dry it with a tissue.

Bread mask for oily skin

To improve complexion and rid the skin of oily sheen will help mask the grain. You’ll need rye bread. Can even use stale bread. Cut off the crust and soak the crumb in water or milk. The liquid in which to soak the bread needs to be warmed up to 40°C. the Bread was soaked – it’s time to use the product. Mask is washed off with warm water after 20 minutes after application.

Frequency of usage: to make bread masks every day.

The mask of yogurt for oily skin

Except yogurt mask to purify, refresh the skin, they even bleach, make elastic, nourish, moisturize, do not allow the person to fade and slow down aging. For oily skin especially suited perekisshy yogurt. Make it so you can, leaving it fresh, two days in a warm place.

You can just apply the yogurt multiple layers on the face and after 15 minutes rinse off or make a mask from a large spoon of olive oil, teaspoon lemon juice, 50 ml of yogurt 40 g of oat flour and a pinch of salt. Flour and salt are added after thorough whisking of yogurt, juice and oil. Time keeping – a quarter of an hour. The result is suganya pores clean, smooth skin. The course is 12 procedures. Frequency – three times/week.


Despite the fact that all the masks are considered safe before using them be sure to conduct a test on the portability of the components of home remedies.