Masks for hair restoration in the home based oils, vitamins, plants. Here is the hair with the help of homemade masks

From staining, «Khimki», the constant use of a hair dryer, Curling iron, and flat iron curls go bad. They become dull, brittle, and spoil the appearance.

In such a situation without masks for hair restoration at home can not do. Choose your option care – and start to restore hair without the salon visits and expensive cosmetics.

The basis of masks for hair restoration

What good home care is the availability of ingredients for its preparation. Some of them certainly are in the kitchen whether in the refrigerator, and some of it just pennies to buy at your local pharmacy.

Masks for hair restoration are based on these components:

• burdock, buckthorn and castor oil;

• food with olive or almond oil;

• honey;

• eggs (usually yolks);

• fresh berries and fruits;

• dairy products (yogurt, kefir, sour milk);

• alcohol (cognac, rum).

Apply your homemade mask should already freshly shampooed hair. The composition of the first massage into skin using gentle massaging movements. After comb locks comb with wide teeth, so that the mixture spreads over the entire length. Left wrap head with cling film or a ripped plastic bag and further insulate. For example, wear a wool cap or wrap your head with a scarf in the manner of turbans.

Mask for hair restoration hold depending on its composition from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours, sometimes leave for the night. If you don’t have oil, you can just rinse thoroughly the hair with water. Oil masks need to rinse with shampoo.

The rate of recovery procedures depends on the condition of curls. If it’s not so bad, only 10 treatments, if the hair you need to literally save, you will have to repeat the mask 15, and even 20 times. Treatments should be done regularly, not less but also not more than 2-3 times a week.

Masks for hair restoration based oils

Classic the mask, which is suitable for any hair type and length, consists of burdock oil. It is included in the composition means for care of the locks of many manufacturers. Burdock oil has beneficial effects on roots and hair shafts, restores the strands Shine, strength, elasticity, prevents split and fall out.

To enhance the effect of burdock oil, you can add essential oils, e.g., pine, ylang-ylang, orange, rosewood, juniper. These oils have a regenerative effect it, so they can be mixed with other basic cosmetic or edible oils.

Oil or oil mixture should heat up over the steam from boiling water before applying on hair. The mask should be allowed to work at least a half hour. Better yet leave it night (if you’re only burdock oil without esters).

Olive oil, egg and honey

Useful mask consists of a tablespoon of honey, five tablespoons of olive oil and two eggs.

First, whisk the eggs, then melt over steam med.

Connect all the components and put on 30-40 minutes.

Coconut oil

A very popular way to restore curls.

Coconut oil is sold by the piece, has a solid consistency. It must be pre-melt over steam, and then distribute through your locks.

Be sure to insulate the head and two hours to leave the oil to work.

To reinforce the action of the mask after washing (shampoo required) you can rinse your hair decoction of chamomile.

To make it easy: steamed 3 table. tablespoons dried chamomile pharmacy liter of boiling water and let cool under a lid until warm.

Castor oil, calendula

To stop loss weak, brittle hair will help the mask to restore the hair oil of the castor plant (castor oil) and an alcohol tincture of calendula.

For medium length hair is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of castor oil, 30 drops of tincture. The oil should be pre-heated to a warm state. Keep a minimum of two hours.

Olive oil, ethers, yogurt

Perfect revitalizing hair mask terminals, immediately returns hair a healthy look.

A third of a Cup of yogurt take 2 drops of essential oils of rosemary and lavender, 2 table. tablespoons of olive oil.

Kefir you need to get out of the refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature naturally.

Olive oil and castor beans, yogurt, vitamins

In pharmacy, a solution of vitamins (1, 6, 12), which work great on hair rods.

Prepare an effective mask for hair restoration take one ampoule of vitamins in half a Cup of yogurt, add 2 table. tablespoons of olive and 1 table. a spoonful of castor oil.

Be sure to cover head with a warm compress and keep at least an hour.

Sea buckthorn oil, walnuts, dimexide

This line – up is the secret to professional hairdressers. 3 table. spoon of oil sea buckthorn is necessary to take 1 table. spoon Dimexidum (sold at pharmacies) and 2 table. tablespoons walnuts, ground to flour in a mortar or blender.

Keep the mask need not more than half an hour, then rinse with plenty of water. The shampoo, apply conditioner.

Oil of burdock, castor beans, dimexide, vitamins, egg yolk

This mask quickly and professionally restore the health of coloured hair.

The number of all the ingredients must be the same: an oil solution of vitamins A (retinol), E (tocopherol), b (12, 6, 1), dimexide, burdock and castor oil. Additionally type in the composition of the raw egg yolk, mix well. Keep 1-1,5 hours.

Masks for hair restoration, plant-based

Fresh fruits and berries, medicinal plants and cereals in combination with oils and vitamins also have a powerful restorative effect on the hair.

Banana, almond oil, glycerin

A simple mask will treat hair better than store bought. All you need is to mash a fresh banana into a puree, to separate table 3. spoons and mix them with 1 teaspoon of drugstore glycerine and the same amount of almond oil. Keep the mask on hair for more than an hour is not: dried fruits difficult to wash off.

Instead of banana in season you can use fresh ripe apricots. Potassium and carotene contained in them, perfectly moisturize hair shafts and stimulate hair renewal.

Avocado, olive oil and honey

Very effective mask for hair restoration at home.

After her curls are alive, brilliant, look great.

Just mash a ripe avocado and mash, add 2 table. spoon olive oil and 1 table. the spoon melted in a water bath of honey.

Mix all and put on half an hour.

Aloe, yogurt, castor oil and vitamins

For dry, frizzy or brittle hair, this composition is perfect.

You will need to mix 1 table. spoon of aloe juice and castor oil, 2 capsules vitamin a (retinol) and E (tocopherol) and add 2 table. spoons of yogurt.

Instead of aloe juice, you can take extract of this same plant, which is served in the pharmacy.

Keep the mask need only half an hour.

Rye bread, lemon, jojoba, aloe, onion

An effective mask that includes a lot of ingredients that actively restores the hair structure of rods and normalizes the bulbs. The following:

• gold piece of rye bread;

• one teaspoon of fresh juice, lemon, aloe and onions;

• one teaspoon of jojoba ester;

• one raw egg yolk;

• a teaspoon of castor oil;

• half a Cup of decoction of medicinal herbs (a mixture of chamomile, burdock, sage, beautiful, plantain).

First, prepare an infusion of herbs: 2 table. spoon mixture dried material is take a Cup of boiling water. When the infusion becomes warm, strain it and pour over bread. Mash to a pulp, beat the yolk, add all the remaining ingredients. Keep the mask for at least an hour.

Aloe, honey, onion, oil, burdock

In this formulation combines the oil and vegetable components.

As an oil basis you can take any oil: olive, burdock, castor, almond, peach.

First brew of dried burdock in the usual way, that is in a glass of boiling water 1 table. a spoonful of raw material.

Then pour 2 table. spoon broth, connect with 1 table. spoon juice or pharmacy aloe Vera extract, the same amount of oil and melted honey.

Hold for one hour, then shampoo and rinse with vinegar or lemon water (per liter of warm water tablespoon of acid).

Popular masks for hair restoration

As restoring the health of the hair components is very good to use regular edible gelatin and brewer’s yeast. They have a lot of collagen, vitamins and other active substances.

This mask for hair restoration will bring back the volume and Shine, strengthens, makes hair to grow faster and smooth damaged hair shafts.

Per tablespoon gelatin Vice to take 6 table. tablespoons of water. When the grains swell, dissolve gelatine over boiling water. Add raw egg yolk and 3 table. tablespoons of regular shampoo.

Put on hair, cover your head and hold forty or fifty minutes.

Beer mask restores the natural brilliance of the hair, making them elastic and beautiful.

Mix half a Cup of beer with 2 table. spoons lemon juice, one chicken egg yolk. Mix thoroughly and spread the composition on the curls.

Be sure to massage the roots. Insulate the hair and keep the mask for at least an hour.

Masks for hair restoration at home are used to quickly bring damaged tresses back in order. They will, however, give effect only with regular use.