Mask for hair at home

From the hair ends are split, it is noticeable even visually — they are hard, the hair breaks and gets confused, becomes dull and lifeless. Long hair are hardest hit — as they inevitably will at the ends of the stratified under the influence of many external factors. With a length of 30 cm cuticle is experiencing increased stress, is destroyed and the internal structure of the hair. It happens like Horny scales «razlohmachivayutsya» – ineffective and removed from the trunk of the hair. Hair can be damaged and length. If it is noticeable, and the tips a little lighter in appearance — it’s time to make masks for dry and damaged hair.

The main reasons why hair cut

The reasons for the change of the hair – the presence of stress factors in the care of the hair, creating hairstyles, prolonged exposure to sun, sea wind. Excessive hair dryness and loss of lubrication contribute to the perming, the frequent staining and destaining, the impact of hot air from a hair dryer, use of wrong shampoos, Soaps and so on. If long hair did not care, did not mask for split ends, brittle it can be caused by incorrect wearing of pins and rubber bands — for example, if you hairstyle «ponytail».

Treatment of split ends

If the hair began to split — the first and most extreme help – haircut tips. But it does not guarantee that this will not happen again, so you need to use medical restorative shampoos, including plenty of vitamin b, lecithin, chamomile, lime blossom, wheat germ. Good effect is given a mask for the hair from the treatment products. To comb the hair comb with rare teeth.

The hair ends should be lubricated with a special balm for split ends, which creates a protective film and restores them from the inside. Vegetable proteins make your hair light, fill the gaps, and nutrients remedies strengthen and nourish the hair. Cut off the tips best 1 every 6-8 weeks, and with very long hair — once a month. Hairdressers use special «hot» scissors, able to solder the tips of the hair.

Mask for dry and damaged hair — recipes

The blend mask is applied to the hair roots and along their entire length, then his head is covered with a plastic wrap and a warmed towel or handkerchief. To keep from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the recipe. Then rinse hair with shampoo, egg shampoo. It is best to do treatments in the evening. Dry the hair loosely, without a Hairdryer, comb at night.

Egg mask for oily hair

Ingredients: egg (1 PC., egg yolk), lemon juice (1 tablespoon), vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), water (warm, boiled – half Cup). Mix all ingredients, RUB it into the scalp. The ingredients soften the skin, moisturize and improve the hair structure. The hair is thoroughly rinsed with water, then vinegar solution (1 teaspoon per liter).

Peach mask for dry and damaged hair

Ingredients: peaches (2 medium pieces), fresh milk (3 tablespoons), oregano oil (6 drops). Grind the pulp of peaches, mix with milk then add essential oil. Apply to the hair, to warm and rinse after 30 minutes.

Honey mask for split ends

Ingredients: onion (4 tablespoons), honey. To grate the onion, mix the pulp with liquid honey. For too dry and brittle hair, you can add oil, corn, soybean, olive. Applied for 30-40 minutes, then wash with warm water and shampoo. Revitalizes hair roots become stronger.

Mask for dry and damaged hair from linseed oil

Composition: linseed oil (1 tablespoons), vodka (1 tablespoon). Mix well and apply on scalp. With this composition improves circulation and nutrition, primarily due to the vitamin E that is included with flax oil. Rinse after 30 minutes with shampoo, running water rinse the hair well.

Mask for split ends — oil and herbs + oil

Ingredients: dried flowers of chamomile, clover, nasturtiums (1 spoon), birch and nettle leaves (1 spoon), Hypericum (1 tablespoon), vegetable oil (1 big spoon). The herb to brew in a larger container with 1 liter of water vegetable oil to heat. Herbal blend strain, add butter. This mask will make hair elastic rods. Apply the mask, keep the hours, wash off with shampoo.

Mask for split ends from yeast

Composition: extruded spoon of dry yeast, a quarter Cup of yogurt. To mix the products in a bowl, leave to steep to let the yeast «fit.» The mixture is applied to the whole length of the hair, head wrap. Wash off after half an hour, after wash shampoo «vinegar water».

Mask for split ends — sour cream and horseradish

Ingredients: horseradish root (1 piece), sour cream (I scoop), plant-little (1 spoon). The main effect of horseradish root to stimulate blood flow to the follicles, which enhances hair growth and strengthens them. Sour cream and oil nourish the hair. Grated horseradish root mixed in a ceramic bowl with other ingredients and apply to hair. Cover the head with polyethylene and a thick towel.

Medical mask with Dimexidum

Composition: metal badges (2 tsp), vitamin A (3 tsp), vitamin E, lemon juice (2H.l.). Mix well and apply it on hair in the form of heat for 1 hour. Wash your hair a good shampoo. Effect Dimexidum directed at the cellular membrane of the skin. They become more permeable, improves penetration of nutrients.

How to care for split ends

Wet hair combing is not recommended, so as not to stretch them to avoid increasing the burden on the roots. Thermo hair curlers and Curling irons, hot dryers, and irons are items that negatively affect the condition of the hair. Try to protect your hair from the cold in winter and direct sunlight in summer. If you do a Perm hair will split constantly. It is recommended to take a break for at least six months. Of great importance is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Actively move, get enough sleep, eat more greens, nuts, vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of clean water and your reward will be a wonderful mane of healthy shiny hair.