Masks for dry skin — nourish and moisturize at home

Constant dryness of the skin can bring the woman discomfort, unpleasant and even painful sensations at any time of the year.

Holders of this type of skin are in the eternal search for ways that will help to moisturize the skin and relieve it from flaking and feeling a kind of tightness.

For some reason women believe that to make a good and, importantly, effective face mask at home is impossible. They find this process time consuming and labor intensive. And then another, and it may be that all the efforts were wasted. Time passes and no change for the better is not observed.

So, please hurry dear readers a selection of the most simple but effective masks for dry skin that is also really easy to cook in your own kitchen. Each of the ingredients you can buy on the market. Maybe they even already have in your fridge.

Cottage cheese-banana face mask to hydrate dry skin

From childhood we are forced to eat the cheese. But few people realize that it is useful for the body not only, if you have it. Cottage cheese can cook really good and effective face mask. It will have a positive effect on the skin of any type. The difference is that for oily skin have to use a completely fat-free cottage cheese and for dry skin it is necessary to buy one that has a higher percentage of fat.

It is better not to add to the mask of curd, store-bought in a pack. If the skin is too sensitive, it can appear pimples and rashes. Natural home product has no additives, so not afraid to use it.

To make at home cottage cheese-banana mask take one small ripe banana and mash it. To a spoon of banana add the same spoon of pre-grated cheese. Dilute the pulp with two tablespoons of milk and apply on neck and face. After a quarter of an hour the mask must be washed off. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.

Moisturizing mask for dry skin with currants

Everyone knows that black currant – is a real storehouse of minerals and useful vitamins that will help moisturize dry skin, slightly to freshen it and make it less noticeable some skin defects. There is no more berries, which would be so useful in cosmetics, as currants.

The benefits of currants as the main component masks for dry skin it is obvious that these berries each available and if they’re frozen, and after defrosting they do not lose their medicinal properties.

To prepare this mask at home, you’ll have to get some black currant juice, mineral water and olive oil. These ingredients need to be poured into one container while preserving the aspect ratio of 4:4:1. If done correctly, you will get a watery mass, which, for convenience, it is better to pour into a bottle or jar, because before applying this miraculous mask on the skin, it should be shaken carefully.

The mask is necessary to keep the skin no more than a quarter of an hour. After this time it should be washed off. The process of rinsing will be easier if you use a cotton swab. Great would be if in a few minutes you will put on the face moisturizing cream.

Mask based on tomatoes if you have dry skin

In tomatoes there are many vitamins that fight against dry skin and its peeling, occurrence of various acne and pimples that can fuck up the mood for the whole day even the most cheerful girl.

Some of the vitamins can boost the ability of cells to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, soothe and give a feeling of freshness.

Tips for those who decided to try the tomato mask:

1. To prepare the mask you need only fresh and ripe tomatoes, which are grown without the use of various types of chemicals.

2. Mask of tomato is allowed to do once in 7-10 days.

3. If your skin is too sensitive, it is best to choose a mask, which will not be tomatoes.

To make your own mask for dry skin from tomatoes, you need to take one tomato of medium size and stretch it so that eventually formed a thick slurry. To the tomatoes add one small spoon of oatmeal, previously cut them well before that. Now break one egg and separate the yolk from the white. The yolk must be added to the flakes and tomatoes, mix thoroughly.

If the mask turned out too thick and does not lie smooth a thin layer on face, then add as much milk as you will need to change the consistency.

An avocado face mask for aging and dry skin

This exotic fruit is popular not only in the culinary field, but also in cosmetology. It can make a great effective mask for all skin types. Recipes of masks with use it is quite simple but effective.

The fruit is able to exert a healing effect on dry and flaky skin, making it soft, velvety and removing some disadvantages. The structure of this unusual product comes with nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, antioxidants that are so needed by the cells of dry skin.

From one avocado, you will have the opportunity to prepare several masks. Don’t be afraid, it will not go bad in the fridge, it can long be stored, without becoming a useless product. Why’s the power of this fruit is so great? It is very simple to explain. The flesh of the avocado is a little fat because of the oil, which has a special composition, and the cells of the skin is to learn it.

To make an avocado mask for dry skin you need to take the avocado and chop the flesh. RUB on the grate a small carrot and add to it one tablespoon of avocado. In this mixture need to add one egg yolk, slightly oily liquid creamer and one teaspoon of sweet honey. Mix well all, you will get a not too thick paste, which is thinly spread on skin and leave there for 15 minutes. After this mask you can feel how your skin becomes taut and silky.

Mask with gray clay for moisturizing the skin on the face

Gray clay is very popular among beauticians. They are perfectly aware of all its useful properties and safely recommend this clay to the clients who complain of dry skin and peeling.

Making regular masks of gray clay, you can improve skin elasticity, suppleness and enhance the ability of cells to regenerate. As we know, dead skin cells must be removed in order for it to become more tender and soft. Then you will also help the grey clay.

The recipe for facial masks on the basis of gray clay is very simple: you will need one tablespoon of clay to which you want to add cool milk to obtain a not too thick slurry. If the mixture is too thick, add more milk, because the thick mask does not lie evenly on the face and hardens too quickly.

Now, gently massage, apply the mask on face, avoiding the delicate areas near the eyes and on the neck. Will last on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse with a soft sponge, slightly moistened mask before washing off. So it just softens and comes off without any effort.

Lemon herbal face mask for dry skin

Lemon is a fruit, which from ancient times people have learned to treat a cold of any complexity. Even in the modern developed world, it is not inferior to any medicines. As soon as get a sore throat, for example, we run into the kitchen and brew a tea by adding few slices of lemon and squeezing its juice to the tea turned quite sour. Lemon filled with a wide variety of vitamins and organic acids. It is difficult to overestimate its therapeutic properties.

This wonderful fruit has found application in the field of cosmetology. He became one of the main ingredients in many masks for all skin types. There is one effective mask recipe with lemon and herbs, which will help to moisturize dry skin and restore its beauty and freshness. This mask is any one of you’ll be able to cook at home. You just have to make sure that there are at hand all the necessary ingredients.

You need to take one large lemon and carefully squeeze out all juice into a small container. In another container, put one teaspoon of herbs such as chamomile, hops, St. John’s wort, yarrow. Pour herb prokipyachennuyu hot water and cover it with something. Leave aside for a minute that they were real. After 20-30 minutes, the infusion should drain and add to the herbs one teaspoon of honey and lemon, the sour juice of which is already waiting for you in a silver platter. All this need a good mix and apply in small quantity on the face 2-3 times in a week.

We must remember that the lemon has a bleaching property, so if in summer you don’t like to be in the role of Snow white, then pick another recipe masks.

Moisturizing mask for dry facial skin of berries

Summer time when every corner you can buy a variety of fruits and berries. Some of them grow right in your garden, therefore, masks of the berries do not require you any cost. Making berry mask you get from the berries not use less than if you take them inside.

Take some strawberries and squeeze out the juice to it turned out 2 cups. Add to the strawberry juice lanolin dissolved beforehand in a water bath. Contact a blender and grind a little oatmeal and mix with strawberry juice and lanolin.

If you apply this mask to the face a couple times a week, soon you will notice how it starts to transform. Your skin will not be dry, and will never peel off. It will become soft and velvety, pleasant to the touch.

In conclusion:

Modern cosmetology is well developed. It can help anyone solve the problem of dry skin, not taking away a lot of time and effort. Stores are crowded tonics, creams, masks and other means. But, do not forget that even the most expensive tool is no match for anything with facial masks from natural products prepared at home.