Mask with ginger hair and facial composition and useful properties of medicinal plants. The best, most effective mask with ginger hair and for the face

Ginger has long been considered the universal medicine. Its beneficial properties are widely appreciated in cooking, medicine and cosmetology.

Mask with ginger hair and face perfectly treat age-related skin changes.

Homemade recipes strengthen the curls from the roots, to return them a healthy Shine, make the dermis of the face elastic.

The benefits of ginger for skin

Ginger (powder, root, extract) contains a large amount of minerals, trace elements and minerals. Their integrated effect allows you to tone and nourish the dermis. Mask with ginger treat age-related sagging of the dermis. Regular use of home recipes will give an amazing result.

Among the useful properties of ginger for the face include:

• mask lightens dark spots, evens the tone of the dermis;

• plant restores skin elasticity, smooths wrinkles;

• nourishes the face of useful vitamins and microelements;

• normalizes the process of blood circulation in cells;

• maintains moisture balance, not permitting the face to dry up and peel off;

• relieves irritation, eliminates acne.

Skin aging depends on many different factors – environment, genetics, bad habits, wrong food. All leads to the fact that the hair becomes dull, on the face and cause wrinkles. To deal with such «annoyances» can be home. Mask with ginger hair and facial is the right solution. The unique properties of medicinal plants will return for a woman of her beauty, youth and attractiveness.

Recipes home masks for face on the basis of ginger

Face mask with ginger universal. On oily skin, it fights acne, normalizes the secretion of sebum. Dry skin ginger moisturizes, protects against radiation of ultraviolet radiation. The plant is useful for any type of dermis. Ginger speeds up the regeneration of cells, protects the skin from adverse external factors, nourishes every cell vitamins.

Popular homemade recipes

1. Olive mask. Ginger root (always fresh) rubbed in deep container on a small grater. There is added the same amount of olive oil. The components are thoroughly mixed. The mask is suitable for feeding and caring for dermis of any type.

2. With cosmetic clay. Ginger extract in pure form or mixed with white clay to make a mushy mass. There is then added 1 tablespoon of chamomile. Mask saturates skin cells with vitamins, regulates the sebaceous glands, prevents acne, evens out skin tone.

3. Honey-ginger. Melted honey and lemon juice (fresh) mixed in a ratio of 2 to 1. Next, take the ginger root (slice into 1.5-2 cm), rubbed on a fine grater, added to the other ingredients. The mask provides comprehensive care for the dermis of any type, it is recommended to do weekly, if not of individual intolerance to individual components.

4. Kefir-ginger. Grated fresh ginger root (1 tablespoon) mixed with the same amount of lemon juice to obtain a homogeneous mixture. There you need to add 1 tablespoon of yogurt, a little honey. The mask tones and nourishes the skin, fights with her aging, smoothes wrinkles and improves elasticity.

5. Using essential oils. In equal proportions mix the essential oils of grapefruit and ginger, added a few drops of rose extracts and almond. The resulting mixture is distributed in a uniform thin layer on the face. You will need to wait 30 minutes, then the remnants of the oils to remove with a dry cloth, wash is not necessary. The healing mask has a positive effect on the General condition of the dermis and evens out its tone and to prevent earlier, the first signs of aging.

Mask with ginger hair and for the face you need to do on a regular basis, the only way the plant will be able to «give female beauty» all their useful properties.

The benefits of ginger for hair

The rich composition of ginger nourishes every cell of the hair, fills them with vitality and health. Mask with ginger, home-made, very useful for hair. The plant will return to the gorgeous curls volume and healthy Shine.

The benefit of ginger for women’s hair

1. Ginger curls covering with a protective film against negative external influences, restores their natural Shine, stimulates growth.

2. Minerals makeup nourish not only the hair but also the scalp.

3. Mask with ginger eliminate dandruff, to stop the possible inflammatory processes.

4. The plant strengthens the hair structure, prevents breakage, split ends.

5. Stops hair loss.

Recipes home masks for hair and ginger

Pure ginger is strictly forbidden to apply on the hair and scalp, as it can cause itching and redness of the dermis. However, the mask-based plants produce surprisingly effective results. If you regularly to do their hair becomes fuller, healthier, beginning to grow faster. Beautiful lush hair is a dream of every women. For this reason, it is recommended to take note of a few recipes of masks with ginger hair and face.

Best homemade recipes masks

1. Ginger-burdock. Ginger root to grate. 2 tablespoons of the resulting mass mixed with rosemary essential oil (4 drops), burdock (1 tablespoon). There you can add a teaspoon of good cognac.

2. Kefir and honey with ginger. Ginger root is cleaned from the skin, rubs on a small grater. Taken 1 tablespoon of the resulting slurry, add the following ingredients:

• fat kefir (3 tablespoons);

• 1 tablespoon of melted honey.

• fresh lemon juice (teaspoon).

This mask saturates locks in valuable nutrients. It is recommended to apply along the length of the hair, RUB into the scalp. Kept the mask for 15-20 minutes, then rinse in shampoo.

3. Egg coffee with ginger. From the pulp of grated ginger should squeeze 2 tablespoons juice. As soon as possible they added 2 eggs (you can take the quail), 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds and the same amount of melted honey. The mask stimulates hair growth and returns hair’s natural volume and luxurious Shine.

4. With sesame oil. The mask is ideal for those women whose hair has lost its former luster. Grate ginger, 1 tablespoon of the resulting mass add the same amount of warm sesame oil. The recipe recommended to use 1 time a week.

5. Nourishing mask against hair loss. Unfortunately, the problem of hair loss can strike a woman at any age. Do not despair, presents a home recipe for a hydrating mask to «revive» the curls will return the lady to her lush and healthy hair. It is necessary to mix:

• grated ginger (10 grams);

• burdock oil, preheated to room temperature (teaspoon);

• fresh aloe Vera juice (1 tablespoon);

• raw egg;

• warm honey (a teaspoon).

6. Stimulator of hair growth. If tresses are growing slowly and are not pleased with their volume, natural Shine, it is recommended to do a ginger mask with jojoba oil. Ginger root rubbed on a grater, the resulting porridge must squeeze through gauze juice (3-4 tablespoons). There is then added jojoba oil (3-4 drops). This mask is recommended to do this every time before shampooing, but not more often 2 times a week.

It is believed that the scalp ginger water helps to get rid of dandruff. You just need to dilute the juice of the plant (1 Cup) in 1 liter of warm water. Received a means to rinse hair 2 times a week.

Mask with ginger hair and for the face: valuable advice

Mask with ginger hair and for the face is recommended at any age, the main thing – to choose a suitable recipe. Despite the unique use of plants, there are several recommendations that need to be considered.

1. Ginger cannot be used for hair and face in its pure form, in order to avoid skin irritations.

2. Masks should be applied immediately after preparation, the more ginger will «stand still», the more beneficial properties lose.

3. When applying the mask with ginger hair, they do not need to pre-wash. All the recipes are made for dirty head. After conditioning mask 15-20 minutes, the hair are washed with shampoo, rinsed.

4. Before doing the mask with ginger hair and for the face you need to make sure that no individual intolerance to individual components of the composition of the recipe.

5. When applying the mask on the basis of ginger hair, they definitely need to insulate. The head is covered with a towel, so as to heat the plant gives off more of its beneficial properties.

6. To withstand the recipes of the products based on ginger on the face is strictly forbidden for more than 15 minutes, otherwise you can provoke itching and redness of the dermis.

Mask with ginger hair and for the face you need to do regularly to achieve the desired result and save it. It requires to follow all the rules, proportions of the funds referred to in recipes. Ginger is useful not only in cooking but also in home cosmetology. It is really unique. Masks transform the hair after the first treatment, and the face becomes elastic, smooth and supple.