How to make a mask of gelatin from wrinkles: detailed instructions. Recipes household masks of gelatin from wrinkles

Despite the unique achievements in the field of cosmetology, people have not learned to compete with nature.

Slightest age-related changes on the face in form of wrinkles cause women to resort to the most incredible ways to fight for beauty.

In the course of going and expensive cosmetics, and sophisticated salon treatments, and even surgery.

But home treatments do not lose their relevance.

Quite popular among women gelatin from which at home are easy to prepare the mask of wrinkles.

Mask with gelatin from wrinkles: to do or not to do?

Gelatin are actually split natural collagen. Since the main cause of aging skin is lack of collagen, which with age becomes smaller, with most salon beauty treatments trying to saturate the skin this item. However, the molecules of synthetic collagen cannot penetrate through the membrane of human cells.

Edible gelatin contains natural collagen of animal origin. He is able to freely penetrate into the cell, exerting a complex influence in the form:

• stimulation of the synthesis of elastin and collagen, thus the skin is able to catch up and take firmer look;

• smoothing out surface and deeper wrinkles;

• activate all metabolic processes, which helps to improve complexion and eliminate skin rash and inflammation;

• the alignment of the epidermis;

• normalization of the sebaceous glands that helps to eliminate Shine, tone the skin and give a feeling of freshness.

The use of masks with gelatin from wrinkles in house conditions is recommended:

• in the presence of black points, for which the gelatin is combined with activated carbon;

• to eliminate age-related changes in the form of wrinkles, uneven contour, as well as the unnatural yellowness;

• in the absence of skin elasticity and sagging;

• to deal with excessive oiliness of the skin;

• if you have problems with the complexion and age spots.

However, to carry out the gelatinous mask from wrinkles in house conditions is forbidden:

• women with very dry skin type;

• in the event of severe inflammatory lesions that require professional medical treatment;

• if the person has sores, cuts or scars after surgery.

Mask with gelatin from wrinkles: recipes

There are many different masks with gelatin, is designed to fight wrinkles. Depending on skin problems, you can choose the most suitable.

Classic mask

For preparing the classic gelatinous mask should be the basis if skin is oily, add a spoonful of flour from wheat, and dry cereals obtained from oatmeal. To the resulting mixture add sour milk or yogurt in quantity of one spoon. When quite dry skin, you can use fresh milk. Gelatin mask classic character is able to nourish and soften the skin quite Mature.

Fruit mask

Fruit-gelatin mask can significantly rejuvenate the skin, tighten and improve its elasticity. This files most often recommended for making similar masks to apply a banana. This fruit is versatile and suitable for all skin types. But you can also use other fruits depending on the skin type:

1. For dry skin melon or persimmon, apricot or avocado.

2. For women with oily skin can take the pear or raspberries, strawberries or red currants.

3. For females with normal skin in a mask of gelatin, you can add orange or peach and grapes with kiwi.

To prepare fruit mask to the warm gelatin add mashed mass, pre-cooked fruit.


Glycerin is able to absorb moisture directly from the air, and subsequently to fill this moisture out small wrinkles. The combination of gelatin and glycerin can work wonders with aging skin by tightening and saturates it with moisture. To prepare such a universal mask to gelatin during heating, add glycerin and honey. The mixture continues to heat until all the ingredients of the mask is completely dissolved.


To enhance the action of gelatin is possible, if instead of water for its dissolution apply milk. In this mask of gelatin from wrinkles in house conditions add whipped protein. Apply the obtained composition is better with the help of special blades.

Versatile cottage cheese

Mask from wrinkles from gelatin, which added cottage cheese is not only able to solve age-related skin problems include wrinkles, but to soften it and also moisturize and tighten. Cheese, designed to prepare the mask, you need a good grind. For one procedure will be enough of one spoon of cottage cheese. In addition to the mask, you can add some juice pressed from fruit or berries. If a mask turned out too thick, you can pour homemade milk.

With activated charcoal

The combination of the black activated carbon with gelatin mask can not only tighten the skin and cleanse it from various acne and blackheads. To prepare this mask at home, you will need one tablet of coal, which is necessary to pound and add the gelatine mass. Not recommended if you are experiencing rosacea.

Mask with gelatin from wrinkles: a sequence of actions

First of all, to prepare rejuvenating masks you need to properly melt the gelatin. You can use the raw materials are in powder form and in the plates.

Gelatin in powder form, soak in water, observing the proportion of 1:5. In addition to water, you can use milk, juice or other liquid. To swell the gelatin should be at least 30 minutes. After that obtained mass is heated on low heat to obtain a homogeneous mass. After cooling to a pleasant temperature this mass can be used for masks from wrinkles.

To prepare the gelatinous mass of the plates, they must be fill in completely cold water and stand 10 minutes. Then wring out and place in a water bath without adding any liquid.

1. Before applying the mask of gelatin face at home, the skin must be clean of dirt. What you can apply scrub or other cosmetics in the form of a tonic, lotion or steam baths.

2. The mask must be applied on the face gently, massaging, which you can use a special cosmetic spatula of wood or plastic, silicone.

3. It is forbidden to put the mask on the areas around the eyes and neck.

4. To curing the film of gelatin on the face is necessary to maintain this mask for about 20 minutes.

5. After the procedure the mask is gently removed from the face.

6. Rinse face with warm water and apply nourishing cream favorite.

Mask with gelatin from wrinkles: tips beautician

Mask made from gelatin for wrinkles at home, has a quite pronounced effect. Therefore, to make such a mask will be enough once throughout the week. Rejuvenating course should be up to 8 procedures that can be repeated not earlier than in couple of months.

In order not to disturb the natural action of the gelatin mask during the procedure is necessary to achieve complete relaxation of the muscles of the face. Therefore, it is better not to engage at this point, any cases, and just lie down and relax. Don’t talk and don’t smile during the procedure, as the effect of the mask may disappear completely.

Many women have problems with removal of the gelatin mask. When exposed to the cured film with water to remove the gelatin is hard enough as it is even more sticks to the skin.

Easier a cotton swab to apply over the mask of gelatin from wrinkles a little warm milk or any other dairy product. The mask will slightly soften and will easily remove it as a film.

To remove from the face of the gelatin film must be only from the bottom up, gently grasping the bottom edge of the mask.

Mask of gelatin can be confidently attributed to the universal home cosmetic treatment since, depending on the ingredients added to this mask, she is able to deliver not only wrinkles, but also dark spots and to whiten and rejuvenate the skin on the face. The main thing do not overdo it, the frequent use of gelatinous masks can cause skin to drain, which will have to face the opposite effect.