Mask with gelatin and activated charcoal – a remedy for blackheads. Gelatin mask-film with activated carbon

Dead skin particles of the epidermis and dust penetrate into the pores that are blocked with excess fat of the skin.

In the end, the face dotted with black dots, which create a rather untidy appearance.

And sometimes pimples cause inflammation and pimples, which are very difficult to get rid of.

Later dark spots from acne make you look unattractive and forced to put on the face a ton of makeup to mask flaws.

Mask with gelatin and activated carbon from black dots: indications and contraindications

To hide the problems of skin can be a good idea at the time. But without proper care, this will eventually become useless method.

First of all, you need to follow your own nutrition and functioning of the intestines. Fatty foods, alcohol and coffee provoke active sebum production.

To cleanse your face should be at least twice a day – morning and before bedtime. Just washed with warm water or use your favorite means on care of face, suitable to her type. If circumstances do not allow for such a procedure, it is important to have a cleansing lotion or wipes, which also help to clean the skin.

At least two times a week is useful to clean the face more active methods. Mask with gelatin and activated carbon is an effective and easy way to get rid of blackheads. Her testimony due to the useful properties of activated carbon, which it retains from the natural wood in the cooking process.

Tablet of activated charcoal:

• Normalizes sebum production, eliminating its excessive activity;

• Activates metabolic processes in skin;

• Deeply cleanses the pores, ridding the face of blackheads;

• Removes inflammation, thereby fighting acne.

Contraindications for application of the mask with gelatin and activated carbon from black spots, almost none. Coal, in principle, not capable to cause allergic reactions. If you wish to verify this, test can be performed, causing a little mask on your wrist and check after 15 minutes. If there is no redness and rashes, so the body tolerate this drug.

In order to obtain more benefit from the use of activated charcoal for the face:

• Use the pill with valid expiration date. Expired drugs the usual simply lose their useful properties;

• Apply the mask more effective after a steam bath or taking a hot bath. When the pores steaming, the active substances penetrate deeper;

• Apply a mask with activated charcoal, you need a course in 6 weeks, then take a break for 1 month and start the course again.

Part of the gelatin mask not only makes its application convenient, but also exerts its beneficial effect on the skin. It has a great similarity to natural collagen. The difference is that the particles of gelatin split. This allows them to be more active and penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis.

Gelatin for the face:

• Smooth out wrinkles;

• Tighten facial contours;

• Whiten the skin, betraying her shining form;

• Gently lighten dark spots of any origin.

Part of the mask gelatin is the component that makes the mask easy and effective skin. It attracts all the pollution in time removing the film all the tubes are extruded from long remaining on it. In addition, the mask is applied to well-steamed face, all healthy components start to penetrate deeper into pores, and the film is already formed at this point on the skin surface, blocking the access of oxygen thereto. This increases the efficiency of the process taking place under the gelatin mask-film with activated carbon.

It turns out that mask with gelatin and activated carbon is useful not only in the struggle with black dots, but also has General health benefits for skin of any age.

Mask with gelatin and activated carbon from black dots: recipes

Recipe of the mask with gelatin and activated carbon will not require a lot of time and money. For its preparation will need:

• Activated charcoal – 1 tablet;

• Gelatin – 1 tablespoon;

• Milk or water – 1 tablespoon.

Note that part of this mask milk also exerts its beneficial effects on the skin. It nourishes it and slightly whitens. The skin becomes fresh, healthy, moist appearance. Therefore, if the milk is replaced with water, in this case, the effectiveness of the mask will drop slightly.

In the process of making a mask with gelatin and activated carbon from the black dots, we need to consistently perform these simple steps:

1. Tablespoon of gelatin and the same amount of milk (or water) to mix. To give gelatin to dissolve and leave for several minutes;

2. Crush 1 tablet of activated dust and add to the gelatin solution;

3. Put the mixture for 15 seconds in the microwave or heat in a water bath;

4. Give the mask to cool just enough to be able to apply on the skin and start the process.

As you can see, the recipe requires simple mask available ingredients, and the process of its preparation is very simple and fast. The use of such a cleansing mask will eliminate the need to visit beauty parlors that will save time and money.

Mask with gelatin and activated carbon of blackheads: how to use, step by step instructions

Applying the gelatin mask film can be turned into a nice little Spa treatment. Skin will glow with gratitude to you for giving her a nice 30 minutes.

First of all, you need to collect hair in a ponytail and use a headband to absolutely exclude their contact with the mask of gelatine and activated charcoal. If the mask gets on the hair, have to wash my hair.

In order to improve the mask must be ingredients maximum penetration into the pores. You just need to take a steam bath for 10 minutes. This will perfectly suit to collect useful herbs. In addition, the face is well steamed and the pores are widely open, the skin still slightly sometimes useful pairs.

Carefully steamed facial skin mask with gelatin and activated carbon. This is done in smooth movements from the bottom-up. After the first coat, you can immediately begin applying repeated, starting from the same place and in the same direction. Most contamination-prone T-zone of the face: chin, nose and forehead. But if you want you can apply not only in this area, and all over the face. Because the comedones often hide in the cheeks, transformed then in acne, which hardly takes place, leaving behind dark spots or even scars. When applying the mask it is important to avoid contact with eyebrows. When cooled, it turns into a thick elastic film that is able to pull out the hairs of the eyebrows. It is also better to avoid the area around the eyes. The skin here is very delicate, but strong gelatinous mask will knock it off and maybe hurt at the time of withdrawal.

After the mask deposited on the face, it is best to lie down, relax and wait for its complete drying. In the supine position, the mask will produce a tightening effect on the skin. After that, skin will be noticeably fit, and fine lines will disappear. Besides a calm relaxed state will allow all nutrients to penetrate deeper into the pores. Activated carbon clean out of them greasy dirty tube, and gelatin and milk enriched with protein and collagen.

During drying the face mask must be completely relaxed. To talk or play with facial expressions it is unacceptable. It break fit, and it is important that it fully covers the skin and primogenital to themselves all the dirt from deep pores.

Remove the mask with gelatin and activated charcoal from the black points in the same direction in which it was applied, namely bottom-up. This is done in a smooth, but confident movements. It is now all black points, all plugs of sebum, dead skin particles and dust leaving the pores.

After removing the mask film, it is recommended to apply to the skin nourishing cream that is suitable to its type and age. To nourish the skin is necessary, as even the slight drying it begins to «care» about itself by producing more sebum.

Clean the face of blackheads with this mask 1 times a week. When excessive fat of the face, the procedure is allowed to repeat twice a week. Also after the 6 week course you should monitor the condition of the skin. After all, if normal type, black dots will begin to overcome in a few months, when increased fat face will be contaminated in a month.

Mask with gelatin and activated carbon will give the face a healthy radiant appearance. Of course, there are many masks that can be purchased in pharmacies and cosmetic stores. But fair to say that in the process of making homemade cleansing mask, you can be confident in the use and dosage of its constituent components. Only homemade face mask contains natural healthy components. Shop full synthetic analogues. Even in the professional collagen masks is a large enough particles that they are not able to penetrate into the pores. In turn, the gelatin consists of split particles that easily penetrate deep into the pores.

Mask with gelatin and activated carbon best homemade way to get rid of blackheads.