Mask from wrinkles after 30, 40, 50 years in the home. Win wrinkles at any age!

A homemade mask is a storehouse of natural beauty and health. Compared to purchase cosmetic products, a homemade mask is guaranteed natural, and therefore harmless.

Live cosmetics made with their own caring, gentle hands from fruits,dairy products, berries, honey and herbs will never cause harm to health and beauty. The naturalness of such masks is a huge plus for skin that is exhausted from the daily stress, bad environmental conditions, not enough sleep and other things.

Besides 100% natural, homemade masks have other advantages:

a) effectiveness. Correctly picking up useful for you (based on the skin type, age characteristics) components, you will see how fast will be the result from using homemade masks.

b) efficiency. In the homemade mask will cost you much cheaper than buying certified cosmetic products of reputable brands, which you’ll be sure. In addition to financial savings, home care also saves you time.

in) convenience. You don’t need to go to the beauty salon for the application of anti-aging masochki. In the comfort of your home you will cope with both production and application.

How to remove wrinkles around the eyes?

The mask of wrinkles around the eyes with honey and Hercules

Well smoothes wrinkles around the eyes with a combination of honey and Hercules. Chop the Hercules (2 tbsp) and add liquid natural honey (2 tbsp). Stir the ingredients and add black tea (tbsp) boiled water (tbsp). The whole mixture is put on a heated mask is applied warm. Applied on top of the mask is recommended to put a cotton cloth. Keep the mask of wrinkles should be 20 minutes.

Yolk mask of wrinkles around the eyes

This mask perfectly smoothes wrinkles, nourishes the skin gently. For making this homemade mask you will need to prepare the lemon juice (enough halves of the fruit) and chopped zest. Combine the lemon juice and zest with olive oil (tsp), and then add another egg yolk. Keep the mask half an hour, rinse with warm water (you can use cotton pads soaked in milk).

Mask with spinach of wrinkles around the eyes

An excellent preventive measure against the appearance of wrinkles is a homemade face mask with spinach. It also helps to cope with fine wrinkles, make smaller very deep wrinkles in this sensitive and delicate area. For making masks you will need to chop 2 fresh spinach leaves, squeeze the juice from them. The juice (1 teaspoon) mixed with vitamin (A teaspoon). Keep homemade mask for about half an hour. Rinse with a damp cotton pad.

How to remove wrinkles after 30 years?

Cucumber cream for women after 30 years

Mask perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. For homemade cucumber mask, you will need to grate the cucumber. Into mush then add almond or olive oil (a tablespoon); the yolk. Thoroughly mix everything and then apply the mask for half an hour. Rinse with warm water. After the mask, apply your moisturizer.

Wax mask of wrinkles (after 30 years)

The mask has miraculous and rapid effect. To prepare masochki mix a tablespoon of beeswax (pre-melt it to the consistency of clay) with a teaspoon of natural honey. To this pulp add the juice of the onion (you need to squeeze two tablespoons). Keep the mask for about quarter of an hour.

The mask of wrinkles (after 30 years) of the grape oil

Suitable for sensitive skin. To prepare the mask stock up on grape seed oil (tbsp), a couple of drops of oil of sandalwood and roses. Heat the mixture. Apply the mask to massage in a thin layer. More generously lubricate those areas that have localized wrinkles. Keep from an hour to 10 hours (can be applied to all night-time sleep). Rinse the mask with the daily cleanser (gel, tonic).

How to remove wrinkles after 40 years?

Cheese cream for women after age 40

Great mask, will help to deal with deeper wrinkles. Grate one kiwi and mix the mixture with the cottage cheese (about 1.5 tbsp). Mix thoroughly — face mask against wrinkles prepared. Keep the cottage cheese mask on the face for about thirty minutes. Recommend you rinse with cool water. For superior result, make four masks per month. The entire course of masks — 10 sessions.

Aloe mask from wrinkles (after 40 years)

Perfectly moisturizes, tightens the skin; smooth wrinkles. Prepare 2 tablespoons of the juice of the plant (grate the agave, and then the resulting mixture strain with a bandage or gauze); mix with cream (tablespoon) and olive oil (tsp). Thoroughly mix all ingredients mask and then apply it and massage gently on the face. The mask must be held half an hour. Then DAB face with a damp towel, rinse with water is not necessary. We recommend once a month leave the mask on for the night — the result will impress you.

Yeast mask of wrinkles (after 40)

Excellent anti-aging mask has a smoothing effect. For making homemade yeast mask yeast (tbsp), add warm water (2 tbsp). Wait 15 minutes until the mixture swells, add olive oil (a teaspoon). Apply the mixture and massage gently, leave on for twenty five minutes. Rinse homemade yeast mask you need with the warm water. Additionally to moisturize the skin after the mask is not necessary.

How to remove wrinkles after 50 years?

Cream with red caviar for women after 50

Omega will allow the skin and 50 look excellent, well-groomed and young. Mix a tablespoon of red caviar with almond oil (tablespoon). The mixture was stirred very gently, without crushing the eggs. The resulting mixture was hold for 25 minutes (preferably to lie to mask «not leaked»). Also, instead of caviar you can use fish oil (oil is not added).

Clay mask from wrinkles (after 50 years)

This mask tightens, moisturizes, nourishes skin; eliminates wrinkles on Mature skin. You need white clay (V. L.); lemon juice (tbsp); sour cream (tbsp). Components mix well, add liquid mixture, the softened honey. Hold it until the clay is dry (about fifteen minutes). Rinse with running water.

The mask of herbs from wrinkles after 50

Very useful anti-aging face mask that will gradually but surely smooth out wrinkles with regular execution. Finely shred salad greens, parsley, spinach (1 tbsp). Prepare oatmeal (pre-wet with boiling water, let cool). Mix all the ingredients well. Apply a ready mask for 25 minutes ( better to lie, as the mask may be trying to «escape»). Wash off the mask needs water at room temperature.

Useful tips on the use of masks from wrinkles in house conditions

We collected them for you in this list of rules on the use of homemade masks:

1. The skin must be cleaned before applying the mask;

2. Mask should not be roughly rubbed into the skin, you should massage in a circular motion, gently apply to the face(also recommended to apply on the neck);

3. Only use fresh products to make the mask and keep the mask for a long time (over three days);

4. Wash off the mask with can with room temperature water; cotton pad moistened with milk;

5. Do not do these masks too often (usually eight times a month), so as not to provoke the slowing of metabolic processes;

6. For best results, alternate masks between themselves, not making one for a long time.

Wish you success and luck in the way of youth, beauty and grooming!