Masks for hair density

The dream of every woman to have thick beautiful hair. One can create a gorgeous hairstyle, braid plait rich or effectively dissolve the shoulders. Unfortunately, this adornment of nature doth not all. Others have sad sigh or increase in salons and Barber shops in the missing strands. To turn rare the nature of the hair at thick is unlikely to happen, even if you use the latest development of cosmetic industry. But to correct the situation is realistic, if done regularly masks for hair density, further feeding the hair follicles with vitamins and nutrients from the outside.

Masks for hair density: principle of action and recommendations for use

Mask thickness can be done for any type of hair. If they add special ingredients, it is possible to simultaneously solve a couple of problems, such as dryness or oiliness. For this mask for thick oily hair should choose components, such as rye bread, sour milk, yeast, alcohol tinctures, mustard to dry scalp. And dry – with vegetable oils, egg yolks, honey, glycerin, to the contrary, the skin to moisturize.

Every day a person loses between 30 and 100 hair is considered normal. If you start to do nutritious masks for hair density, the roots will be strengthened, will increase the life expectancy of each hair, slow down hair loss. The structure of the hair will become thicker, from which they will seem thicker. On the head, in addition to functioning hair follicles are dormant, i.e. those of which the hair does not grow. Due to the additional nutrients during application of masks, dormant bulbs begin to emerge and intensify, throwing the hair sprouts. Therefore, at the head of hairs becomes greater, causing the overall hair looks thicker.

Masks for hair density applied to the scalp and massaged. The duration of a single application – 40-60 minutes on average. To the pores open and nutrients are penetrated deeper into the hair roots, head with mask applied you need to insulate. The hair is first covered with a plastic bag or cap, and on top wrap a towel.

How to make thick dry hair: nourishing mask

1. For hair thickness, effective masks, which include ground nuts — pine, almond, peanut, or peanut butter. Especially effective is considered cedar. It should be rubbed into the roots and keep covered with a warm cap, about 40 minutes. The course is two months (2 times/week). If instead of butter to use dried fresh nuts ( not roasted), they must be ground into flour or powder, add a little milk to get the thick sour cream, apply on the roots. Keep 2 hours.

2. Take a big spoon of natural honey, brandy and burdock oil, mix with egg yolk. To distribute the roots, lightly massage. Cover the warming cap. Rinse with shampoo after an hour.

3. Half avocado to clean, grind in puree, add the egg yolk, a tablespoon of cognac and olive oil. RUB it into the roots, wrap. Hold for 40 minutes.

4. Connect in a bowl the yolk, glycerin and Apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon), aloe juice and castor oil ( 1 tbsp). Mix thoroughly. A mix for masks to distribute on the scalp, massaging the roots. Top hair to cover the tape and tie with a towel. In this form hold for 40 minutes.

Nourishing mask for thick oily hair

1. Prepare the infusion of nettle or St. John’s wort: big spoon grass pour boiling water – 150ml, let it brew, strain. Two big spoons of warm infusion mixed with dry yeast (1 tbsp). To keep warm, so the yeast went. Then combine with egg yolk and burdock oil (2 tbsp), mix well. Apply to scalp, cover with plastic wrap and a warm hat out of a towel. To keep an hour. The regularity of application of the mask in a day or two. Duration of treatment – 12-15 procedures.

2. In a glass container, mix 1.5 cups brandy (or vodka), honey and sea salt, cover with a lid. Leave to infuse for 2 weeks in a dark place (at room temperature). This amount should be enough for 12-14 masks. Ready mix store in the refrigerator. Apply to the roots for an hour, wrapped the hood. Then wash off without shampoo, just warm water. Of an application to do every two days. Course duration – 2-4 weeks.

3. Mix a tablespoon of natural honey, aloe juice and lemon. RUB the balm into the scalp. To wrap up, hold for 40 minutes.

4. A large spoonful of sea buckthorn oil to combine with three tablespoons of almond (burdock, olive). Massage gently to distribute the oil on the head, gently rubbing into the skin. Cover with a warm hat or cap for one hour. Apply within 10 weeks every 3-4 days.

Nourishing mask for thick all hair types

1. Prepare a herbal decoction of chamomile, nettle or St. John’s wort. Why pour over a tablespoon of dried herbs with a glass of water, bring to the boil, leave until cool. Mix ½ Cup of strained broth with the yolk and a spoon of natural honey. The resulting balm rubbed into the roots, keep under surveillance for 40 minutes.

2. Effective means of hair density is the mask of yolk with cocoa. It helps even in severe cases, when the head appeared bald. Mix the yolk home eggs with a small spoon of cocoa and ½ Cup yogurt. Part of the mask (about a third) to RUB into the roots. When the mass is dry, RUB another batch, and then, after a time, another. Tie the hair with polythene, to warm towel, keep the hours. Repeat every 3 days. The first results will be visible after a month and a half.

3. To connect yolk, brandy and burdock oil (3 tbsp). Mix until smooth, with whisk. Drive fingertips into the hair roots, the remaining mixture to wet hair. Cover head, keep warm for one hour.

4. Vitamin mask. Stir the egg yolk with yogurt and aloe juice (1 tbsp), oil solution of vitamins A, E (1 teaspoon), a teaspoon of castor oil and one vial of vitamin B6. Composition to distribute the hair roots, gently rubbing into the skin. Leave for 40 minutes, covered with foil and a towel. Mask of an application carried out once a week.