Effective mask for hair Shine: recipes. How to prepare and apply a mask for hair at home

Almost every woman dreams of a luxurious cascading locks of hair shimmering in the sun bright glare. After visiting the Barber shop can achieve this effect, but we all know the result – shiny, healthy shade of lush hair short, and means for laying at the beauty salon takes a lot. How to save on coveted?

The main causes and consequences of the dim colors of hair

1. The genetic abnormalities. Common cause lifeless appearance of hair. However, this is not a reason to be upset – daily use of natural masks for a specific type of hair fills hair follicles with vitamins.

2. Surrounding conditions. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and sudden temperature changes are the cause of dryness and hair breakage.

3. The impact of hot temperature. Aggressive composition for hair care, frequent use of hot tools causes irreparable harm to the integrity of the hair.

4. Food. Monotonous diet spoils the curls. To maintain a healthy Shine hair necessary vitamins a, b, C, E.

5. Constant stress and hormonal imbalance. Control inner peace, the observance of full sleep and rest in combination with masks for Shine permanently retain a healthy, well-groomed appearance of hair.

6. Beauty treatments. Great harm to the health of the hair gets incorrectly selected wash heads.

7. Perm. In the composition of the fixative substance severely dehydrate and discolor hair.

The use of masks for shiny hair – simple rules

• The effectiveness of the selected mask emphasizes the simultaneous use of vitamin balm for Shine.

• For maximum results, minimize the frequent use of hot appliances, wash your hair only with warm water.

• Before making the mask test for an allergic reaction. Carefully read the contraindications for each of the components of the mixture.

• A mask to prepare a blender, because a thorough mixing of the components will avoid the sticking of the lumps to the hair.

• The mask is applied evenly, lightly comb from the forehead to the main length of the hair. The movement from the root to the ends will ensure that the overlay mixture on the entire surface of the hair.

• Do not wash the applied part of the mask immediately. Put a plastic bag on the head to retain heat below the mask quickly dry, walk the allotted time, according to the instructions.

• Rinse with warm water. To secure the desired effect of the mask can decoction of chamomile for light hair, and the nettle broth for dark hair.

• After using the mask drying contraindicated.

• In advance, watching the reaction of the hair to determine the frequency of use of masks. Too frequent use can result in the opposite effect.

Natural ingredients of masks for hair

1. Yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria product internally nourish hair with necessary vitamins, moisturize the follicles. In cosmetics to use pure yogurt without flavoring and other additives. For mask you can use another fermented milk product – yogurt, whey, sour cream.

2. Banana. In the fermented milk component adds Shine, softness, promotes active growth.

3. Med. Improves the growth of hair.

4. The yolk of chicken eggs. In the honey intensifies the light effect, accelerates growth.

5. Unfiltered beer. When interacting with the yolks fights against hair loss by activating dormant hair follicles, accelerates growth, adds Shine and elasticity.

6. A chicken egg. Has a bracing effect.

7. Orange. Strengthens the integrity of the hair follicle, normalizes water balance, effective against dandruff.

8. Lemon. Actively regulate the sebaceous glands, provides Shine.

9. Olive oil. Preserves the natural hue of the hair, increases Shine, softens, has regenerating property of the hair root.

10. Cognac. Tones up hair follicle, strengthens and activates growth.

11. Bow. Adds volume, removes tarnish. Provides the hair with Shine.

12. Coffee. Strengthens hair follicles, preserves natural color, activates the healthy Shine of dark hair, aromatize.

13. Mayonnaise. Helps to giving the hair elasticity, improves growth, maintains a matte gloss.

14. Burdock oil. Preserves the integrity of the hair, preventing breaking and splitting.

15. Castor oil. Adds radiance and light bleached hair, adds volume.

16. Gelatin. The content of natural collagen will give the hair intense Shine and silky softness.

Recipes masks for hair type of hair

For dark strands

1. 20 ml of burdock oil, 20 ml brandy, 30 ml of honey. The components mix in a blender, pre-melt the honey in a water bath. Keep warm under a shower cap for about an hour. Cleans hair breakage, enhances the color of dark hair.

2. 20 grams fine-ground coffee, 50 ml of boiling water. To brew, filter. Rinse dark hair after shampooing.

3. 40 grams cocoa powder, fat-free yogurt, egg. Beat with a blender until smooth. Apply on the hair stages to dry, to keep under the hat for about 30 minutes.

For light strands

1. 40 ml of yogurt, an egg, a tablespoon of olive oil. Pulp thoroughly involved in strands, leave under plastic wrap for 20 minutes.

2. Equal proportions of castor and olive oil. Castor oil heat, add olive oil. Rubbed into the hair strands, starting from the root.

For dry

1. 100 ml olive oil, 40 ml calendula oil. Easy whisk, apply from roots to ends of hair. Ideal for dry and brittle strands. Use at least twice a week.

2. Clove of garlic 40 ml of mayonnaise. Garlic squeeze through the press. Removes dandruff, hydrates, stimulates regenerative processes. Keep under cover for half an hour. Rinse with warm water. After the mask head handle balm. The mixture can be allergenic, it is recommended that before applying to take the test.

3. Yolk and orange juice. The mixture to keep on your head all night. Suitable for dry curls. Orange juice has a slight irritant effect, therefore, the mask recommended for use once a week. To prevent irritation of the lesions may reduce the time.

For oily

1. 20 ml orange juice, 40 grams of sour cream (or dairy product). RUB the composition into the hair, wrap the polythene for half an hour. Effective against excess oil, smoothes curls.

2. 20 ml of lemon juice and a banana. Slurry eliminates Shine, elasticity and volume effect. The composition has a slight tingling effect.

For colored

1. Banana, 40 ml olive oil, 20 ml of honey, the yolk. Evenly, wrap with plastic for an hour. Rinse thoroughly. Perfect for colored strands.

2. Egg, cheese and honey. Apply only to hair, wrap head in cling film for half an hour.

Simple mask for hair homemade

• 100 ml of water, 40 grams of gelatin, castor oil. Melt the gelatin in a water bath, stir until smooth. To apply, a film to keep for half an hour. The mixture visually adds volume by enveloping the hair with gelatin. However, such a mass should be carefully applied to the hair as a component – gelatin has the ability to quickly fold that is difficult to combing strands.

• 40 ml of olive oil, two egg yolks, 50 ml of water. Mix the ingredients until smooth, apply and massage gently. To keep under polyethylene about half an hour.

• 30 ml olive oil, 20 ml honey, 20 ml of onion juice or broth. Massaging motion smear under the hair follicles. Wash off using shampoo. Included in the irritant component of onion, so use a light broth.

• 20 ml cognac and egg. Tonic composition suitable for all hair types.

Moderate use of the components of the masks to achieve a beautiful and healthy appearance luxurious curls, it is really effortlessly. We are so accustomed to pay for artificial beauty that he forgot all about natural elegance and splendor.