Budget and effective mask for oily skin. Do at home.

Forget about Royal manners, and with them – about the masks for oily skin from caviar, champagne or dew gathered early in the morning muscular virgins at the foot of the rocks on which the monasteries of Meteora.

Really, what these delights, when you can do simple and inexpensive ingredients, and prepare from them a wonderful mask to rescue problem skin.

Below are the mask – true proof that inexpensive homemade products can be effective. These homemade remedies are sometimes superior in effectiveness to purchase expensive creams, toners and serums.

Mask for oily skin: yeast and safe

For owners of oily skin, covered with pimples, yeast mask will become a favorite home remedy, are able to solve their cosmetic defects. Mask from yeast completely does not harm the skin, easy to ready, as easy to apply and wash off, and the cost of buying ingredients for means simply miserable.

Yeast products are designed to gently remove excess sebum, gently cleans the face from the other kinds of pollution, and drying up pimples. Another mask to partially remove blackheads. But still yeast a means of more effectively deals with acne. It can be used as teenagers and Mature people.

To prepare products for oily skin, you will need a bit of fresh yeast and boiled water. Mix the components in such proportions that the mixture resembled a not too thick cream. A properly prepared mask should not be spread. Apply the mask on the skin with your fingers. It spread in a single layer. Its thickness should be such that the skin shines through the mask.

If you talk, a dense layer may crack and begin to crumble before the time comes to remove products. So try to relax and be quiet. You can read a book or watch a movie, but not very funny to masochki pieces do not fall until expiration 20 minutes. In an extreme case, hold the face over a bowl so that you don’t have to collect parts otvalilsya funds from the couch or the floor.

yeast remedy cannot be applied under the eyes and on the skin near the lips.

Sensations during aging is quite interesting. Mask like proveryaet the skin. If you put too thick a coat, which failed to fully harden on the face after 20 minutes, you can wait a little longer. Yeast mask is better to remove when swiping across the face with a hand, you stick it to the surface. No need to immediately rinse with water – stand in front of a mirror and try to remove my mask piece by piece, throwing them in some capacity. Then wash with warm water. Plus 10 to success if you washed your face with a decoction of yarrow.

When you remove the mask and wash your face, skin slightly red and a little «burn». However, it won’t hurt. The feeling after removing the yeast mask similar to those that you experience, going into a warm room from the cold: the face a nice tingle, it becomes ruddy, and over time – and even hot.

make masks from yeast once in the three days before the disappearance of skin problems.

Mask for problematic skin gelatin

But the mask of gelatin, unlike previous yeast means perfectly removes acne, and it is perfectly tightens pores. The mask is prepared just as easy and does not require large cash investments. To cook it of food grade gelatin and water.

But if you want to get rid of acne but also get rid of the dry skin, moistening it, water should replace milk house. For making a kick-ass mask of gelatin, you need three components. On the first two mentioned is gelatin and milk, the third ingredient – activated charcoal. He well pulls out from the pores of the dirtiest.

mask of gelatin is categorically forbidden to use for people with rosacea.

So, how to prepare a gelatin mask? First crush tablet of charcoal and mix it with a tablespoon of gelatin and milk (half tbsp). When our hodgepodge infuse for about three minutes, it needs to be put in the microwave for about 10 seconds. During this time, the mask starts to boil (which can not be allowed), but is sufficiently heated, whereby the gelatin is completely dissolved. Long delay with the application of soft tools should not be, otherwise it will harden. But to drive into the pores much goryachuyu mask is not worth it.

mask into the skin exactly «hammered», not just spread on the face. This should be done with a brush.

After 15-20 minutes the gelatin film is stripped from the face – the feelings are still the same. If you want to reduce the discomfort, apply the product only on problem areas. The wash – water. Masks should be done throughout the month, once or twice a week. Then you need to take a break in a few months.

For dry skin, suffering from acne, you can prepare a mask of gelatin, olive oil, milk. Each ingredient you need to take a teaspoon. If the skin is wrinkled or loose, prepare a mask from a big spoon of gelatin, two milk and one beaten egg. Adding to these components even cucumber juice, you will get tonic, refreshing and improving the complexion protivopravnoy remedy for sagging skin.

The mask of soap for problem skin

From various skin diseases you will save a mask of tar soap. She easily disposes of pimples, blackheads. Soap also struggles with eczema, psoriasis, heals wounds. This product removes unsightly Shine.

Preparing a mask is simple. You need to water with lye soap and a little foaming action. This foam and applied to the affected different troubles the fate of the skin. If you want to get rid of only pimples, but problems like increased greasiness of the skin do not bother you, then apply a mask made of soap onto the inflamed bump. Soap film should completely cover the pimple. The holding time is about an hour. Wash – warm water.

Oatmeal mask for oily skin

Women love Pets universal mask. It’s so cool to spread the homemade mixture on your face, and she, if necessary, moisturize the skin, or Vice versa – dried, clean, get rid of pimples and blackheads, wrinkles, sagging and flaking, oily sheen. Well, it’s great. So, women say so omnipotent mask really exists, and it is from oatmeal.

The most simple oatmeal mask for oily skin is made of two tablespoons of pureed cereal or oatmeal. The selected component is filled with boiling water and leave for about 10 minutes. Ready!

To improve the mask or send the main part of its effort to solve several major problems, you can add products from cereal auxiliary components. For example, mixing a tablespoon of cereal with beaten egg whites and a pinch of fine sea salt, you’ll have a great mask-scrub for acne, acne. This means you need to massage the skin for about quarter of an hour, and then wash it off with lukewarm water and wipe the face tonic.

Kefir mask for oily skin from acne

The mask from yogurt reduces the severity of acne, lighten the skin, clean the face, removing with it the fat and dead cells, smoothes shallow wrinkles. This mask for oily skin preparing one of yogurt, which is distributed in a thin layer using disk. This mask is aged for about 15 minutes.

Many girls just wash away dried-on yogurt with warm water, but the right thing before washing roll it with your fingers. So you much better deliver the person from the accumulation of dead cells and acne. Frequency – once/week.


To take care of the beauty of the person making the mask for problematic skin – is commendable. But before you use any homemade products, be sure to visit a dermatologist, a nutritionist, because sometimes to remove cosmetic defects is obtained only with the help of experts.

even if you have oily skin, do not wash more than twice a day. By doing otherwise you only provoke an increased production of fat.