Mask for hair growth mustard: how to apply. Mask for hair growth mustard, honey, yogurt, aloe Vera, gelatin, yeast

Mask for hair growth mustard is not accidental is the most popular way to care for locks.

It really stimulates rapid growth of hair rods, awakens «sleeping» follicles, and along the way solves the problems of oily or dry scalp.

Than a good mustard

Homemade cosmetics contain only natural, safe components. Mustard mask, for example, is prepared from powdered mustard seeds. When applied to the skin diluted with water, the powder has on the receptors irritant effect. It is this feature of mustard makes it an effective stimulant to the appearance of new hair shafts. Burning mustard causes a rush of blood to the head, so even ceased active work «sleeping» follicles awaken.

As a result of exposure masks for hair growth with mustard during the first month of use strands grow 4 cm on average. The secret is just to improve the local blood circulation. When the bulbs are normally supplied with blood, they receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Adding a mask based on mustard with nutrients, you will get great, and most importantly, the expected result.

The composition of mustard, applied in the form of a mask or compress, not only will cause the active growth of the hair stems, but will make a denser, thicker. Locks will again begin to Shine, will be elastic and very beautiful.

The mask for hair growth mustard is another important advantage. Despite the heat, it is suitable for any skin type. That is, apply it and if excessive dryness, and abnormal oiliness of the hair. Main thing is to follow the technology of the burning composition, so as not to cause burns to the skin and does not provoke allergic irritation.

Ingredients masks for hair growth with mustard

To enhance the effect of the mask and to solve the specific problem of the dryness, or fat, in the need to add:

dairy products and milk (including cream, sour cream and yogurt);

• raw egg;

• fresh berries and fruits;

• honey;

• edible and cosmetic oil;

• vinegar natural;

• cosmetic clay;

• alcohol tinctures and alcohol;

• yeast;

• gelatin.

Food dry mustard diluted to a consistency of liquid sour cream. While applied to the hair composition should not flow down to the neck and face, i.e. the mask should be soft, quite dense but at the same time, easily distributed on the hair.

To the mustard plant have a warm, heated water. Boiling water never use for making homemade cosmetics for mustard based. The fact is that too hot water liberates in the powder the essential oil that can cause a chemical burn.

Important point: you cannot keep the mask for hair growth mustard longer than twenty minutes. A maximum of half an hour, after which the procedure needs to be done, that is to wash off the mustard part with curls warm water.

How to make a mask for hair growth mustard

To avoid damage to the skin on the head of a mustard mask, you will not burn the hair or not to overdry them, it is important to do the procedure correctly. Remember that a slight burning sensation is normal, because the mustard is actually hot, and this is her and eaten as a spicy condiment. Tingling is a good thing. It is a signal that the mustard is spoiled, not exhausted and works as it should.

Another thing, if after applying you feel a very strong, unbearable pain, dizziness, nausea. The procedure should be immediately terminated, the mask is washed off and forget about the mustard.

Rules for applying the mask:

• the duration of the first procedure should be no more than ten minutes;

• if the skin has suffered the effects of mustard is OK, then the second time hold the structure for five minutes longer;

• gradually increase the exposure time of the mask on hair for half an hour;

• if the mustard gets on the face and neck, it must be washed away to avoid burns;

• for mixing the composition, use only the powder, not the finished product from the store;

• apply the product only on a dirty and dry hair; wet mustard on the skin will cause a burn;

• do not do the procedure, if the skin is any injury, irritation, or she is very sensitive.

The hair began to grow, the mask for hair growth mustard need to be applied once every seven days. More often not – spoiled hair. And remember that 30 minutes for such an aggressive procedure maximum.

Mask for hair growth mustard type curls

That mask is not only made hair shafts grow rapidly, but also improve the condition of hair, then you need to get the type of curls and the issue, which is on now. In all masks, the base amount of mustard – 1 tbsp with a small hill.

Normal hair

If the hair is in good condition, not oily and not dry, and you just want to accelerate their growth, prepare a mask made of mustard, 1/3 Cup. kefir (sour milk) and 1 raw egg yolk. Mask very carefully RUB into the roots, taking care not to damage the integrity of the skin. Then just rinse everything with warm water and make sure that the mask works fine. Hair will not only become thicker but will begin to Shine, becomes stronger and more beautiful.

There are other versions of the masks.

1. Mix one table. spoon mustard, honey, juice (or pharmacy extract) aloe pulp and onion (just grate the half onion the onion on a fine grater), half tablespoon garlic pulp, three tablespoons of water for cultivation of mustard. After such a mask will disappear dandruff, hair gets moisturized, becomes shiny and elastic.

2. Dissolve mustard in table 2-3. spoons of water, add 2 table. tablespoons sour milk or yogurt, 1 table. spoon of liquid honey, 1 table. a spoon fly in ground oatmeal and 1 tsp lemon juice.

3. Mix mustard powder with 1 teaspoon of natural fruit vinegar (Apple or grape), 1 table. a dollop of sour cream and any fruit juice, 2 egg yolks.

Oily hair

The simplest mask that you can make at any moment consists only of mustard powder and water. They need to mix in equal proportions, i.e. 1:1, and the number of units to take depending on the length of the strands. This simple product is perfect for skin with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, making hair is constantly greasy. Causing «mustard cream» to the hair, cover your head with a tape, additionally wear a cap or just wrap the scarf for warmth. Rinse all abundantly comfortable temperature water, cold rinse, and dry the curls without a hair dryer.

Masks for oily hair (the amount of additional ingredients specified in table 1. a spoonful of mustard powder):

2 table. spoon tea infuser, raw egg yolk;

• 1 teaspoon rum (cognac, brandy, alcoholic bitters, vodka), the juice of one large aloe leaf, 1 table. spoon cream, 2 raw egg yolks;

• 2 table. spoons of blue clay, 1 table. spoon the alcoholic tincture of calendula and natural Apple cider vinegar.

Especially good mask from miracle of aloe. The juice of this plant is useful for hair substances. If your hair limp, not grow, try this mask. Aloe Vera will remove the fat and the cream and the yolk will give the hair the rods food.

You can add in a mask for hair with mustard fruit, vegetable or berry juice and broth. Vegetable acids soothe irritated follicles, reduce their activity, while reducing the fat content strands.

Dry hair

If the hair is dry with a hair dryer or the sun, they can be revived and at the same time to get stronger to grow.

1. First option: mix equal quantity of mustard powder, burdock oil, whipping cream and butter. To the mass is homogeneous, let the oil to melt until smooth and the cream is a little warm. Instead of burdock oil you can take food or cosmetic: olive oil, flax, sea buckthorn, wheat germ, etc. it is possible to Replace cream fat sour cream.

2. A great mask to restore curls after «Khimki» can be done with 1 table. spoon mustard, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, the same amount of honey, 1 egg yolk, 5 drops rosemary ether.

3. Mix egg yolk, 2 norms of mustard powder, a large spoonful of sugar and olive oil. Mix composition need until then, until the sugar has dissolved.

Popular mask for hair growth mustard, gelatin, yeast

Very good mask for the growth and nutrition of hair with the gelatin acts as a means for quick recovery of the strands. Each component of this mask works on the result: yellow nourishing, gelatin adds Shine and strength, protects from moisture loss. The mask comes with the standard spoon mustard tablespoon of gelatin powder and one egg yolk. First prepare the gelatin solution: pour the powder a quarter Cup of water for an hour, and then dissolved in a water bath. Mix all ingredients, apply on hair and be sure to insulate the head.

The second mask is yeast. Bread yeast is very good for the health of the hair, and the mask not only make from to grow rapidly, but also nourish the follicles health. The mask on the big spoonful of mustard:

• spoon dry active yeast;

• a spoonful of sugar;

• a quarter Cup of milk (if your hair is dry) or yogurt, kefir (if your hair is oily);

• a spoon of honey.

Make sure to activate the yeast before mixing the stimulating composition. To milk or yogurt preheat and pour the yeast. Stir and keep warm. As soon as fermentation begins (will foam), add remaining ingredients and apply the mixture.

Using masks with mustard, you will make hair grow faster and make them beautiful. Remember that storing a homemade mask is impossible. Remnants of the mixture should be discarded, for use prepare a fresh mask.