Mask for hair growth — how to make them at home

Do I have to make masks for hair growth

Long, healthy, well-groomed hair is a surefire ornament for every woman. However, there are not many lucky women who have beautiful hair by nature. Basically, silky, shiny curls — is the result of daily care. This includes a healthy diet, enriched with fruits and vegetables, and getting enough sleep, and quitting Smoking, because tobacco smoke makes them dull. To make your hair strong, shiny, fast growing, need to take vitamins, to use high quality shampoos, trim the tips so they do not flogged, comb massage brush of natural cloth, and, most importantly, do not forget to do regular masks for hair growth. Naturally hair grows pretty slow, so you always want a little bit, but to speed up the process. Masks are the active nutrients that, when applied to the hair roots, feed each bulb and stimulate growth.

Such stimulating masks, there are many. There are ready-made mask for hair growth sold in the pharmacy or store, and made their own from natural ingredients at home. Store-bought masks from a tube or jar is easy to use, they can be directly applied to the hair. But you should look carefully at the composition, so it uses fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients. Reliable option – all the masks for hair growth to make their own, then certainly the ingredients are completely natural raw materials.

How to apply mask for hair growth

Mask for hair growth refer to cosmetic products that provide external nutrition of hair. Symbolically distribute them on two groups:

— masks that nourish the scalp and root of the bulb. The hair after using such masks to become stronger, not split and no longer brittle. The scales of the hair tightly, so the hair smooth, single thickness, not thinned out and not break near the tips. To achieve this result help mask the eggs, vegetable oils, hot packs, rinse decoction of herbs;

mask stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. The active substances included in their composition, causing the flow of blood. This affects the accelerated growth of functioning hair follicles, and stimulates the work of the sleeping follicles forcing them to Wake up. From what the hair looks thicker because the hair becomes more. Such effects have the mask from onions, garlic, capsicum tincture.

A positive effect on hair and provide nourishing Facials, and stimulating. Therefore, the hair grew rapidly, while remaining thick, shiny, silky and healthy, you need masks for hair growth to alternate with masks nutritious.

Egg mask for hair growth

The basis for egg masks serve eggs or egg yolks. As additional ingredients are most often used cognac, vegetable oil, lemon, honey. Egg mask for hair growth give a great effect. They also stimulate the growth of hair, nutrition and nourish hair follicles.

Yolk mask for hair growth with brandy

Mix any vegetable oil and brandy (2 tbsp), two egg yolks. Apply to head, RUB into roots, and then distribute through your hair. To do this conveniently large comb with sparse teeth. Cover with polyethylene, and on top wrap a towel. Through 45 minutes rinse. The hair mask can be washed with shampoo, but you can normal chicken egg or a yolk that is perfectly clean hair. Rinse with a natural shampoo should be warm water so that the eggs don’t curdle.

Egg-lemon mask

Mix oil, castor and burdock (1 tablespoon), egg and lemon juice (2 tsp.l.). The resulting mix is rubbed into the roots, the scalp, distribute evenly through the hair. Cover with foil and a towel. Keep half an hour, rinse with water and shampoo.

Egg-glycerin mask

Pour into the bowl of castor oil (2 table. lie.), egg, vinegar (6-9%) and glycerin (1 tsp.l.). Mix until smooth. RUB the mask into the roots and apply to the hair. To hide a plastic bag or wrap, then wrap with a towel. In 40-50 minutes wash off with shampoo.

Oil masks for hair growth

Refreshing mask for hair growth based on vegetable oils not only nourish the hair follicles but also strengthen themselves curls, soaking them and restoring the structure. From what the hair is voluminous, shiny, have a healthy appearance.

Vitamin mask

Mix olive oil and conditioner (2 tbsp), vitamin A, vitamin E – they are the oily solution (¾tsp. boxes.). Vitamin mixture a little warm up, put on the head, RUB the skin to distribute through the hair. Cover with plastic wrap with a towel, hold one hour. Wash with a shampoo. Apply through the day.

Burdock-honey mask for hair growth

Mix the oil and liquid natural honey ( 1 tbsp). Thick candied honey should be heated — it will again become liquid. When the mixture of honey and butter is smooth, add brandy (1 table.l.). Mix well, distribute through your hair, not forgetting about the roots. Keep for half an hour, rinse with water and shampoo. Apply twice weekly. Full course – 2 months.

The mask of essential oils

Even small amounts of essential oils added to the mask for hair growth, markedly improve their effectiveness. To stimulate hair growth, you need to use essential oil of rosemary, pine, cinnamon, sage, lavender, ylang-ylang. The mask is very easy to cook in heated olive oil (quarter Cup) you need to add 8-10 drops of any of these essential oils (single or a couple drops of each). Then apply an invigorating mixture on your hair and roots and leave for 40 minutes.

Burning mask for hair growth

Hot red pepper, or chili pepper, dry mustard, garlic, onion are excellent growth stimulants scalp. And the most effective masks for hair growth are obtained on the basis of these components. They are by some stimuli to the scalp, causing the blood flow to the follicles. To avoid burning the skin, such masks are always doing on the fat content, which is usually milk or vegetable oil.

Garlic mask

The average head of garlic (4-5 large Zubkov) grind in a blender. The slurry was mixed with olive oil (2 tablespoons), allow to stand for about an hour. Apply garlic mixture on the hair roots, distribute through your hair is not necessary. Cover with foil and a towel, after half an hour rinse. If you experience discomfort, severe burning, remove the mask before the specified date. Wash your hair with shampoo. Apply weekly course duration – two months.

Onion mask

In blender, chop a large onion, squeeze the pulp from the juice (through cheesecloth). Discard the pulp and juice add the egg, honey and castor oil (1 tsp). Honey you need only natural. Ingredients mix until smooth and apply on hair roots. Cover with a package or wrap, and top with a towel. Rinse with shampoo after two hours. From the onion «flavors» will help to rid the spoon of lemon juice or vinegar added to the water to rinse. Apply a revitalizing mask for hair growth with onions is recommended by the course: making in on 2 masks weekly.

Pepper mask for hair growth

For pepper masks you will need a pepper tincture, so it needs to be done in advance. The finished tincture is added to mask or directly rubbed into the scalp. In a jar pour a glass of vodka, put 2 pods hot red peppers (dried), cover. To insist in a dark place for a week and a half.

For mask, mix a pepper tincture, burdock oil (or castor) and any hair conditioner ( all ingredients in 1 table.l.). The oil should be warm, so a bottle of it you need to pre-heat for a few minutes can be put under running warm water or warm oil in a water bath. Apply the pepper skin, spreading along the surface of the head in a circular motion. Cover with foil and a towel. Wash off after an hour and a half. To suffer from severe burning is not necessary, so if there is baking, wash off sooner. Then, as usual, wash the hair with shampoo. To use pepper mask for hair growth it is recommended two months at 2 treatments per week. Take a break, repeat the course.

Mustard mask for fast hair growth

Mix two tablespoons of cosmetic or vegetable oil (linseed, burdock, olive) and mustard powder (no slides), sugar (1 tbsp). Dilute with hot water until thick sour cream, beat the yolks, mix well. The mask spread on the surface of the scalp. Cover with plastic wrap with a towel. To keep from twenty minutes to an hour. Rinse with water and shampoo. Mustard mask for hair growth can dry up the hair, if they are brittle and thin, so before the procedure they need to protect – lubricated warm vegetable oil. Duration of use is two months. Frequency of treatments: for oily hair – once every five days, normal – once a week, dry – once in ten days.

Helpful advice:

To mask for hair growth was effective and you got the result you’ve always dreamed about to apply them it is necessary not swoops and regularly for one or two months, carrying out the procedure 2-3 times weekly. Then your hair will not only grow better, but will gain a well-groomed and chic look.