Effective mask for hair growth at home: what? Recipes masks for hair growth with pepper, mustard, yeast, dimexide

Manufacturers of professional cosmetics offer customers a variety of products for hair growth. But why pay if you care for poorly growing strands of hair independently, with the help of effective masks for hair growth. At home to make them simple, but the result will impress and delight.

A warming mask for hair growth

The most popular and effective masks for hair growth at home make a warming of the skin components. This can be mustard, red hot pepper, onion, cognac. When applied, they begin to burn the skin, stimulating blood circulation and causing a strong flow of blood to the follicles and roots of hair. This improves the nutrition of hair rods in the active growth stage (anagen) and simultaneously contributes to the awakening of the «sleeping» follicles, i.e. the hair in the resting stage (telogen).

Mustard and yogurt

Mix a large (heaped) teaspoon of dry mustard powder with ½ Cup of yogurt. Add a teaspoon of honey. Let the mixture stand for 15 minutes. Mix again, RUB into the hair roots, trying not to touch the ends and the skin of the face, neck, body. Fresh mustard can be quite pungent, this should be ready. Eating do not add honey to burn will be less. To enhance the heating effect of the head you can wrap an old thick towel or wear a wooly hat, pre-wrapped his head with cellophane. Keep the mixture for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool running water. Use your regular shampoo, apply the balm for hair type.

Be careful when using the mask with the dry mustard for the first time. In mustard allergic. Not endure the pain, if the scalp is sensitive and you feel not just discomfort but real pain. Rinse the composition from the skin.

To apply mustard mask is often impossible. To get the desired effect of faster growth of hair, repeat once a week.

Pepper tincture, oil and honey

This stimulates the growth of strands mask gives an additional effect: it nourishes the hair roots. Hair already after the first procedure, look better, and a month since the beginning of procedures will grow at 2-3 cm

Components take in equal proportions, for example, large or dessert spoon:

• alcohol tincture of hot pepper (sold at pharmacies);

• raw chicken egg yolk;

• natural honey;

• burdock oil;

• juice of fresh lemon.

Thick honey melt over boiling water or in the microwave. Oil heat over boiling water to lukewarm. From lemon squeeze the juice. Yolk lightly whisk. Give everything a good stir and use like regular facial hair, be sure to massaging it into the roots. Remnants of the mixture spread on the strands to the tips. If your hair is long, make a double portion of the mask. Keep it on hair for at least an hour, be sure to insulate the head.

Onion and honey

That onion mush is able to stimulate the growth of hair rods has long been known. But the specific smell of a mixture of welcome few. However, the onion mask is an effective treatment for slow-growing hair. And get rid of the smell will help rinse the vinegar or lemon water. But in the summer or in front of a strong fiznagruzki to do the mask still not worth it. Head will be sweating profusely, and others will feel the onion flavor.

Grate the onion to make a puree. The separated juice drain. Add to the pulp 1 table. spoon warmed honey, stir. RUB the fragrant mass in the hair follicles, wrap the strands with plastic wrap and be sure to wear a warm hat. The mask must work not less than forty minutes. Hair rinse thoroughly under running water, wash with regular shampoo, rinse, dry without using the dryer.

Cognac and salt

Melt two tablespoons of thick honey. Pour half a spoonful of brandy, add a spoonful of salt. Put the mixture in a glass jar, tightly screw on 2 weeks leave in a dark cupboard. The resulting composition after ripening, apply to roots and hair strands, massage your head. Keep the mask under a warming cap for about forty minutes. The usual wash your head with shampoo and warm water.

Cognac and egg yolk

This option is brandy mask is prepared instantly. Combine 1 table. spoon heated lukewarm honey with 2 table. tablespoons of brandy, stir. Separately, whip the yolk and add it to the main components. RUB mixture into the roots, to insulate the head. Rinse after 35-40 minutes.

Nourishing oil mask for hair growth

To accelerate the growth of the hair rods, you can use cosmetic and edible oil. They have lots of nutrients, live vitamins, so oil mask nourishes the hair roots and cause their rapid growth. The classic way is to regularly rubbed into the roots of burdock, castor oil or a mixture thereof. Strands with this regular care grow fast and encouraging a healthy Shine. But the effect can be enhanced, enriching oil supplements.

Oil, onion, and honey

Effective mask for hair growth at home is especially good for dull, lackluster strands. All the features listed below, take in equal amounts. If your hair is long, increase it proportionally.


• burdock oil;

• honey;

• the juice of the fresh bulb;

• liquid soap.

The honey will melt. Onion grate or preroute in a blender, put in a gauze filter and squeeze the juice. Mix onion puree, honey and remaining ingredients. The mixture was vigorously massage into the follicles with gentle strokes. Insulate the head with plastic wrap, then towel. Rinse a lot after two or three hours shampoo. To kill the smell of onions, rinse the tresses with lemon or vinegar water.

Olive oil, honey, egg

The procedure is aimed not only at accelerating growth of the hair, but also to strengthen, the recovery of the hair follicles. Whisk the egg. Connect two tablespoons of olive or Flaxseed oil and same quantity of honey. Warm over steam. Beat egg and mix. RUB into the roots, apply the tape, wrap head with a towel. Rinse composition after 40 minutes with shampoo.

Oil mix

Oil structures is the safest and most effective masks for hair growth at home. They do not burn the skin and rarely cause allergies, and deeply nourish hair follicles. Combining several types of oils that you take from each the best properties. Enrich the mix of oil solution of vitamin E, and get the precious mask of beauty.

To prepare the composition in equal proportions mix castor, burdock and olive oil. Heat them above the boiling water. Add batch pharmacy vitamin E. gently massage the oil mixture into the roots, massage your head. Wear insulated cap, hold the mask as long as possible, at least 2 hours. You can make a mask for the night. Wash off oil with shampoo.

Stimulating masks for hair growth

Accelerate the hair growth yeast and Oriental spices, for example cinnamon. These foods can become the basis for making effective masks for hair growth at home.


Piece of rye bread mangled into small pieces and place into a deep bowl. Pour bread a bottle of beer, allow it to swell. An hour later, shake all in a lush homogeneous mass with a mixer. Dirty hair wash uhodom his usual shampoo. Mass massage into hair, cover with a foil to avoid staining of clothes. Rinse composition 40-50 minutes. Regularly doing the procedure, you will get lifeless hair to become shiny and strong.


Protein of one egg beat with a mixer in the foam. Stir in a tablespoon of active dry yeast, give them a «Wake up». After 5 minutes, RUB the resulting mass into the roots, massage thoroughly head. Keep warm under the hood at least an hour, then rinse with ordinary shampoo.


Beautiful mask, through which strands of hair grow within a month, is made from these components:

• 1 tsp. ground cinnamon;

• 1 table. L. honey;

• 1 table. l olive or linseed oil;

• crude protein.

First, whisk the whites to a froth, adding a tablespoon of boiled water. Stir in the cinnamon, stir. Add butter and liquid honey. Apply on the roots and the strands, insulate them. Keep the mask half or two hours. Rinse the cinnamon, wash the head as usual.

Mask pharmacy drugs for hair growth

Among pharmacy products can buy cheap, but effective medicines. Will help to accelerate the growth of the strands dimexide, solutions of vitamins, sea buckthorn oil. Be sure to dilute dimexide with water in proportion 1:3, so as not to burn the skin.

Dimexide, esters, vitamins

Mix 1 tsp divorced dimexide, vitamins E (tocopherol) and a (retinol), castor and burdock oils. Drip 3 drops of essential oil of pine, cedar or any broadcast you like. Apply on the scalp, rubbing the mixture into the roots. Close the hair wrap and a towel. Rinse with shampoo after 20-25 minutes.

Dimexide and sea buckthorn oil

Dilute dimexide. Oil warm over hot steam. Diluted dimeksid mix thoroughly with oil in equal proportions. Massage into roots, comb hair wooden comb, distributing the composition throughout its length. Put the hair underneath a warming cap, keep 50-60 minutes.

Effective mask for hair growth at home is a simple and reliable way to quickly get a chic long strands to restore hair strength, Shine, silky soft.