Mask for hair at home – it works! Top 25 best recipes of homemade masks for hair volume

Healthy, shiny, voluminous hair – every girl’s dream.

But not everyone can boast of luxurious locks, many people spend hours in front of a mirror or in beauty salons to give hair the desired volume.

However, often an hour after styling the hair loses its fluffiness.

Why do some hair thick, strong and thick, and others thin, liquid and brittle?

The main factor affecting the condition of the hair is genetics. Difficult to deal with thin natural hair. Difficult, but possible. There are many recipes of homemade masks to give hair volume.

No less significant is the second factor – the food. The beauty of the hair depends on the foods that you eat. Hair, as well as the whole body, need vitamins and minerals and if the diet is poor or contains a minimal amount of nutrients, primarily affects the hair.

Another factor negatively affecting the condition of hair is a daily cosmetic treatment. The high temperatures of ploek, hair dryers, irons, dyes for hair coloring, gels, varnishes, mousses and other cosmetic products make hair sickly and weak.

Mask for hair at home: General principles

The composition of the homemade masks for the volume can include ingredients that any girl can find in your kitchen. It and dairy products, and yeast, honey, eggs, onion, oats, mustard. In addition, you can buy in pharmacies bubbles with oils, henna, herbs.

Whichever mask you prefer, the result of their influence on the hair will be more effective if you follow some simple rules:

• The use of masks for hair volume in the home should not be a chaotic order – the visible result will be. Use one to two times a week for three months.

• Components included in the composition should be natural and fresh.

• Apply the mask on freshly washed, slightly damp hair.

• When the product is applied, massage the scalp – this will ensure the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.

• Let stand from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the component included in the mask.

• To be effective, after applying mask cover your head with a plastic bag and wrap a towel.

• Rinse the mask with hair a little warm, and better than cool water.

• If the mask is part of chicken egg yolk or onions, be sure to rinse the mask with a mild shampoo.

• Dry your hair naturally without resorting to hair dryers.

Mask for hair volume in the home: oils and dairy products

1. Mask based on natural yoghurt. In a small container in equal proportions mix the two ingredient mask, heat in a water bath. Do not allow the mass to boil, enough to bring the mask to room temperature. Apply it along the length of the hair, RUB in circular motions into the scalp. Soak remedy about thirty minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

2. Mask of yogurt and oatmeal. In a bowl mix half a Cup of oatmeal with a Cup of yogurt. Apply the mask to a thick layer of volume at the roots, RUB massage movements, spread the remains along the length of the hair. Keep the tool on the head for thirty minutes, not forgetting to cover the pack with a towel and then rinse. If you can’t find oat flour, you can grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder or blender.

3. Mask on the basis of oils and shampoo. In a small container, mix 10 grams of shampoo for weak and brittle hair with 15 ml of olive oil and with the same amount of castor oil. Apply the paste on the hair and scalp, soak for forty minutes, wrapped his head. Tool rinse with warm, slightly cool water.

4. Mask based on castor and burdock oils. Mix chicken egg yolk that has been lightly whisking it, with a tablespoon of aloe juice, add a teaspoon of burdock and castor oils. Apply for 45 minutes. Rinse the mask with shampoo, thoroughly massaging the head.

5. Mask with glycerin and castor oil. Apply to root zone of the hair and scalp and massaged a mixture of teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar, one egg yolk, a tablespoon of castor oil. Cover the head in a tight towel, after 35 minutes rinse with shampoo.

6. Mask of a mixture of oils and yogurt. Pour in a small glass bowl classic tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of coconut, almond and burdock oil, add 5-6 drops of essential oils (Jasmine and rosemary). Heat the medium in a water bath to body temperature, apply to forty minutes, then rinse with slightly warm water.

7. Mask of castor oil and cinnamon. Mix three teaspoons of liquid honey with a tablespoon of cinnamon and 20 ml of castor oil. Apply to the root area, massage, the remains spread over the entire length. Soak the mask for fifty minutes, then rinse.

8. Mask based on essential oils. Mix one teaspoon of castor and olive oil, add a spoonful of shampoo, three drops of essential oil of geranium, five drops of oil of ylang-ylang. Apply the mask on the roots, shake a light foam, forty minutes later, rinse with lukewarm water.

9. Mask with milk and vodka. Pour in half a Cup of milk two tablespoons of vodka, RUB the mixture into the root zone. Soak the mask for at least 30 minutes.

Mask for hair at home: clay, mustard, henna

1. Mask henna and cocoa. Take two tablespoons of henna, the same amount of cocoa powder and three tablespoons of yogurt. Mix thoroughly, heat in a water bath until a color change – mass should darken. Cool tool to skin temperature, apply on the lengths and roots of the hair. Soak the mask for at least one hour. Note: tool is only suitable for brunettes.

2. Mask based on white clay. Mix 30 g of white clay with warm water to a state of watery gruel. Distribute evenly throughout hair, rinse with warm water after twenty minutes.

3. Mask with gelatin and mustard. Pour the packet of gelatin with cold water (the proportions indicated on the package), allow the mass to swell. To speed up the process you can heat the medium in a water bath. Add 10 ml of burdock oil and 20 grams of dry mustard. Apply on roots of your hair, distribute along the length of the curls. Rinse the mask after thirty minutes under running warm water.

4. Mask of henna and nettle. Take one egg yolk, two spoons of henna and half a Cup of dried, chopped nettle. Components of the mask pour a glass of boiling water, insist the remedy for about thirty minutes, stirring from time to time. Evenly on all hair, massage your scalp, RUB into roots, leave for half an hour. Rinse with warm water, do not forget to use shampoo.

5. Mask based on mustard and jojoba oil. Stir in container of 25 grams of mustard powder with a spoon of jojoba oil, one egg yolk and two teaspoons of sugar. Apply the paste on the roots, RUB into the scalp. Rinse off after thirty five minutes with shampoo.

6. Mask with blue clay. Whisk the egg yolk with a spoon of sea buckthorn oil, a little spoon of viscous honey and two tablespoons of blue clay. Apply evenly to the scalp and root area and length curls. Rinse with mild shampoo after twenty-five minutes.

Mask for hair at home: unusual recipes

1. Mask based on honey. Mix in a small container in equal amounts of lemon juice, teaspoon of aloe juice and liquefied honey. Spread the finished mask on the hair, rinse off after 15 minutes.

2. Mask based on vodka and salt. Take half a Cup of sea salt, a third Cup of vodka, half a Cup of honey. Mix, place in a glass container, leave for two weeks in a dark room. Apply the mask twice a week, distributing on all length of hair. Rinse after an hour suited to your hair shampoo.

3. Mask with onion cake. Grind a big onion on a grater, mix with a glass of mayonnaise and a spoon of vegetable oil. RUB into the scalp, leave for 10 minutes. Rinse the mask shampoo. This can be rubbed into the hair roots few drops of essential oil of ginseng.

4. Mask with red pepper. Means burning, so stand on his head need to the extent possible, but not more than 30 minutes. Mix three chicken egg yolk with a tablespoon of red pepper, RUB into the scalp and the hair roots. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

5. Mask of banana. Depending on the length of the hair, take one or two ripe soft banana, chop fruit in blender or with a fork. Apply on hair for twenty-five minutes. Rinse off with cool water.

6. Mask with yeast. Pour two tablespoons of yeast (dry) 50 ml warm milk. Add a small spoon of sugar, move the vehicle for 20 minutes in a warm place. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil, mix well. The resulting mass RUB into the scalp, the hair roots evenly throughout the length curls. Keep on the head for forty minutes.

7. Mask with gelatin. In half Cup of cold water dissolve two tablespoons gelatin box, put the mass for about 20 minutes aside. Add a tablespoon of glycerin and a spoon of balsam conditioner for the hair. Applied this mask on clean damp hair for forty minutes, then wash off with cool water.

8. Mask based on herbs. Put in a bowl the following components in equal proportions: the leaves of rosemary, Basil, mint, sage. Thoroughly mash the herbs, add two drops of peppermint oil, three drops of lavender oil, 200 ml of Apple cider vinegar. Put the remedy in a glass container, put on 12 days in a dark room. Apply in the amount of two tablespoons, which are pre-mix with half a glass of lukewarm water. This mask is left on the head for at least 3 hours.

9. The mask of rye bread. Soak a slice of dried rye bread in the mineral water until slightly watery gruel. Apply on the hair roots soak for 15 minutes. Wash the head in cool water on brushing bread crumbs.

10. Mask on the basis of beer. Whisk 100 ml of beer with one egg yolk. Heat the mixture to room temperature, apply on hair and scalp for twenty minutes. Rinse with shampoo. This mask is best done in the evening because the smell of beer disappears after two or three hours.

Careful and proper hair care products, quality cosmetics, homemade mask based on natural ingredients will allow you to achieve amazing results. Regular use of masks for hair volume at home from natural ingredients will make the tresses well-groomed and healthy, and hairstyles will delight its volume and beauty.