Mask for dry hair: how she helps to care for. Recipes masks for dry hair with oils and vitamins

Proper hair care gives hair lively Shine and strength. If, despite all efforts, the hair look lifeless, they are in urgent need of restoration. Need a mask for dry hair ends. They spoil the appearance of the curls.

Prevention of dryness of the tips

The problem is dry ends for hair type is irrelevant, it is equally familiar to owners of normal, oily, dry hair. Predisposing factors are two: the ends are often dry for those whose hair is long and thin. Without additional care such strands will quickly lose strength, and the tips will split and break off.

The hair is not spoiled, you need to take preventive measures.

• Long hair is regularly «refreshed» to cut the tips of the scissors.

• To use special masks and balms for dry ends with proteins.

• Drink plenty of water throughout the day to the cells of the body are not thirsty.

• Take courses of vitamins E and A.

• To adhere to proper nutrition.

• Less use of hair dryers and Curling irons, be sure to apply a heat-protective means.

• Do not comb wet hair.

• Use a comb with wooden teeth.

Noticing that the tips began to dry, begin intensive recovery. Masks for dry hair solve the problem. But if hair shafts began to split, the only way to get rid of them is a haircut.

Oil mask for dry tips

Oil nourish the hair with nutrients, fills you up with strength, will make a beautiful. They are an excellent basis for preventive and curative masks for dry hair ends. They need to be applied to dry, unwashed hair, keep at least an hour. Wash off with godovogo shampoo to wash the locks after oil. As the base oil used burdock, castor, olive oil.


• four dessert spoons of castor oil;

• one or two raw yolks;

• normal portion of mild shampoo.

Whisk the yolks. Connect with oil, beat vigorously. You should get a thick emulsion. Pour the shampoo mix. Apply the mixture throughout hair.

The mask is a therapeutic oil which has a healing effect on the hair.


eighty grams of burdock root (fresh);

• Cup of vegetable or olive oil.

Slice the burdock root as small as possible. Put in a pan, pour oil. Steep the root in a day under the hood. Send on fire, bring to a boil. Simmer at a slow boil for 15 minutes. cool to lukewarm, strain. Apply oil to hair, massage into the scalp.


• tablespoon of fresh juice or pharmacy aloe;

• three dessert spoons of burdock oil;

• teaspoon of honey.

Heat the honey to a liquid state. Pour in a aloe and oil. Stir the mixture well, apply to the ends, to «stretch» frequent wooden comb through the strands to the top of the head.

Prepare the oil mixture, in equal proportions by combining olive oil and sea-buckthorn. Gently reheat over boiling water. Sponge or cotton swab, apply first at the roots of the hair blotted movements, then spread evenly over the entire length. Keep the oil longer than usual mask, not less than two hours. Use twice a week for intensive repair tips.

Another variant of this mask is to combine castor oil, shampoo and olive oil. Shampoo take as much as normally use for washing the hair. The proportion of the oil equal the amount of oil depends on the length of the strands.

The effect of this mask for dry hair ends more if you make it hot. You will need two or three big towels that have to be heated on the radiator or hot air jet from a hair dryer.


• two raw yolks;

• four dessert spoons of tincture of Arnica;

• three dessert spoons of burdock oil.

Whisk the yolks. Add the butter and liqueur, stir. Apply to roots, highlights, tips. Insulate the head with plastic wrap and a hot towel. Cold towel change on hot.

The rich composition of this mask intensely nourishes dry ends. It is useful to make the procedure course, 2 times a week, and then maintain the health of the hair 1 every 2-3 weeks.


• three big spoons almond oil (you can take flax or olive);

• the contents of 3 capsules Evita.

Apply mixture to the ends, the remnants spread over the hair or gently massage your head with oil mixture. The mask is intense, works quickly, so you can keep 40 minutes. Rinse with moisturizing shampoo.

Egg mask for dry ends

In the yolks of chicken eggs lot of fat and nutrients that envelop the hairs and protect them from aggressive environment. Chicken proteins are substances that eliminate pinholes of the hair rods. This product effectively eliminates the dry ends. Pairing it with other components to make a mask for dry hair ends even more effective and healthy curls.

This mask also eliminates the dry ends and oily roots. It will work best if used as a hot application method. Change hot towels that wrap head. The effect will be stronger.


• raw egg;

• dessert spoon of liquid glycerin (available at pharmacies);

• dessert spoon of vinegar 9% table without aromatic additives;

• two-three large tablespoons of castor oil.

Whisk the egg. Add the remaining components, all mix well. Apply with a soft sponge or brush to the entire hair length. Cover your head with foil, wrap with a towel. Rinse with a mild shampoo.


• teaspoon of honey;

• raw egg yolk;

• two cloves of garlic;

• tablespoon of mayonnaise.

Garlic grate. Honey heat over boiling water. Mix all ingredients, put on the tips and strands. Insulate the head. To enhance the effect, use hot towels.


• raw egg;

• half-full glass of yogurt.

Whisk the egg, add yogurt. Keep half an hour under a warm towel.


• fifty grams of cognac;

• raw egg yolk.

Mix components. Apply to the ends first, then gently spread with a sponge along the entire length of the strands. Keep for half an hour.

A popular remedy to eliminate dry ends – homemade egg conditioner. Connect the portion of any air conditioner, which is used when washing the head, and add the beaten egg yolk. Use in the usual way.

Different masks for dry hair

In the kitchen you can find a lot of components that will help to cope with the problem of dry ends. Amazing how easy it is to replace expensive cosmetics is simple with home remedies.


• dried nettle;

• the herb plantain;

• heads of chamomile;

• a slice of rye bread;

• half Cup of boiling water.

Herb mix in equal proportions. Boiling water pour a tablespoon heaped teaspoon of the herbal mixture let stand under cover for about two hours. Strain. With bread cut off the crust, break into pieces. Pour the herbal decoction, allow the bread to swell. The resulting slurry treat the head. Rinse with warm tap water and your regular shampoo do not use.

Apply pre-heated to 30-40 degrees yogurt on the hair. Insulate wrap and a towel. Rinse with water without shampoo.


• natural honey;

• Iranian henna;

• cognac;

• the yolk.

All the components use in equal proportions. If the hair is short, take one teaspoon, if long – tablespoon. Stir with a fork. Gently apply the composition to the ends for forty minutes.


• tsp olive, peach, burdock or almond oil;

• half a Cup of light beer.

Mix ingredients, apply to hair. Rinse off the mixture after half an hour. Not only this mask will remove the dry ends, but will cause hair to grow faster.


• a handful of dried nettle;

• one and a half tablespoons of grated fresh horseradish.

Nettle brew a Cup of boiling water. After half an hour, strain. Add the infusion of grated horseradish. Apply to the ends and strands. Rinse off after fifteen minutes.