Mask for dry hair, which helps

Not only fat, but overly dry hair can become a subject of experiences. The reasons for this are many – polluted air in cities, the use of a large number of «chemicals», a kind of accessories for hair styling — hair dryers, Curling irons, Ironing. More become dry hair with age — after 40 years, this problem becomes more relevant than in his youth.

And split ends, which look like plucked, and give hair a groomed appearance. What should I do? Solved! Treat dry hair masks for oily hair with natural ingredients. Folk remedies quite a lot. Of course, you will have to spend more time than a simple shampoo, but the result is worth it.

How to determine what is your hair dry?

If on closer inspection it is noticeable that hair is sensitive to drying with a hair dryer or styling tongs or flat irons have become brittle, dull and had lost the natural Shine – most likely, they were dry. This situation is easier to correct than with greasy hair. Simple recipes of natural masks to prepare is absolutely not difficult. Most often they are composed of oils that nourish hair and scalp. Well help mask for dry hair and decoctions of herbs, eggs, honey, juice of vegetable and fruit pomace.

How to care for dry hair

In the most difficult cases of dry hair looks damaged and weakened. They definitely need to moisturize, using special tools. Well-suited, aloe Vera, panthenol, silk proteins, glycerin. Many of the nutrients contained in proteins and vegetable oils, such as rosehip oil, Shea butter, argan.

Hair styling should be carried out only gentle means — for example, hair curlers heated without thermal effect. Wipe need with no effort, then comb with a comb with rare teeth.

If strands are long, you should hold them at the base, so the load on the roots was minimal. Especially harmful to hair discoloration.

Hair coloring and chemical styling only increase the dryness of the hair, so it’s best to pause, to switch to natural dyes and the rich tonics. And masks for dry hair with defined ingredients. Our grandmothers used dairy products. Yogurt and kefir — the first way to quickly refresh bleached hair and split ends. Almost all structures add oil.

How to wash dry hair

If you notice that the hair is dry, you need to go to special shampoos for dry hair. To RUB the hair when washing is impossible, the movement should be massage and soft. Rinse several times after washing, use a balm or a hydrating mask. Apply on entire length of hair, but digressing a little from the roots, wash off after 2-3 minutes.

Dry ends

Fastest dry hair ends. Experts say that you can not rush to cut my hair. Split ends can «glue», and make them visually less frayed. If there is no time to make a mask for dry hair, you need to apply a special product to wet hair, RUB in and dry as usual. Cut hair should at the very least. When they are healthy, take care of the ends regularly.

Kefir mask for dry hair

Composition: yogurt (3-4 tablespoons, you can also take yogurt), olive oil or castor (half a teaspoon), lemon juice (from half of a lemon). This nourishing mask rubbed into the hair, to keep to half an hour, wrapped in a towel. Perform this action 1 time per week – this is excellent food for hair and roots. In this composition you can add chopped plantain leaves.

Mask for dry hair out of bananas

Ingredients: 1 banana, honey (1,5 tablespoons), essential oil (rosemary, a few drops). Rubs banana and warmed on a water bath of honey, add essential oil and apply to wet hair, especially rubbed into the hair roots. Keep for half an hour in the heat, then wash off with warm water.

Egg mask for dry hair

Ingredients: egg (1 piece), castor oil (2 tablespoons), glycerin and Apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon). Mix all the ingredients well and apply on the entire length. It is advisable to wash off with egg shampoo to dry freely, without Hairdryer and Curling iron.

Nourishing mask for dry hair with vegetable oil

Composition: vegetable cold pressed oil (preferably olive, 5 tablespoons), juice of 1 lemon. Apply to hair for half an hour. This mixture restores the keratin structure of hair, covering them with a thin film. Wash it with shampoo for oily hair. Apply in two weeks.

Honey mask for dry hair with eggs

Ingredients: egg yolk (1 piece), honey (1 teaspoon), garlic (1 clove). Grind garlic and mix with beaten egg yolk and liquid honey. You can keep the mixture on the hair all night, then rinse with warm water and rinse herbal decoction of nettles.

Mask for hair Shine

Composition: suet ghee (1 tablespoon), glycerin, lanolin, Apple cider vinegar, (1 tsp), peach oil (dessert spoon), castor oil (3 tablespoons), water (100 ml), shampoo (1 tablespoon).

Preparation method: heat all the ingredients in a water bath, add hot water, stirring constantly. For mask use 2 tablespoons of the mixture, apply on dry hair, keep for half an hour. Wash with egg shampoo.

Mask for dry hair with henna and cognac

Ingredients: egg yolk (1 eggs), unrefined vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), cognac, honey, henna (1 teaspoon). Mix all the ingredients in a slurry is similar to sour cream, apply on hair and wrap with polyethylene. This composition revitalizes hair starting from the tips, keep up to 50 minutes.

Onion mask

Part — one part onion, lemon juice and vegetable oil. Instead of onions you can take garlic, mix and a circular motion be applied to the hair. Rinse with vinegar solution.

Herbal mask-elixir beer

Ingredients: hop cones, air marsh (rhizome), burdock root (1 tablespoon), beer (glass). Pour herbal warm beer, leave to infuse for half an hour. To filter, to cause to feed the roots of the hair. The remaining mixture stored in the refrigerator and use it 3-4 times a week.

Cabbage mask for dry hair

Preparation: before washing the head to RUB into the skin fresh juice of cabbage. This reducing agent helps the hair get stronger and Shine.