March TOP 10 most beautiful women in the world according to the portal «Female opinion»

This rating portal «Women’s opinion» opens the monthly updated TOP most beautiful women, paying tribute to the unique beauty and style beauties from all countries and corners of the world.

Selection of the candidates holds a special jury composed of connoisseurs of female beauty.

So the first spring we present the TOP 10 most beautiful women in the world by our portal.

10th place: Amanda Seyfried

The girl has distinctive features, which distinguish it from the others. Amanda is insanely cute and nice. She often offered to play the role of teenage girls or romantic heroines. All the films in which she had to withdraw, got success, popularity and love of the world, however, as herself, Amanda. An actress since childhood, fond of sports and fitness. Due to this, she has a gorgeous body.

9th place: Tina Desai

Tina bears the title of not only the sexiest women of the East, but also one of the most beautiful women around the world. The girl dreamed to become an actress, but she had to learn to be a Manager and financier, she really wanted her parents. Once Tina had the opportunity to participate in a reality show, and she took it. Then the girl noticed and invited to star in her first movie, which was a good start for a film career Desai. A few years later, to the feet of the aspiring actress fell bollywood. In her filmography, only a few films, but Tina already noticed all the famous Directors. The girl says that career is not the most important. It is important to remain open, positive and never stop working hard.

8th place: Elena Korikova

Our Russian actress and model is loved by all from the TV series «Poor Nastya», in which she played the main role. Before this season, she already starred in several historical paintings. Elena says that she likes to play in films of this genre, it is better to be in a good historical movie than in a modern but poor. The girl has repeatedly accused that she only copies of different celebrities, and in its way absolutely no personality. Korikova just turned a blind eye to such statements. She knew that her attractive face, expressive eyes and a stunning figure always was and will be the subject of envy.

7th place: Taina Muller

The girl is from Brazil, where it is his good fortune, making it known to the world as a fashion model and actress. In fact, the fate of here, of course, nothing to do with it. Taina a lot and worked hard to achieve this success. Beautiful Muller was involved in many projects, with 19 years she worked as a presenter on television, a photo of her adorned in the most popular Brazilian magazines. Noticed her, and began to invite to act in films. The woman says that he does not consider himself a big star and no different from other people. Just, her life was a bit more lucky. Name Taini made known to the world thanks to the telenovela, Jaime Monjardin called «family» («family»).

6th place: adriana Lima

Its many times called the most beautiful woman of the world, and it is impossible to count. Brazilian supermodel fully deserves this title. The whole secret of its strange appearance is simple: the girl mixed lot of blood and nationalities. From each of them she got the best. Adriana’s modelling career began when she was only 18 years old. She left the hometown and went to new York city, which fulfilled the most secret desires. Dreams of Lima also became a reality. She appeared in most fashion magazines and conquered all the catwalks on which she had to climb.

5th place: Zhang Ziyi

Zhang won all its natural beauty. This woman does not need to put on the face of tons of Foundation, the weight of shadows to do her hair for 4 hours in order to look gorgeous. These instances occur very rarely. Zhang is one of the most famous Actresses of China. She gained fame after the movie «the Way home», which starred at the age of 19 years.

4th place: Agniya Ditkovskite

Famous singer and actress. Agnes debut as an actress took place in 2006, when the screens out a movie called «Heat» in which she played a major role. Agnes does not have an acting education, but if the person has a unique talent for something, if he needed to learn to become a professional in the business? Ditkovskite said that the lack of special education even helped her, because it never «broke» and forced to be what it is not. Now Agnes is open to many different roles and play characters that are different from each other.

3rd place: Olivia Wilde

What would be the TOP most beautiful women in the world if it and not say a word about Olivia Wilde? With this appearance, which awarded the woman can just stand silently in the frame and a cute smile. Every Director wants to intrigue the actress of his film and to bring it into the main castes.

It just can not. Olivia does not want to appear in films, the plot of which was unable to «catch», though she even promised a huge fee. Olivia had everything to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has very striking facial features: sharp cheekbones, big green eyes and plump lips.

2nd place: Freida Pinto

This gorgeous girl is very hard to miss, but nonetheless, became popular and she not too long ago. Frida for a long time not getting starring roles in films because the Directors believed that there is nothing special. Now they definitely bite your elbows and regret that I made the biggest mistake in my life.

Frieda Pinto began to learn after she got a role in the movie «Slumdog Millionaire». This movie has made noise all over the world, and together with him glorified and Frida. Now Pinto is invited not only to various films, but and shoot for a popular Indian magazines. It is impossible not to pay attention on the gorgeous woman’s body. Such a figure can not boast of each star.

1st place: Margot Robbie

Our mistress! Beauty of Hollywood, which is famous for her acting talent and unique ability to transform into different heroes. She first appeared in all its glory before the world when she was only 17 years old. Then the screens came just two of the renowned film Director Aasha Aaron, which starred Margot.

They have gained popularity thanks to the young beauty, about which nobody knew anything. Robbie draws attention to the fact that is perfect and memorable facial features, good posture and elegant figure.

Margo in the movie the Wolf of wall Street:

The curves on her body can not fail to fascinate. About the film «Focus», in which Robbie played a major role, began to speak even before the picture was released.