How to do a manicure on short nails at home. Popular design and features of nail Polish on small nails at home

The fashion for long pointed nails with lots of rhinestones has long passed.

Modern design became more simple and universal.

In addition, many female occupations require only short nails.

Also their owner it is easier to cope with household chores.

Short nails always look great, not exfoliate and do not break off.

Manicure on short nails at home: photos and features

The advantages of manicure on short nails

Most women don’t have long nails because they do not allow the modern pace of life. Professionals say that short nails have many advantages:

• look neat and to the point;

• they are more healthy and do not need any special care;

• practical, do not cause discomfort while typing on the computer and cooking.

Bright manicure

Do not think that juicy shades of nail polishes are not for short nails. If your nails are of equal length and are well maintained, then why not bring them to the attention of others. Experts recommend to choose a color of nail Polish depending on the color of their skin. Women with pale skin should look cool shades from Burgundy to blue. If the skin is dark, choose warm colors: from orange to green.

Dark manicure

Dark shades of nail polishes will not be able to visually lengthen the nail. However, with their help you can make a very original manicure on short nails at home. The modern market offers a huge range of dark varnish from Burgundy-wine shades to jet black, from dull to fascinating shimmery.

Pastel manicure

Pastel colors do not lose their relevance. They are incredibly soft and gentle, and has earned the love of many women.

Drawings in manicure

You can make a drawing on the same nail and all. According to experts, short nails with a little nail plate most suitable will be a simple plain design: stripes, hearts, dots, polka dots, berries, stars. If the area of the plate allows, on the nails you can dream up to draw flowers, ornament, and any geometric shape.

Professionals say that the horizontal pattern will emphasize that the nails are short, vertical – visually lengthen them. No need to completely cover the plate pattern. It will visually narrow it.


This option nail art is a classic. It is suitable both for daily wear and for festive events. French manicure gives the nails a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. A strip of paint may be different colors and different widths. Very elegant and romantic look white thin stripes.

Manicure with Ombre

This type of nail design looks unusual and extravagant. Single tone paint smoothly into the other. To make the transition unobtrusive colors, use a small sponge. With it on the base coat is applied with a different color.

Black manicure

The black color of the varnish is a good choice for everyday manicure. In the normal version it can seem a bit boring, but with rhinestones and sequins it looks very noble. The main condition for owners of black nail Polish on short nails is a neat and well-groomed hands.

The moon manicure

This type of design than one year remains relevant. Its advantages – simplicity of creation and originality. Each nail painted one color and the hole and the edge or leave it without varnish or painted in a different color.

Wedding manicure

Wedding nail art looks very elegant on short nails. White lace can be placed at the bottom and top of the nail. This manicure will accentuate the airy easy style of the bride and will not go unnoticed.

Leopard ornament

This eye-catching nail design is perfect for confident women. Leopard print looks great in any combination and shades.

Manicure on short nails at home: a sequence of actions

Nothing complicated manicure on short nails not. To bring hands in order, you will need manicure tools and a little patience. A simple manicure on short nails at home can be done in 20 minutes.

1. Pour into a small bowl of warm milk or water. Dip fingers into the liquid for a few minutes.

2. When the skin around the nail plate thoroughly steamed, carefully lift it from the base of the nail using the spatula.

3. Tweezers take the cuticles and dead skin around the nail.

4. Nail file, apply the most appropriate form of nails. Podpilivaya nails always in one direction. Otherwise you risk to damage the structure of the plate. Make sure that the length of the nails were the same. They need hardly close fingertips.

For shaping the nails use a non-metal nail files. Well established glass tools. They are perfect for layering and weakened nail plates. If nails are healthy, you can opt for a sapphire nail file.

5. Take any nourishing cream or vegetable oil and massage the skin around the nails.

6. The surface of the plate degrease with liquid varnish remover and proceed to the decor.

7. To make the manicure last longer, first at the nails should apply a base, then a lacquer coating.

8. Apply Polish in three strokes: two on the edges of the nail, one in the center.

9. Secure the manicure with a layer of topcoat.

Manicure on short nails at home: expert tips

If a woman for whatever reason, chooses short nails, it should pay special attention to their care and to choose wisely the color and design. It should be noted that to create the perfect nail art on short nails a woman should be guided by the following rules:

1. Care. Short nails require less maintenance than long. Manicure can be beautiful only when they do not break and flake. Correctly chosen cosmetic products, baths, good nutrition, vitamin-mineral complexes prevent breakage and dullness of the nails.

2. The shape of the nail should be natural. No need to try to make it square, oval shape also looks beautiful and very feminine.

3. The right choice of design and colors. Do not oversaturate the manicure with rhinestones and weight, his large-scale drawings and modeling. Nail art should be easy. On the nails, oval shape very nice look lucky light colors with floral motifs, on a rectangular dark varnishes with graphic drawings.

4. A base coat. Use before applying the varnish base. Manicures in this case will last longer.

The combination of colors in manicure

To have a manicure from a few different colors look nice and naturally, you need to know some tricks:

• color and texture varnishes should properly be combined;

• usually allocate a different color nails on the ring and middle finger;

• nail art with a smooth transition of shades requires the mandatory application of the topcoat.

Of course, it is not enough to choose any two nail Polish colors and just paint their nails. If the colors will not be combined, then the manicure would look extremely tacky. Some women are able to intuitively choose a beautiful combination of colors, but a win-win color combination still need to know. This will help us a color wheel.

Monochrome combination of shades of Polish

Manicure, combining different shades of one color, looks very soft. The colors are not diluted with other colors. It may be some combination of:

• muted orange and warm brown;

• sky blue and deep blue;

• pale lilac and purple.

Related colors

In multicolored manicure on short nails at home you need to combine those colors that are adjacent in the color circle. This design looks unusual, interesting, but at the same time harmonious and calm. Thus, nails can be put related the following colors:

• blue and light green;

• eggplant and blue;

• yellow and green;

• orange and red.

• lilac and blue.

Contrast color

The most eye catching and visible to others will be the manicure, which combines the opposite colors in the circle. For example:

• green and red;

• blue and orange;

• purple and yellow.

Each of these methods allows us to correctly combine the colors. You can choose the contrast, and combine rich shades with a lighter.

Achromatic colors, which include black, white, gray, beige and Nude, are also very advantageous to look in a manicure. They can always brush up on other colors.

Experts point out that, in order to create the color stretching is not necessary to buy a nail Polish for each fingernail. You can buy white and gray color and change the hues, mixing them with the main color in larger or smaller amounts.

Beautiful manicure on short nails at home will not only complement the image of women, it will improve her mood and enhance self-esteem. As you can see, the short nails can look attractive and unusual.