Makeup for brown eyes — how to emphasize their beauty (photos)

Brown eyes – alluring and fascinating. They are very expressive and therefore impressive look bright even without makeup.

Quite delicate touch of light shades and a light touch of the brush to the lashes, and these eyes can not look away. But there are still some make-up secrets, knowing that brown eyes will look especially beautiful and attractive.

Makeup for brown eyes: features and tips for applying

1. Eyeshadow. Eye makeup always start with the shadows. On the eyelids it is recommended to apply a base under makeup. The base serves several functions: it makes the color more saturated, provides tighter they fit, not allowing them to gather in the creases and flake off.

Owners of brown eyes are more fortunate than others, because to their eyes match the shade almost the whole palette. But there are colors, which are more than others highlight the beauty of brown eyes. This is a blue shade, Golden, bronze, brown, purple, beige, pink, honey. And in brunettes is particularly advantageous will look black, silver, purple, Golden shadow on brown hair and blond sand, pink, beige, green.

If your goal is to focus on the color of the eyes, it is best to use contrasting shades. Dark brown eyes should be emphasized by shades of saturated blue, hazel violet. If look want to give more expression and depth, pick a shade should be the color of the eyes, his tone. Because brown eyes can be dark, almost black, and hazel. For day or office makeup, you should choose the shades of eye shadow lighter than your eyes for evening and festive darker.

Equally important to perform quality eye makeup accessories play. So the shade went evenly and easily rastushevyvaet, you may use a foam sponge, a brush with natural soft bristles. For ease of application, it is desirable to have multiple brushes of different widths.

2. Eyeliner. It can help to give eyes a playful or languid eyes, correct eye shape, make them more attractive. Not do without it when you need to perform evening, feline, Arabic makeup. With a pencil draw «arrows»: hold a thin strip above the upper eyelashes, from the inner to the outer corner, slightly beyond the edge of the eye and lifting the line slightly upwards.

For evening makeup you can use liquid black eyeliner and it leaves a more saturated color. In addition to black, brown eyes look beautiful liner made of dark grey, purple, Golden, brown, blue pencils. Performing daily makeup, pencil line, lightly RUB with a sponge or brush to achieve a softer effect. For office makeup pencil choose the color of the eyes by swiping on the upper eyelid is very thin line.

3. Mascara. Applying mascara on the lashes complete the eye makeup. It gives the image a finished look, making eyelashes more fluffy and long, and expressive eyes. Brown-eyed blonde girls better to stay on the carcasses of brown color, it makes color the eyelashes more natural. Burning brunettes should choose coal-black.

Features of the evening makeup for brown eyes

A visit to the theatre or any evening event implies the presence in the make-up of bright saturated colors. After all, the event will take place under artificial lighting, which is more muted than the natural. Therefore, evening makeup should be catchy and noticeable. But to overdo it is not worth it. If you decide to make a bright accent on the eyes, the color of lipstick you should choose quiet tones. For evening makeup is better to choose permanent makeup, not to worry about the showered shadows or mascara. After having fun, you might not notice such unpleasant moments. For evening or festive makeup for brown eyes you can use a colored mascara – purple, or blue, as long as it in harmony with the color of eye shadow and eyeliner. Blue ink looks almost like black, but gives the eyes a special glow. For shadows, you can also choose more bright colors – turquoise, emerald, lilac, rich brown. Encouraged the use of eye shadow with sequins or flickering effect.

Features daytime makeup for brown eyes

A distinctive feature of daytime makeup is considered natural. It is intended to emphasize the natural beauty of the face, hide the flaws and errors should not be catchy and flashy. Eyeliner for daytime make-up can be performed with a pencil, and shadows, which provide a more natural line. Eyeliner color can be black, but is considered more appropriate grey and brown. Owners dark or black eyes for daytime makeup is better to use pink, cream, lavender, brown eye shadow, women with light brown eyes and honey, peach, beige, brown, Golden, light lilac. To complete the makeover, you can ninasimone mascara brown or black. To day way was more tender and natural the lower lashes is best not to tint. If day make-up turned out in rich colours, adjust excess colors with his lips. On them, instead of lipstick, apply gloss.

Office makeup for brown eyes

The appearance of employees of the office or a big company, increased demands. Hair must be neat, strict suit and makeup. Office make-up does not recognize combinations of contrast, vivid and saturated colors. In this reign the light or natural color. Therefore, coal-black mascara and pencil should move away, it is better to use brown mascara instead of eyeliner use a dark shade. Puffiness, dark circles and other errors around the eyes, you should retouch concealer.

Shadowing begins with a light cream, or milk shades that emit podpolnuyu area and inner corners of the eyes. Next, move to the base color brown, gold, beige. Lighter its shade covering half of mobile eyelid. Dark – denote the outer corner of the eyes, slightly going over the edge, and hold the line up a bit. If the basic color one, from the outer corners of the eyes, we have to put more dense layer of shadows. The connecting edge of the two shades should blend to get a smooth transition. The ink is not more than two layers. For office makeup it is recommended to use persistent cosmetics.

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