Makeup for blue eyes — how to do it correctly

Blue eyes – two bottomless ocean in which to drown first sight.

This has a rich color palette — from pale blue to deep, almost blue. Blue eyes — a view of azure sky, turquoise precious, delicate forget-me-nots, cornflowers touching.

He was so captivating that you don’t want to look away. The color of the iris can be made even brighter and more attractive, if the right to hold makeup blue eyes , taking advantage of decorative cosmetics.

Shadow, eyeliner and mascara for blue eyes

The eye that had attracted attention to its color, you must choose the shade, contrasting the color of the iris. For example, for blue eyes it would be shades of brown, blue and orange. It is thanks to the contrast of iris color seems more saturated.

Also good blended with blue eyes Golden, red-brown, orange-brown, peach shade. To make it easier to choose a shade, you need to evaluate the contrast of their appearance. Light hair and skin involve low contrast, so shadows are necessary to choose delicate shades. Blonde hair-brown skin, exactly like the dark hair-light skin define high contrast appearance. In this case, you can use the shadows more vivid and saturated colors.

Blue-eyed blondes who have light eyelashes, you need to approach the applying mascara with special care: the cilia of the upper eyelid must be painted on both sides. Otherwise, when lowering the eyes will be noticeable white stripe eyelash back, which will give the external appearance is not quite attractive. So as not to burden the lashes, from the inside it is better to paint the most ordinary mascara, and with a familiar hand, on your own – the normal, voluminous, lengthening. The color of the mascara can be anything, true blue and black is best reserved for evening makeup.

How to do daily makeup for blue eyes

Day makeup is best done under natural light. Well, if mirror is near a window. If not, you can direct beauty, put a portable mirror on the window sill. This will save you from unpleasant moments, such as incorrectly selected tone powder or shadow.

If you home was painted in artificial light, even bright, on the street, in daylight, the makeup would change colors, distorting and spoiling the whole picture. So the first rule of quality daytime make-up – natural light. Second – the rejection of the use of bright colors and thick lines pointing arrows.

After all, its main goal is to emphasize the natural beauty, correcting minor shortcomings of appearance and give the image of tenderness and romanticism.


Start the makeup should cleanse face tonic or lotion. Then apply Foundation or concealer. With their help hide minor imperfections, if any, and evens the tone. Concealer is better applied with your fingers and a soft sponge (you can use a foam sponge) . So he lies a thin layer, distributed over all areas evenly. For daytime makeup blue-eyed, fair-skinned blondes should use the basis of beige, pink or cream colors. Girls with darker skin – olive, peach, bronze. If the skin is young, without wrinkles, age spots and freckles, you can do without rendering.

Next, you should podkorrektirovatj eyebrows, giving them a beautiful shape. If your eyebrows are light, they need to tint brown, gray pencil or shadow. To brows the whole day was in perfect condition, they should apply a special gel.

Blue-eyed blondes for daytime makeup is better to choose the shade of grey, cream, lavender, silver, blue, pearl color. Very nicely accentuate the color of eye shadow shades of green. Blue will be with iris to merge, so during the day make-up as the main color, use them is not recommended. Black mascara should be replaced by brown or gray. And the arrows draw with a pencil, the shade two to three shades darker than the color of the eyes.

Brunettes accentuate the color of your blue eyes, if applied to the eyelids beige, gold, chocolate, brown-gray shadows. Blue should be abandoned. They will weight way, will give him a certain share of vulgarity, as well as blue ink. Therefore, it is better to use brown or black. Eyeliner should choose cool colors, for example, the steel, smoky, silvery color.

Do not forget that podpolnuyu area and inner corners of eye shadows are applied the lightest shades to the eyelid moving slightly darker. And the dark tone make the outer corner of the eye. Day makeup is completed with application of lipstick or gloss.

Evening makeup for blue eyes

To evening make-up in artificial light looked pale and expressionless, blue eyes drink in cosmetics you should avoid bright colors, preferring a darker. Flawless makeup depends to a large extent from a level of skin color. Therefore, it is first necessary for a person to put a leveling base or Foundation. A shade that should choose slightly darker than the tone of the skin. To give face a touch of sunburn, you should take sand or bronze tones.

To accentuate the depth of the blue eyes, you need to use lilac, pink, copper, blue shadows. To create a bright makeup can not do without the orange, olive, silver, purple, chocolate shadows. Blue-eyed darkie should pay attention to bronze-gold palette and light-skinned – pearl and silver.

Eyeliner should take dark colors to the color of the iris seemed more intense. These are colors like brown, charcoal grey, dark blue, black. Do not use eyeliner or pencil of light tones. White color only to highlight the inner corner of the eye. The color of the liner is usually selected and the color of ink.

For evening makeup is appropriate to stick artificial eyelashes. Young girls can use glitter or rhinestones. They give the image a elements of glamor and outrageousness. Finish make-up makeup lips. Just remember that there are on the face of one thing: either eyes or lips. If the emphasis is on the eyes, the color of the lipstick should be relatively quiet. And Vice versa.

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