Magic algae mask

Alginate is a substance resulting from the processing of brown algae, open for more than thirty years ago, a British chemist by the name of Stanford in the course of research of technology of obtaining iodine from sea plants.

The effects of alginates on the skin cannot be underestimated. Mask with this substance suitable for everyone, but especially they are recommended for ageing and dehydrated skin aging. No other medium is able to provide a deep moisturizing effect, smooth out wrinkles and tighten facial contour. In addition, masks with sea alginate have anti-inflammatory and slight bleaching effect, gently clean pores, refresh and give comfort to the skin.

Produced alginate masks in powder pastel color containing natural plasticizer (calcium sulfate) and other additives, enzymes, clays, minerals, crushed plants. In the interaction of the powder with moisture forms a hydrocolloid gel, which in the air turns from a creamy mixture in a thick elastic film, repeating the relief of the face. This leads to the sauna effect the mask is recommended to apply skin care serum, anti-aging elixirs and essential oils, which in such conditions is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Rules of applying the algae mask

  • Thoroughly clean the skin from dust and dirt, you can also use a scrub or steam the face.
  • To impregnate eyebrows, eyelashes and the outline of the hair near the face fat cream or cosmetic oil to avoid sticking of the mask.
  • Lightly apply serum, emulsion, or the content of rejuvenating ampoules, depending on skin type.
  • In a wide ceramic bowl to dissolve the powder and liquid (water, tonic water, herbal decoction) in approximately equal proportions, stir with a spatula until the consistency of thick cream.
  • Immediately after mixing with your fingers or a spatula to apply a thick layer of mask all over face, including eye area, nasolabial triangle and the neck.
  • A minute later the edges of the mask have a little roll to the center, this will facilitate its removal.
  • Leave for half an hour for optimum effects on the skin. At this time, it is undesirable to talk, because the facial expressions provokes premature exfoliation mask.
  • Pry up the edge of the mask from below to remove it from the face in one smooth slow motion.
  • Flush away traces with water, apply the cream, the waste mask to throw in the trash.

The visible effect is visible immediately after removing the mask, but for best results it is necessary to conduct a course of treatments according to the instructions on the package.

Text: Valentine Shmidova