Lymphatic drainage wrap: to do at home or in the salon? Is there any sense lymphatic drainage body wraps and what

Treatments body wraps for weight loss are collectively called the «Thalasso therapy».

To them also applies to lymphatic drainage.

Also noticeable after the first time reduction of volumes Thalasso treatments have a positive effect on blood circulation throughout the body, help to detoxify and hydrate the skin, making it more elastic.

During this care on cleansed skin apply a special tool, and then the desired areas are wrapped in foil.

There are three types of lymphatic drainage wraps:

— isothermal;



Despite the name, we are not talking about real temperatures of the funds which participate in the wrap, and the depth of their penetration into the skin and its effect on problem areas. There are and stimulates the lymphatic drainage, which more effectively accelerates blood circulation, but many prefer the refreshing feeling of the cold wraps.

The basis of the tools for lymphatic drainage wraps include a variety of ingredients, but the most popular are the products based on marine algae. The cooling effect is achieved through the use of menthol and for heating usually add red pepper. Well-known brands have their own proprietary blend, whose composition is not disclosed.

Lymphatic drainage wrap: to do or not to do

Applied lymph drainage body wrap for weight loss, relieve swelling, restore blood circulation, improve skin turgor and moisture. It is an aesthetic procedure and not medically in most cases, but still there are some contraindications:

— pregnancy;

— cardiovascular disease and thrombosis;

— hypersensitivity of the skin;

— allergic to components of the means used;

— Oncology;

— infectious and other skin diseases.

hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

Most people know about similar problems with his health, but if you are not sure whether you can or cannot begin the course of Thalasso therapy, it is better to consult your physician and dermatologist for advice. It happens that the skin previously good response to the same ingredients vhodnych funds, but under the influence of the wrap can cause irritation, redness and itching. Modern tools for lymphatic drainage wraps is still quite safe, proven both in the laboratory and in practice, and the risk of allergic reactions is low.

Lymphatic drainage body wrap in the salon or at home

In stores beauty shelves littered with all kinds of slimming products, including lymphatic drainage and body wraps. Today there is no such clear distinction between the products of salon and home level. The same professional line Thalasso care are available for sale in retail and wholesale. The house also happens to have a course of lymphatic drainage wraps, saving a substantial amount, and the time – don’t have to adjust your schedule for a free entry in the salon and you can reach it through the tube. In the native land all at your fingertips, you can sit comfortably and avoids showing her body to strangers. Whether the effect will be identical if you do it yourself?

In the cabin each stage lymphatic drainage wraps fit thoroughly, not missing a step. For everything there is a special tool and special method of application. Yes, and not just yourself wrapped film, and then carefully remove it, leaving footprints throughout the apartment. Quite nice to feel like on every inch of the body care. It also happens that the beauty of order care products abroad, which are not easy to buy. To collect a full range of easily accessible even creams and gels can be difficult or expensive. For maximum effect wrap in salons even combine and massage. House integrated approach is possible, if still invited to the procedures of a professional.

Lymphatic drainage wrap: sequence of actions

Standard process lymphatic drainage, body wraps consists of four stages, skip, neither of which is impossible. Laziness or haste in this case is unacceptable.

First the skin is cleansed using peels or scrubs. This is necessary in order to remove dead cells from the Horny layer of the skin. Despite the fact that they are not visible, accumulating, these particles interfere with the means to penetrate deeper. Brown skin blends for lymphatic drainage wraps just rolled into lumps under the film and will not give any effect.

Main stage – applying the lymphatic drainage means. Depending on its texture it can be harder or easier. After the skin on the desired areas are completely covered with mixture, wrap it in foil. If you want to enforce a specific temperature, it is also used a thermal blanket. The duration of lymphatic drainage, body wraps varies for each tool, but on average it can range from 30 to 60 minutes.

After careful removal of the film residues of the mixture are washed away without the use of abrasive or aggressive cleansers. It is better to choose a mild moisturizing gel wash, which will soften the skin and refresh. Usually brands offer tools specifically designed for use after cosmetic procedures.

The final stage is the application of means of fixing the result. It can be gels and creams for weight loss or to improve the elasticity of the skin. The salon will offer its products, but to choose them would be easy. Typically, reinforcing the effect of lymphatic drainage, body wraps creams are sold in the same Thalasso product line, which is the main tool. You need to watch for after the procedure feeling of tightness and dryness in the treated areas of the skin, they may need additional moisture. The most reasonable would be to combine the gel with moisturizing and increases the turgor cream.

Lymphatic drainage wrap: tips beautician

The first thing I will say about specialist lymphatic drainage body wrap – once you start, it is necessary to bring the case to the end. A one-time procedure will definitely improve the skin’s appearance and overall health, but will not give any significant results regarding weight loss. For two times the effect is also not fixed permanently, therefore it is always recommended to complete a full course of 6-12 treatments, which lasts from three to six weeks. In that case, if the wrapping is done due to venous congestion, it is likely you will need to repeat treatments regularly.

There are a special film designed specifically for lymphatic drainage wraps, but in fact, as noted by the producers themselves at home in case of emergency you can do with simple food. It is sufficient to choose the maximum width of film without perforations, unless there is professional cosmetic. Food will have to wrap in a few layers, as it is thinner and not as well to accumulate the desired temperature. For hot lymphatic drainage wraps you can buy thermal blanket, which in the future will probably come in handy on the farm. With high temperatures in Thalasso treatments, one should be careful never to exceed the threshold specified in the instructions for the used tool.

Conducting lymphatic drainage wrap at home, many do not abide by the unwritten rules that the professionals often don’t share. So, can’t eat or drink anything except water or for half an hour before or during or an hour after the procedure. In addition, you should not go or something to do with Thalasso wrap. It is best to take a comfortable half-sitting position and relax, allowing themselves to not just session lose weight, but a real relaxation, which will positively affect the health and mood.

Maximum weight loss after lymph drainage wraps can be achieved if in addition to him to carry out other treatments such as massage and mask. In addition, professionals are reminded that it is impossible to lose weight with only one cosmetics, if still wrong to eat and neglect exercise. An integrated approach always gives the best results. Improve your health and be beautiful happens when you take yourself seriously.