Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2014

Hair is a living organism interacting with the environment – dust, sunlight, wind, cosmic energy. The negative impact of the increase of accumulation of «chemistry» on our hair gels, mousses, varnishes, paints. By the way, it is seen that when the shearing head hurts less. If there are problems with the hair, at night, we recommend to wash the head with cool water or herbal teas.

And of course, use the lunar calendar of hairstyles — there is no doubt that it contains actionable recommendations for our hair.

The most important days of November – the full moon on 7 November and the new moon on the 22nd. The periods of growth and shrinkage is easy to find – first of the month and at the end the moon will rise and in the middle, with 8 and 21 decrease.

The lunar calendar haircuts for February 2014 — Perm hair

Curl your hair in November 2014 better under the signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Cancers (November 8-16, 24-18 Nov). Curly hair makes a woman attractive and feminine. Even if nature has not allowed you to enjoy the curls constantly, perming will make your hair seductive for a few months. Only you will have a significant drawback – the drying of the hair.

Chemical effect, at least, makes dry your hair over time if not take care of them, can appear lifeless strands. The main thing to adopt is nutrition and hydration. So, you need to buy masks, sprays and serums, or to take grandma’s recipes and be sure to apply the vitamin. Good home remedies is olive, castor, burdock oil. The product is applied to the entire length of hair and an hour and a half to wash them with shampoo. To dry without a Hairdryer.

Good help also kefir mask – apply 50-60 minutes on hair and rinse with plain warm water. Permed hair to dry without a Hairdryer, but if you have to use it, apply on hair special leave-in serum, and comb the hair with your fingers. If you still have a Perm you failed – try again, but already with observance of all recommendations, possible, luck will turn to you with a moon.

The lunar calendar haircuts for 2014, hair coloring

The growing moon makes hair something, which they become obedient and beautiful. Therefore, these periods are not to be missed, and use them to create new hairstyles. But for hair color you can use days when the appearance of the moon from the earth decreases in size. The paint will wash off faster, but it will play into the hands when you are pick the color and experiment with new colors. In November 2014 the perfect days for painting – 5,6,7, 15-21, 28-30. Bold and daring girls can try highlighting and coloring with sharply contrasting colors – red, blue, dark brown on light background, etc.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2014 — favorable days for haircuts

Especially favorable days in a lunar month may be the days of such constellations as Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini. Best days of November for cutting —

The first week of the month, then a week in the middle of the month (14-20) and the end of November. Then the hair that will grow will still increase in length, even if you trim the split ends.

Hot scissors

By the way, one of the most popular devices for cutting are scissors mini-computer, or in other words, hot scissors. It should be noted that the invention is not considered new, it was used in the days of Cleopatra, only then they were heated on the fire. Today the metal scissors connected electronic devices. They can operate mobile or stationary.

Each button is responsible for a specific temperature set depending on hair type. Mini-computer can provide scissors and razors, or other type of shears (for thinning out and regular haircuts).

The haircut hot scissors — a procedure for hair treatment. You can not only cut their hair extensions and for fine and lifeless hair, this is a very useful procedure. Particularly shows a method of hot scissors for hair permed. In order to improve your hair needs to be done in a few months two or three in a row haircut hot scissors. Of course, this is an expensive procedure, but your hair and your hair are worth it.

Lunar calendar haircuts on 2014, unfavorable days for cutting

In addition to the full moon and new moon (7 and 22 November) there are some days that you should beware. It is not necessary to get a haircut and painted in the days of the Rams, and Scorpions, the body burden is too big. Treat your hair any day, but especially a lot of useful masks and decoctions of herbs in the 9th lunar day, so don’t miss this opportunity to improve your hair. Do self-massage which increases blood circulation in the roots with fingertips and apply pressure on the roots of the hair, knead the skin. After the massage, wash your hair at the end to douse them with cool water.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2014 — conclusion

On the moon rising laid the Foundation for the development of the organism, and therefore to start a «New life» is better in new moon. The body restores itself start the process of renewal and purification. At this point, better to make acquisitions, major purchases. To care for your hair better in the second half of the lunar month.

If the hair is magnetic?

From the constant friction in the hair produces electricity, and it can be annoying. Especially felt it when the first cold snaps appear on the head hats. Hat is not the only reason. It’s just an excuse, as the load on the hair of chemicals, perming, constant stress. The lack of vitamins in the decrease in sunlight leads to the fact that the hair has split ends. The scales open, and allow dust, dirt. Cold causes constriction of blood vessels, and therefore the cap should be worn necessarily.

If the hair has ceased to obey the comb, you first need to reduce the level of static electricity. The easiest way to handle comb with an antistatic solution. Natural antistatic agent is essential oil. A few drops of, for example, lavender oil, a little water is a good solution to prevent electrification of the hair. Moisten with a solution of comb and brush your hair and you will forget about this problem. Hair extra Shine. In stores you can find special antistatic agents for hair that is sprayed at a distance of 20-30 cm from hair.

Another method is lamination of hair

The result of laminating the hair is applied to several protective layers. The resultant effect film protects the hair for three to four weeks. In parallel staining of the hair restore its structure and moisturize. When laminating the melanin is activated, the paint is held securely. The main component of the lamination – proteins that strengthen the hair exhausted. Every hair enveloped structure, eliminates clipping the tips, it is absolutely safe for the scalp and hair.

And let your hair pleases you, even in the November cold.

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