Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Maiden attractiveness and female power is directly connected with the moon. The female organism reacts to the movement of the disc, therefore, an important event in the life of her need to relate with this leisurely walk.

Any change in the appearance for women is, of course, an important event. Also, astrologers claim: if you cut, dye or curl curls the wrong time, you can direct your life in the wrong direction, to cause sickness or disease.

It is necessary to focus first and foremost on the condition of the disc. In may he changed as follows:

• newborn sickle (new moon) – may 15;

• perfect lunar disk (full moon) – may 29;

• growing Orb of night, from 16 to 28 may.

• decreasing the disc of the moon – 1st to 14th may.

People have noticed that if you cut the curls on the growing moon, the hair will begin to grow. This feature can take advantage of those who need to grow long strands fast, for example, to some significant date.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2018 – Perm hair

Perming completely transforms a woman, making features softer and the image more romantic. Many girls long to decide to «Khimki», I am afraid to spoil hair. Indeed, a radical transformation can only trust the experienced technician, which will not burn hair and will take into account all the nuances.

Lunar calendar will tell you the days that are most conducive to the holding of this procedure. Will protect the strands from corrosive chemicals virgin. May Luna guests in the house Virgo 23-th and 24-th. Safely sign up to the master: swirls and curls are sure to please, and hide-and-seek continues.

Should be afraid of «lion days», I mean the period when the lunar disk is the zodiac of the Lion. At this time, the procedure is best not to identify. She will be too strong and sharp curl to very few people goes. However, if you are the owner of hard, straight strands, do not pay to this attention. «Lion» period in may is the 21st and 22nd of may.

In the days of water signs perms, haircut and «Khimki» could not succeed. In may, we need to think twice before going for the procedure in those days:

• 7th – 9th may (Aquarius);

• 10-e, 11 th may (Fish);

• 19th, 20th may (Cancer);

• 26th – 29th may (Scorpio).

Tip: how often you can do «Khimki», depends on the composition of the catch and the techniques of the procedure. As soon as the basal area will grow back, the procedure can be repeated. That is re-booked, the procedure will be in six months.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2018 – hair coloring

Staining is a routine monthly procedure for many woman. If you dye hair for the first time, it is best to listen to what the stars whisper. For example, dyes are better on hair, if you wear make-up to the full moon or growing moon. When descending disk hair shafts become too vulnerable, and the paint will quickly wash off.

Be sure to consider the influence of the stars on the world around you. Well the appointment with the stylist on June days:

• 2nd natural henna or Basma will make the day memorable, vivid;

• 3rd you can experiment that the flow of positive energy fill your day and gave new opportunities;

• 4 natural color counterbalance the negative tendencies of the day;

• 5-th staining will help to join the team, establish contacts with colleagues and relatives;

• 7th natural dyes will help to strengthen the financial sector;

• 8th lift your spirits;

• 12-th, 29-th new hair color will give you the confidence and help to enjoy life;

• 17-g strengthen relationships with others;

• 18th will increase your weight in the eyes of the authorities and will help to preserve financial stability;

• 19th and 20th will have a good impact on self-esteem issues, give joy to your loved ones and friends;

• 25th henna and Basma will improve health, make hair healthy;

• 26, 27 will bring success will bring good luck at work and at home;

If you believe in horoscopes, lay staining the 9th, 10th, 19th, 20th (will quarrel with someone), 14th (isprite relations), 15th (everything goes wrong), 22nd and 23rd (will fight), 28th (feeling hurt).

Tip: dyed locks once a week mask is required with a nourishing or moisturizing properties. After shampoo each wash hair need to use the balm.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

Cut ends need to be sure not to let the hair rods eventually delaminate. This will make the strands sloppy, fluffy, naughty. Mowing during the growing disc of the moon will cause the curls to grow back quickly. But for those whose locks look weak, dull, you need to try to cut on the waning moon. See: bulbs are strengthened, hair will become thicker, thicker.

Favorable for the trimming and clearance of curls are the days when the lunar disk passes through the zodiac Virgo (23, 24 may), Calf (14, 15 may), Lion (21st, 22nd may), Weights (25, 26 may), Capricorn (5, 6 may).

Astrologers suggest to use a haircut to improve their life circumstances in those days:

• The 2nd will be.

• 6th feel energized, improve mood and well being;

• 7-th, 12-th will be restored to the sphere of relationships with people;

• 14th will feel the joy, the clipping will ensure well-being;

• 16th-all changes will be successful;

• 19th-improved financial situation, emotions will remain positive;

• 22nd, 23rd, 26th will increase life expectancy, will increase the charisma;

• 28th will improve relations with loved ones and colleagues.

Please note on the 29th may. Day mixed. After a haircut in life can gush cash flow, come success. But with an equal degree of probability you can experience fatigue, depression, malaise.

Tip: to tame unruly strands, do not fill them with varnish. It looks unnatural. To achieve the desired effect and not to overload the hair with chemicals, it’s, sprayed the comb and using it.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

Hair is not recommended to shave on the days when night, the beautiful moon floats through heavenly home on Cancer (19, 20 may), Sagittarius (30, 31 may), Fish (10, 11 may).

Hair will grow weak and will split, in General, will cease to please.

Adverse are those days:

• 1st, 3rd, 4th, 15th, 31st haircut will attract something bad, it will cause discomfort;

• 5th spoil the mood;

• 8-th, 19 th, 20 th, 27 th trigger fatigue;

• 9 th,10 th, 11 th, 18-th end the malaise, as it will cut off part of vital energy;

• The 13th can make the life shorter;

• 21st-threat conflict;

• 24th, 25th, will cause disease;

• 30 may cause injury, migraine.

Astrologically inauspicious days for cutting in may, a lot. Be careful, especially if hair shafts are damaged, injured, prone to hair loss and grow very slowly.

Checking your plans with the moon, don’t forget to follow the advice of the lunar calendar. May generally difficult month, many of his days are anyway not suitable for a radical transformation. And yet to choose the best day for a date with the master.