Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The secret to a perfect hairstyles – the artist and suitable for shearing day. Lunar calendar will tell you when to plan a visit to the salon, coloring or a Perm. If you compare their actions with the moon, no disappointments will not be proven for centuries.

Lunar cycles in March 2018 has developed amazing. The world is waiting for two full moon and, therefore, opportunities for a successful transformation twice.

What to expect from the moon:

• the disc is growing on March 1, but only one night;

• On March 2, comes the full moon;

• the time of the waning moon lasts from the 3rd to the 16th March;

• the new moon will come the 17th;

• from 18 th to March 30, a thin Crescent moon is gradually gaining strength;

• March 31 – the second full moon.

Compare your desires with the tips of the lunar calendar. This ensures that the planned upgrade image, and the bold experiment will be successful.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2018 – Perm hair

Romantic curls and waves give an elegant woman with an unspeakable attractiveness and femininity. However, only in the case if the procedure was successful: the wizard does not burn the hair, the wave is not too steep, and the curls too small.

Should not curl on days when the moon moves through the zodiac of the Lion. He gives the born in his time curly hair. This means that if you decide to get a Perm during this period, the curls will be too much. In March, the Moon stays in Leo on 27th and 28th March.

Will appreciate a visit to the master in the days when the sky reigns the zodiac Virgo. Connecting it with the moon promises success to any manipulation of the hair, but for Curling especially good. Sign up for «Khimki» from 1st to 3rd and then from 28 th to 30 th March. The damage will be minimal.

Not worth it to tempt fate in the period of domination in the firmament signs of water. Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio and Pisces will do everything to spoil the Perm.

To reschedule need these days:

• March 5-8 (Scorpio);

• March 14th-15th (Aquarius);

• 16-17 March (Pisces);

• 25-26 March (Cancer).

Made these days perms with the big share of probability will ruin the hair. They will lose vitality, will begin to fall out, split, cease to Shine.

Tip: making «Khimki» do not touch hair nor comb, nor hands. The day of the procedure they cannot be washed. Keratin protection is violated, the plates are soft and any touch will lead to the injury of the hair rods.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2018 – hair coloring

Dyes will cause minimal damage to strands in the growing moon, so you should identify the procedure or on the first day of the month, or for two weeks from 18th to 30th March. Long the dye will not wash off, and keep curls silky texture and lively Shine.

In addition, the stars recommend to combine staining with change your life for the better:

• On March 5, experiments will attract new opportunities and good energy;

• On March 6, natural dyes will change the negative energy of the day on a positive;

• March 8 bright colors will attract in life is good people and pleasant emotions;

• March 9 natural shades will improve the financial position;

• On March 10, a change of tone will enhance the mood;

• 19-th and 21-th of natural dyes to improve relations with people;

• 20th they will strengthen the work of the authority and preserve finances intact;

• 28-th, 29-th staining was successful in all spheres of life.

It is better not to paint the 3rd (bad mood), 7th, 16th, 22nd, 24th (you can quarrel with someone), 30 second (worse health).

Tip: if you paint yourself, before applying makeup be sure to lubricate the skin behind the ears, at the forehead hairline and sideburns with vaseline or fat cream. So the risk of accidental staining of the skin will decrease. To wash the skin in case of staining will help the pill of the hydrogen peroxide soaked in water.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2018 – an auspicious day for haircuts

Straighten hair and make cut stars suggest on the growing moon (18-30). It is also good to get a haircut during the period of passage of the moon through the zodiac Virgo (1-3 March), Taurus (21, 22 Mar), Lion (27, 28 March), Weights (4.5 and March 31) and Capricorn (11-13 March).

However, very ambiguous days in March are 1 and 31. On the one hand, a haircut can attract the money, with another – to lower the tone and mood. But successful visit to the hairdresser will be on the following days:

• 2 March (full moon) haircut get rid of accumulated negativity, improve tone;

• On March 8, strengthen health, improve mood;

• 16th will bring prosperity and joy;

• 21st will strengthen the field of Finance;

• The 24th will make the life longer.

Tip: by using bangs, it is possible to correct the imperfections and highlight its advantages. Expressive eyes emphasize the meek or oblique bangs. Video good for a narrow face, and long and uneven – round.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

Enough in March will be days that it is not necessary to outline the haircut. To postpone the visit to the hairdresser of the stars suggest on the following days:

• 3rd, March 22 will decrease the health by misfortune;

• On March 6, there will be problems with health;

• March 7, spoil the mood;

• On March 10, spoiled relationship, there will be fatigue;

• On March 15 haircut will shorten the life.

• 19th deteriorate of the hair;

• 20th frustrate the plans;

• The 23rd there was a conflict;

• 25th, 26th, 27th haircut will attract illness or a quarrel.

Unfavorable for trimming ends or cutting is the period of the lunar disk through the zodiac of Sagittarius, Pisces and Cancer. Do not risk the health of your hair and your state of mind these days.

March weeks ambiguous to bring the hair in strands. However, double full moon promises a great time period. Schedule of maintenance, so make sure to check it with the recommendations of the astrologers. Skillfully using the lunar calendar, can be in any situation to look great and not be afraid of drastic change of appearance.