Lunar calendar haircuts on June 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The June moon is conducive to personal care. Don’t be afraid to change their appearance, enjoying the warmth and long summer. But do not be lazy to look at the list of lunar tips.

Haircuts, perming, coloring will be even more successful and life more successful.

In June follow the lunar cycles of growth and decrease. The main events of the month:

• full moon on June 28;

• new moon on June 13;

• waxing moon from 14th to 27th June;

• waning moon from 1st to 12th June.

On the full moon we can safely assign any procedure. Hair can withstand coloring, and perms. When the moon gains weight, you can trim the ends, the curls will grow back in a few weeks. When drooping the moon is good for strengthening weak follicles – melting drive will take the negativity with you. Hair after the procedure will be the joy of the force and become thicker.

The lunar calendar haircuts for June 2018 – Perm hair

Curling is one of the most traumatic hair treatments. The latch contains aggressive chemical components that destroy the keratin layer. After the failed Khimki hair will become dry, brittle, lose lustre and generally look disheveled and lifeless.

Tip: discuss in advance with the master of the technology of iron. There are different compositions used for different purposes. An experienced master will take into account the condition of the hair, structure, style, characteristics of growth.

The most successful will be securely held during the lunar mansions of Virgo. Last June, 19-th and 20-th number. If you do «Khimki» in these two days, the danger to ruin the strands are minimal. Your curls will remain alive and strong – of course with careful care. After aggressive treatments, constant care is especially important.

In the period of a Lion (17-th, 18-th June) to go to the salon for curls can those girls whose hair is naturally hard and dense. But if the curls are soft, easy hair rods, then the curl may be too steep. Such is the effect of «lion days» heavenly king of beasts makes hair curl even more.

Need to move a wave during the reign of the night sky water signs:

• 4th-5th June (Aquarius);

• 6th, 7th (Pisces);

• 15th, 16th (Cancer);

• 23rd, 24th, 25th (Scorpio).

Noticed that hair shafts stronger get injured than others. Perms can seriously damage the condition of the strands, and will have to spend a lot of effort to restore them.

The lunar calendar haircuts for June 2018 – hair coloring

Home or salon dyeing is one of the most popular treatments for hair. To carry out her best during the full moon and during filling of the lunar Serpico, Azat Liska force. The paint will fall just the right way, a new color will wash off soon. In June, outline colouring you need for the period from 14th to 28th June.

By changing the hair color can have a positive impact on your life and even prolong it. Astrologers say about the positive impact that can have staining:

• The 1st natural henna and Basma will bring to life the bright colors;

• 2nd experiment with color curls will attract amazing opportunities and energy positive;

• 3rd coloring change the negative trend of the day;

• 5th-clarification draws on the lives of good men;

• The 6th will strengthen the financial sector;

• 7-th, 11-th lift your spirits, give confidence to;

• 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 27th, direct relationships with colleagues and friends in a positive way, and enhance self-esteem;

• 16th will maintain financial success and stable position in work;

• 23 th of natural colors will enhance wellbeing;

• 25th will give good luck.

But to postpone a radical change of image or touch up the roots is the 4th, 13th (the relationship sours), 9 th, 18 th (danger of argument), 21st (there will be a conflict), 26th (will suffer health).

Tip: if both do, «Khimki» and coloring, hair will be ruined. The structure of the hair shaft will not suffer a double blow. Between treatments must pass a minimum of two weeks.

The lunar calendar haircuts for June 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

Confidently go for a haircut in the days when the Orb of night sailing through the friendly Zodiac woman signs. First and foremost is the virgin (her days are June 19, 20). In addition, a great result please cut, held in those days:

• 11th, 12th (Taurus);

• 13th, 14th (Gemini);

• 28th, 29th, 30th (Capricorn).

Astrologers believe that the haircut may have a direct impact on the lives and even the fate of women:

1 th of the day but only if your life was all smooth and there are no plans for major changes;

• 5-e good mood, positive, toned, healthier body;

• 6-e improve the body;

• 11-e will improve health and relationships;

• The 13th will bring prosperity and joy;

• 14-e will give good luck;

• 17-e rid of depression and strengthen the financial sector;

• 21-e, 24-e lengthen life.

• The 26th will bring back the harmony in the relationship.

Ambiguous can be a haircut on June 27. She can bring life success, financial flows, and to reduce the activity, mood, tone.

Tip: dyeing with natural dye that makes hair denser and, therefore, the strands will be harder. This should be considered during shearing. After Basma and henna form of haircut can quickly disappear, as her strands just can’t keep.

The lunar calendar haircuts for June 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

Observed negative effect of some characters on bobbed hair. Curls can become unruly, if June’s haircut is scheduled for:

• June 4 and 5 (Aquarius);

• 9 and 10 (Aries);

• 23, 24 and 25 (Scorpio);

• 26, 27 (Sagittarius).

The hair after a haircut in these periods may deteriorate, lose a fair amount of Shine power. A woman will feel emotional discomfort, irritation, dissatisfaction.

Adverse in relation to the astrological days are the following:

• 2-e, 8-e will lower the tone and make you feel unwell;

• 3-e can get sick;

• 4th will end the depression;

• 7-e exhausted;

• 9-e will suffer health, because scissors will cut the energy of life;

• 10th completed a sharp depression;

• 12th may badly affect the lifespan;

• 16-e 25-e will destroy the arrangements and plans, over the illness or ailment;

• 18-e exhausted, fail;

• 19-e, 20-e hi to conflicts.

• 22-e, 23-e will cause disease, spoil relationships with others;

• 28-e over strong migraines or injury.

June moon-2018 favorable treatment with hair.

Long growth periods, which gives the moon to care for curls and customization allow you to identify days of care and a change of image with the maximum benefit.