Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Hot July promises many years of enjoyment. Hair at this time suffering from the heat, burn in the sun, get too dry. To reduce stress, hair care needs to be correct and timely.

The lunar calendar haircuts will allow you to choose the best day for visiting the Barber shop. Refer to the moonwatch is especially important if you plan a radical change of image: dyeing, short hair, perms. This is safer to identify it on the full moon, as this is the most auspicious day. In July it will be 27 th.

Moon phases this month are replaced by:

• waxing moon visible in the sky from the 14th to 26th of July;

• waning – from the 1st to the 12th, then from 28 th to 31 St July;

• new moon – 13th July.

Choose a day for each procedure separately, and then the result will bring pleasure, and life will Shine with new colors.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2018 – Perm hair

Permanent Perm difficult to decide. To correct the situation in case of failure can be very soon. That is why it is important to plan a safe day for «Khimki». Most proper is the period of the moon of the zodiac Virgo. In July it falls on the 16 th and 17 th. These days hair will take aggressive action composition is good, and you can restore them will be the usual daily care.

It is not necessary to sign up for the procedure in the «lion» period. The zodiac of Leo will increase the impact on the curls and the curls will be too steep. In July, the Moon passes through the house of Leo, the 14-th and 15-th.

Unfavorable Curling iron curls are the days, when the sky running the show water Zodiac signs:

• Scorpio (from the 20th to the 22nd of July);

• Aquarius (1st, 2nd, 28th, 29th, 30th July);

• Pisces (3rd, 4th, 5th, 31st July);

• Cancer (12th-13th July).

If the outline of the «Khimki» these days, you can burn your hair. They will lose strength, elasticity and Shine, will start to fall out and break. Not many July days that are favourable to the Perm. But to choose them is still possible.

Tip: perming ideal for owners of oily hair type. Chemicals will dry the skin and tresses will stop quickly dirty, covered with a greasy coating after 3-4 hours after washing, hair will look neat and pleasant all day.

Lunar calendar haircuts on Jul 2018 – hair coloring

Staining carried out in the «wrong» day, when the hair is weakened by the influence of the moon, no joy will bring. Even if the procedure is performed regularly and it is only touch up the roots, to identify it in the day. The color will be what you need, and hair shafts to retain the keratin protection and will not deteriorate.

Astrologers recommend to use staining as an opportunity to positively affect your life, change it for the better:

• 1st, the 31st will add strength, attract positive energy, give opportunity;

• 2nd-natural shades, you can correct the negative tendencies of the day;

• 4th repainting in bright colors will attract good people, the right connections and ensure a pleasant emotion;

• 5 natural shades of hair will help strengthen the financial situation;

• 6-th staining will enhance the mood;

• 7th well painted only in dark color, bright colors can provoke the fight;

• 10-th staining will increase faith in their own strength;

• 15th-improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues;

• 16th will improve the professional image and ensure financial stability;

• The 17th will give joy, improve mutual understanding between people;

• 20th, 27th improving self-esteem and will help to establish contact with people;

• 24th, 25th, ensures luck for all.

It is not necessary to sign up for treatment on the 3rd, 12th (spoiled rapport with people), 8th, 18th, 19th, 21st (can happen big fight), 26th (worsen health).

Tip: if you’re doing your own painting, apply paint from the nape to the hairline. Choose a brush soft enough not to injure the skin. In addition, stiff brush paint keeps badly.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

During waxing moon, any manipulation of the tip and the length of the strands is the right decision. Hair will delight and curls quickly grow. Waxing moon in July is visible from the 14 th to 26-th number.

Very good haircut at the moment when the moon is visible in Virgo Zodiacs (16, 17 July), Cells (8, 9 July), Leo (14th, 15th July), Capricorn (26, 27 July), Weights (18-20 July). No surprises will happen, the hair will remain shiny, stronger and full of life.

Astrological tips for July will help you to choose the day of shearing to improve the situation at home, at work, to increase wealth or to attract love:

• 4th will make you healthier and will increase vitality;

• 10th improve health and strengthen mutual understanding with others;

• 12th will benefit, ensures well-being and joy;

• 17th-will give happy emotions and help to achieve material success.

• 21st-24th will extend the life, increase the charisma;

• The 26th will help to make peace, courage and confidence in their own attractiveness.

Implications can bring a haircut on 5 July. On the one hand, the procedure will strengthen the health on the other can trigger weight gain. A similar situation is waiting for the 27th of July. Haircut will have a good impact on the financial sector, but it can ruin the mood and health.

Tip: if the hair is fine and thin, a haircut needs to create volume. With this task perfectly cope with short haircuts, especially the torn and layered.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

To wait with a haircut on the moon is waning, the need for those who wants the hair to grow quickly. The fact that melting of the lunar disk will slow down all the processes in the body, and hair growth including. In July, the moon languishes 1-12, 28-31 number. But in these days you can get a haircut those who are dissatisfied with the strength and Shine of your hair. Any haircut will strengthen the hair shafts and roots.

Poor prognosis of astrologers in relation to haircuts on the following days:

• 1-th, 7-th will cause discomfort;

• 2nd bad effect on health;

• 3rd spoil the mood;

• The 6th will cause strife and the decline of energy;

• 8th worsen physical health, take away the energy of life;

• 11-th, 13-th will reduce years of life;

• 16th frustrate the plans;

• 18th, 19th, 25th, 29th will fail and collapse;

• 20th provoke conflict;

• 22nd, 23rd will attract a disease that will ruin the rapport with people;

• 28th fraught with failure, injury, migraine.

It is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, if the sky is ruled by Sagittarius (23-25 July), Fish (3-5, July 31), Cancer (12, 13 Jul). Haircut fail at the fault of the master or on the road there will be something unpleasant.

The heat of July – it’s time to think about changing the image. That the process was successful, and the transformation of pleasure, it is important to reconcile your desires with the recommendations of moon and stars.