Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2014

Summer is in full swing, active hottest month and requires a great haircut to beat the heat. In hot weather, you need a hairstyle that does not require special care, most Importantly, it needs to be very comfortable. Summer haircuts 2014 – Bob, cascade, Jack or short hair down to his shoulders.

Met with approval and long hair, with them you can diversify your way is even easier: bunches and ponytails, braids or straight long hair. Choose a hair style in summer must be very careful, given the structure of the hair, body type, size, and face shape. Feature summer hairstyles – easy wash and definitely air conditioning. The hair roots need to breathe freely, this is the main condition of health and beauty of hair.

Check the date of a visit to a barbershop with the lunar calendar, based on data of the influence of the moon on the hair growth. In July, the moon begins to decrease from the first, the new moon falls on the 7th, full moon on June 21. And after the full moon you are free to create new hairstyles, as auspicious signs Taurus and Gemini have at the end of the month.

What haircuts are trendy this season?

For long hair braids look great the July. On the side, a bit disheveled, they are suitable for cool parties, and travel and leisure. Weaves are braids from the nape of the neck, not from the top, and decorated with lots of accessories. Then braid varnished. For girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention, you can try cornrows, able to hold out until the end of the summer.

Bold and extravagant girls can choose hairstyles with a pronounced asymmetry. This nuance stands out and remains in memory, but because the demonstrative nature choose an even and bright tone. Fashionable colors of black and «Raven» are shaded reddish patches. Also remain popular and wavy hair, with curls cascading to his shoulders, and adorned with various accessories.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2014 – hair coloring

The moon favors to transformations under the signs of Leo, Virgos, Taurus and Aquarius (5, 6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 29-31 July). The traditional summer trends – blonde hair, they will be popular for many more years. Most importantly, do not to when painting a strange shade of bright yellow. To get rid of it, buy tint balms or silver shampoo with violet pigments that neutralize unwanted shade.

The same tools should be applied to the hair and a little soaking, not washing. Use them every 3-4 shampooing. You can do masks popular recipes, harmless, and with a large number of trace elements. For example, with honey or a decoction of onion peel. If you are not sure which color will suit you better – try a special test for the selection of hairstyles in special shops.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2014 – Perm hair

Wavy hair is associated with the gentle sea, the evening coolness, mixed with the searing solar wind. To get them easily and for a long time, try to curl the curls with chemistry in the beginning of the month and the last week. In the middle of the month you can do a wrap in curlers, as the constellations of Leo and Virgo by themselves cause the hair to curl. 5,6,8,9 Jul can practice and identify which curls would suit you the most.

Obtained curves have an important feature for them to care. They are very naughty, and for example, for coarse hair the desired shape to give not so easy. Have to use a lot of foam or gel, and hence Zornitsa they will be faster. To defeat unruly hair can be a gentle moisturizing masks for silkiness and manageability. Hair makes and colorless henna – soft curls become even stronger, coarse hair soften and become tender.

To color your hair permed should be only 1-2 weeks after the rehabilitation course masks. On the shaft of the hairs, covered with peculiar scales, in the case of bending can be double loading. Under the open scales can get anything. As a result, the bend it can break and posesse. And therefore it is important to nourish the hair properly to wash them without drying. Light protective film creates a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts on July 2014 – favorable days for haircuts

Cleverly chosen haircut emphasizes individuality, and catches the eye of others, hiding some of the shortcomings of the individual. Curls you can cover protruding ears, adjust the shape of the face, and this can be achieved not only for hygienic purpose, but also aesthetic. By the way, contrary to popular belief, cutting hair does not affect the quality of growth. Hair will stand, if the hairs are cut along the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, the hair will tend to take the same position.

Well grow hair on a growing moon. After the second of July it is possible to begin modeling the hairstyles in the Barber shop, perfect for the whole middle of the month. You can continue after the new moon, it is an ideal time for trimming bangs short haircuts and the formation of ragged hair. On the waning moon the last week of the month after 25 July good to do short hair styles and asymmetrical light haircut.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles for July 2014 – unfavorable days for cutting

The first thing to do when planning trips to the stylists is to delete from the possible dates the full moon and the new moon, which in June have 7 and June 21.

In addition, check the July Scorpio (July 13,14) and a RAM (23 and 24 July). The remaining days of hairstyle you will appreciate, most importantly – protect them from drying out in the July heat.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles for July, 2014 – conclusion

There is a belief that if you run a haircut in 3 or 4 days of the lunar calendar, then the hair will absorb the life energy and health. That is why these days it is recommended to trim your hair – this procedure has a positive effect on the blood vessels of the brain. 3 and 4 lunar days free a man from a foreign power, accumulated over an entire month. So, cut ties with energy vampires. 15 lunar day the activity is slowing down, growth of hair is also reduced, they are slower to recover from injuries. It is best at this time to carry out hair removal in bikini and underarm.

As the quality of the hair affects the choice of hairstyle?

If you by nature have hard and thick hair, consider yourself lucky – they are less exposed to various influences, do not give their owners any trouble. You can do with hair like anything – write long or perform short haircuts. More difficult for those who have greasy hair. The head should be frequently washed and dried, and therefore it is better to have a short haircut.

Thin hair look better in short ragged or graduated haircuts. Artificial waves give extra volume and freshen the way. But unruly curly hair, contrary to popular belief, give their owners some trouble. They are difficult to comb, they are confused. Don’t listen when laying. In many cases, they are even more care than straight hair.

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