Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Mysterious yellow disk, shedding a gentle light on the sleeping earth each night creates a path for the future day. If you know the secrets of the lunar cycles, you can live in complete harmony with the world. Haircuts and hair care according to the lunar calendar – this is a great opportunity to always look perfect.

Night beauty the moon has on the hair is a magical effect depending on the cycle. Choosing the best day to write to the salon, be sure to consider the phase of the moon:

• in January the moon will be «to gain weight» 1, then from 18 th to 30 th day. Haircut these days will accelerate the growth of the strands;

• perfectly round disk of the full moon is visible above Ground of the 2nd and the 31st of January. It is on these numbers is planning a major makeover or routine treatments for hair. They will be successful;

• decrease the moon will be 3 on the 16th. If you trim the ends or cut, the roots are strengthened, hair will stop falling out, though to grow will be slow;

• new moon in the night sky will happen the 17th of January. To this day no need to be afraid of bold experiments with his looks.

What can you expect from the moon, if need to curl, dye or just cut your hair? Compare your desires with the lunar calendar.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2018 – Perm hair

Romance – that was the main impression given by a girl with wavy or curly hair. If you want to look positively, you can curl your hair. It is best to do this at a time when the moon comes to visit the virgin in January, 2018 this is the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. Chemicals will cause hair harm.

Caution do not put in the «lion» days. This sign of the zodiac and already gives people wavy hair, so Curling can strengthen the natural and the effect will be too strong. The Orb of night lodged in the house of Leo the third, the fourth and the 31st of January. Perms these days you can only trust a proven master who has worked with your hair.

Cancer, Pisces, Aquarius and Scorpio negatively affect the condition of the hair during the Perm. That «chemistry» is not caused tears, it is necessary to refuse on the following days:

• first, second, twenty-ninth and thirtieth of January (Cancer);

• tenth, eleventh Jan (Scorpio);

• from the seventeenth to the nineteenth of January (Aquarius);

• twentieth and twenty-first (Pisces).

If you do a Perm these days, the curls will lose their luster, become brittle and dry. Better to plan the procedure more safe periods.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2018 – hair coloring

Hair dye is recommended for fattening moon. Therefore, you can without a doubt trust the head master or to paint most of the 1st of January and in the period from the eighteenth to the thirtieth number. The paint is excellent to keep in the hair, although the hair will grow quickly.

Staining will bring more changes in your life if you spend it in accordance with the following recommendations:

• 1st: will bring success in business;

• 2nd: painting in the dark tone will make invisible to enemies, trouble will be spared;

• 5th: valid experiments, they give a welcome chance, and fill you with positive energy;

• 6th: coloring in natural shades will improve the negative energy of the day;

• 9th: improve financial Affairs;

• 14th: come back or grow the confidence, the feeling of joy;

• 18th and 20th: improve relationships with people;

• 19th: henna and Basma will strengthen career position and will retain the financial well-being;

• 22nd: get to reconcile with someone self-esteem.

• 25th and 26th: natural dyes healthier hair and beneficial for health;

• 27th 28th: any staining brings good luck, improved relations with family, friends and colleagues.

It is better not to paint 7, 12, January 16 (will spoil relations with others), 21 and 23 January (can happen big fight), January 29 (worsen health).

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

To achieve accelerated growth of the hair, the haircut is better in the filling phase of the lunar disk life: the first of January, and then in the period from the 18th to 30th of January. However, stars warn you: the first calendar day of 2018 and in penultimate day of January (i.e., 1-th and 30-th day) mowing will cause mixed effects. It can attract good luck, money, but simultaneously reduce the overall tone and mood.

Outline the haircut is better on the passage of the disc through the zodiac Virgo (5-7 Jan), Leo (3, 4, 31 January), Ox (25, 26 January), Capricorn (15, January 16), Scales (8, 9 January).

Well ends going to the hairdresser is scheduled for the following days:

• 2nd: the full moon allows you to do with the hair anything. Thanks to the haircut you will get rid of the accumulated negative emotions and improve health;

• 4-e: neutral;

• 8-e: the physical recovery and a positive attitude;

• 14-e 29-e: improve health and relationships with family, friends and colleagues;

• 16-e: will bring prosperity and joy;

• 20-e: improve mood and strengthen financial position;

• 23-e and 27-e: the life will be extended, will increase the charm.

Tip: to get rid of split ends, you need to trim long hair or cut short. Oils, balms, masks – it is a preventive measure, it helps prevent cross-section, but that does not solve the problem.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

January-2018-filled days when the haircut will not benefit and can permanently knock out of the rut. Especially adverse consequences can be the owners of the lowered immunity.

The stars advise to postpone the haircut on the following days:

• 3-e 21-e: attract failure.

• 5-e: growth of hair will slow down and your mood will worsen;

• 6-e: health problems;

• 7-e: spoil the mood;

• 10-e, 11-e, 13-e: relationships with others deteriorate, there may come a lack of energy, depression;

• 12th: negative impact on the health of the body and hair (with hair cut off the part of vital energy);

• 15-e: will reduce the lifespan;

• 18-e: bad for the health of the tresses;

• 19-e 28-e: pluck plans health will deteriorate;

• 22nd: seriously threatened by the conflict;

• 24-e – 26-e: it can provoke illness or conflict;

• 31st: will cause headache, failing, may cause injury.

Time alignment of the moon with the house of Sagittarius adverse health curls. If a haircut these days, bands will break, will spoil, will be cranky, difficult installation.

Tip: the Zodiac of Pisces and Cancer are unfavorable for clipping and other manipulation of hair. In the days of domination in the sky water marks is not recommended procedure, Perm, coloring, styling. Even wash if possible, you should postpone.

The January moon is favorable for treatments and hair coloring. However, a closer look at the lunar calendar is still necessary. In this case, no trouble does not happen, and the result will be expected.