Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Lunar calendar allows you to plan hair care, select the best day to haircut, to do coloring or perms.

Referring to the moon, we can choose the best day for a date with the hairdresser.

The January new moon in 2017, the year will come the 28th, full moon – 12-th. From the first to the 11th of January the moon will rise, from the 13th to the 27th, to arrive. After the new moon from the 28th of January until the end of the month the Crescent moon will start to grow again.

Traditionally it is believed that cutting hair need arriving on the moon then they will grow quickly. However, during the waning moon to get a haircut, too: the hair growth will slow down, but they will be less to fall out, the roots will be strengthened.

However, not every day of the growing moon disc, you can plan a visit to the salon. You need to consider not only the lunar phase. The great value has the sign of the zodiac, which at any given day controls nocturnal luminary. But to start a new business, struggle with bad habits, to diet during this period regardless of the constellation.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2017 — hair

Permanent waving with use of modern chemicals is good at any moon phase, which takes place under the influence of the constellation Virgo. In January 2016 it’s 15 and 16. Feel free to plan a wave: the result will be satisfied.

But moon day in the constellation of Leo gives a very mixed result «Khimki». The fact that the «lion» hair days curly themselves, but because visits to the salon can be unpredictable. This period will continue from the thirteenth to the fourteenth of January. If you do not want to overly curly hair, from a Perm these days is to abstain.

Strictly forbidden chemical manipulation of hair, when over the night sky ruled by Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces. Water plus air signs Aquarius negatively affect the results of perms: the hair structure is broken, will appear split ends, breakage, the hair will lose the Shine and healthy glow.

Not to harm the health of the hair, a Perm should refrain in these days of January:

• from the 20th to the 22nd (Scorpio);

• first, second, 28th and 29th (Aquarius);

• the third, fourth, 30th and 31st (Fish);

• eleventh , the twelfth (Cancer).

So «Khimki» remained not many days from 6th to 10 th, 13-th to 19 th, 23 th to 27-E. But these days to be disappointed would be impossible: things will work out as hoped or even better.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2017 — hair coloring

The moon’s influence on hair coloring is not much less. Definitely positive the results will be in the growing period of the moon from the first of January.

The fourth and fifth numbers will have a negative impact on the results of the staining. The same applies to the days from the 8th to 12th: the risk to lose vital energy that will lead to problems at work, financial losses. The negative results of staining guaranteed fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, twenty-first, and then from the 23rd to the 25th.

Specific results will give the painting in the following days of January:

• 6th January: return to natural color will help to strengthen mutual understanding between people;

• 7 January: complete change of image to give joy and strengthen health;

• 13 January: successfully pass the lightening.

• 18th, 20th and 27th, you can color your hair with natural henna to strengthen the immune system and to win the sympathy of colleagues;

• The 24th can be painted curls in dark colors.

31 Jan completely neutral day, but it is better to dye natural color. All experiments with pigments is permissible in the first and last days of January, when the moon gains weight. Otherwise the paint is very quickly washed away.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2017 — favorable days for haircuts

First through 11-th of January, the lunar disk will be added, from 13 th to 27 th – decrease. After the new moon from the 28th to the end of the first winter month, the Crescent moon will again begin to gain volume.

To cut hair in all the lunar days, when the light nights staying with Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo. Haircut is good for hair growth, when is in the growth phase of the moon.

Safely go for a haircut in those days:

• from 25 th to 27th (Capricorn);

seventh, eighth (Taurus);

• from the thirteenth to the fourteenth (Lev);

• fifteenth, sixteenth (Deva);

• from the seventeenth through the nineteenth (Libra).

In General, January is very favorable for a radical change of image and the trimming regrown the tips.

Sunday is considered to be unfavorable for trimming hair day. Therefore, despite the resolution of the moon, you need to think carefully whether to get a haircut 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan. 31-e the number of neutral day for haircuts.

The Council

The stress that hair experiencing winter frosts, reflected in their appearance. Under the heading stuffy and humid, outdoors (and many girls and even women with indignation greeted the idea of spoiling the laying of a hat and go without it) cold. Temperature drop hair break down, lose vitality, healthy glow. Therefore, care is necessary to include a homemade mask, nourishing and invigorating.

Great Foundation for them – a pharmacy burdock oil. Mixing a teaspoon with a Cup of yogurt and a dessert spoon of dry mustard powder, you can get firming mask (to keep forty minutes).

To nourish hair you need to mix half a Cup of sour cream, a spoonful of natural honey, table boat burdock oil with two tablespoons of blue clay.

Lunar calendar haircuts on January 2017 — unfavorable days for cutting

Adverse days for haircut in January slightly. So sorry to trouble, «once» was such a period.

From 13 January to 27 January the moon is waning, so a haircut is not worth it. A very negative period of the 20th and the 22nd, when the moon rules Scorpio. To cope with such a combination of adverse factors can only master with a very high level of skill.

It is extremely dangerous to cut the hair the ninth, fifteenth, 23rd, 29th lunar day. In January this is the eleventh, on the 21st, then 27th. Trust itself can only be verified to the master, but from a visit to an unfamiliar hairdresser is better to abstain. According to popular belief, cutting your hair in a bad day can ruin a relationship with a dear person, if not to make your life shorter.

Whether so it – God knows, but the fact that a haircut in a bad day can trigger excessive hair loss and dandruff, it has long been observed good masters.

To start the new year in good spirits and good shape and therefore hair care should be regular and correct. Stylish haircut, a professional coloring, delicate a Perm will make any woman’s pristine beauty.