Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013

It seems that astrologers can easily predict the future just by looking at the sky, but it’s not. Astrology is the predictions based on exact calculations. Take into account the huge range of rules associated with passing the various planets through the zodiacal zone and their possible influence on each other. The Earth itself every moment of time has a different position relative to other planets, and this determines its properties at different stages. And if the planets are mostly astronomers and astrologers, the interaction of our companion moon and Earth interesting for every person.

Why? Because the Moon affects many processes in the body. And the vivid example – growth of hair. We already know how it affects the condition of our hair: when the moon is young, they grow faster, while decreasing slowly. These and many other properties, used court astrologers in ancient century to make for their masters horoscope hairstyles. Yes serious approach to this issue that the Lord and the head could not be washed without the recommendations of his closest advisers. And in addition, considered that it was impossible to cut my hair because it damages our aura.

To create the calendar hairstyles, you need to know what today the moon is waning or growing, how the constellation are the moon and the Earth, what today lunar day, and so on. Only a General analysis of the information gives the full picture. But we, ordinary people, it is not necessary to analyze these data, and even without a proper to that knowledge. If you want to get a lasting effect of the manipulations with the hair, just check with the lunar calendar that accounted for «Women’s opinions» and you are our experts. As for December – first we note the main. This month the full moon will occur at 17, and the new moon on December 3. Hence, it is clear that the first half of the month, hair growth is enhanced, the second is slowed down. And it’s not bad – in fact ahead of our favorite new year’s holidays. And this means that hair cutting can be completed in advance — at the end of the month the shape is preserved better.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013 — Perm hair

That’s how we women are always ready to grasp the immensity, to ensnare as many fans. For this purpose are different lengths, but perhaps these natural curls are in this business for one of the first places. Curly hair is soft and sensuality, charm and sexuality. And because each of us dreams sooner or later to revive curls so everyone can see them coming. What to do if the nature has disposed differently, and instead of curls, the head is straight and clear silhouette?

Not a problem! With modern means of iron for any straight hair in a matter of minutes will turn into graceful waves with small or large curls – there are already according to your desire. The only thing that is required – some knowledge of the nuances associated with the horoscope hairstyles. Good curly hair under the signs of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn. And this in December 4,5, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, number. Moreover, under the sign of Leo hair even themselves can twist, but these days perms on simple eyelash curler can last for a week. But under the signs of Pisces, Cancers, Aquarius hair curl will be smaller. And the Curling leaves much to be desired.

For December 2013 is 6, 9, 17, 18th. Note that in the period of waxing moon (from 4 to 16 December), the hair will curl after Curling is stronger, other days slower. And just be prepared to actively care for the hair after Perm. Choose special creams, balms and masks. Do not forget about herbal teas and other folk remedies. Do not use too hot water, rinse the head after washing with warm or cool water.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013 — hair coloring

With the help of moon calendar you will not be disappointed in the painting. Bright and vibrant shades are obtained under the signs of Virgo and Leo (21 – 24) in any situation of our companion. But with the moon rising will be successful and Curling under the signs of Taurus, Capricorn, Libra (31, 12,13, 14). In school we all learned the law of gravity, but to imagine that he exposed even the human body, then was hard enough. But it really, and even the waning moon hair dye is not absorbed deeply, and are removed from the body of various substances. By the way, try not to color your hair permed within 1-2 weeks, not to expose them to the dual stress exposure.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013 — an auspicious day for haircuts

For severe beauties of winter time means a lot of inconvenience. Of course, it is possible to show off beautiful fashionable hat or shawl, but still a pity to hide the hair, even on the street. Sorry, but it is necessary! The hair will be covered, but care for them have stronger. But because grooming is becoming more urgent, especially since the last days of preparations for the new year holiday, the moon will decrease.

But this does not mean that you should deny yourself a visit to the hairdressers! On the contrary, it is known that on the waning moon, the hair grows slower, and therefore the shape of the hairstyle is kept longer. Plan a trip to the hairdresser in advance! Will please you with a haircut made 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 December and in the last days of the month. After a visit to the hairdresser in the days of virgin hair are not only beautiful, but also healthy.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013 — unfavorable days for cutting

To mark in the calendar unfavorable days, first of all, you need to pay attention to a critical point – the full moon and the new moon (3,17). In the days when the moon is void of course it is better not to take any action with my hair. It is also not recommended to get a haircut and curl your hair in the days of solar and lunar eclipses – can cause dandruff, thinning hair, seborrhea.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2013 – conclusion

The number of people perceiving the recommendations of the lunar calendar is growing every day, even more than fans of classical astrologers. And who wants to break his aura, because to restore it you will have to spend a lot more time. People are so different in their tastes and preferences in hairstyles. Hair helps to demonstrate these differences most clearly. Rus Kosa, the Russian beauties will never go out of fashion, but after the wedding, the girls were forced to cover the hair with a handkerchief. And the thin tail of a sumo wrestler? It’s not just a way of expression, and a philosophy related to professional activities. The tail is cut off only when an athlete comes to rest to indicate the end of a career.

In Malaysia, every citizen must wear a neat hairstyle is strict. But in India there are some States where the holder of a short neat hairstyles punishable. No one can deny that with the help of hair in human society is sent a signal about how you want to perceive a specific person. And because beautiful hair is a passionate desire of each person. A lunar calendar helps to bring this desire to life in the best way.

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