Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

In August of the lunar disk gives women the beauty of the entire second half of the month. You can easily plan the haircut, coloring or a Perm on a full moon, which will happen on 26-g number.

The moon, gaining strength in the night sky, also promises a fortune in hair care products. Growth is expected to drive from 12th to 25th August. During this period you can cut the ends if you want to hair grow faster.

Melting moon will be visible in the night sky from the 1st to the 10th, and then from 27th to 31st August. This time, you can assign trimming the tips of weakened, thinning, poorly growing hair.

The newborn Crescent moon, you can see the 11th of August. This is perfect to put in order to part with outgrown «Himki» or to shave off poorly painted or loose curls.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 Perm hair

It is important to avoid a Perm on days when the moon is staying in the zodiac Regal Lion. This period lasts from August 11-th to 12-th. «Khimki» will be too cool instead of curls can be seen on the head of a steep curls. To decide on a salon visit can only owners of very hard strands.

A good result will delight the curl of the 13th and 14th of August. At this time, the night star is in the house of the benevolent virgin, the patron of all women on the Earth. Made in this period of «Khimki» will keep alive the elasticity, Shine and strength of hair.

Do not plan a permanent Perm on those days when the moon passes through the Zodiac water signs:

• Scorpio (August 16-18);

• Aquarius (August 24-26);

• Fish (1, 27, 28 Aug);

• Cancer (9, 10 August).

Tip: easy «Khimki» will look good on colored hair. It will give them volume and a natural look.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 – hair coloring

Hair have a good outline or full moon (August 16), or the growth period of the lunar disk (12-25 August). The aggression of chemical compounds used for painting, these days will be minimal. Caution should be exercised only in August 24, in the 13th lunar day. Colour result may be negative.

Lunar calendar allows you to change the circumstances in your life, so you should listen to the advice of astrologers. The effect of staining may be so:

• 4th strengthened financial sector;

• 5th leave depression;

• The 9th will have faith in yourself, comes a long-awaited sense of joy;

• 13th-15th, will improve relationships with people;

• 14th natural colors will help achieve respect in the workplace and to maintain a high income;

• 18th-for the better will change relationships with others, increase self-esteem;

• 21st Basma and henna will enhance the curls and color give a good feeling;

• 22nd, 23rd ensures success and understanding;

• 25 natural colouring strengthen faith in their own strength, will make the conversation pleasant;

• 29th experiments with dyes will be successful, new prospects will open, there will be those who can help.

To move the painting need from the 2nd, 11th, 31 (from a relationship takes understanding and harmony), 16-th, 17-th (high probability of argument), 19th (possible major conflict), 24th (will suffer health) Aug.

Tip: hair can be washed only with warm water, and rinse with cool. Hot water will damage the painted strands even more.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

Find yourself a good haircut, scheduled on the following days:

• 13, 14 August (Virgo);

• August 4-6 (Taurus);

• 7, 8 August (Twins);

• 22, 23 August (Capricorn).

These signs of the zodiac friendly to women, and the likelihood of negative impressions from haircuts during the specified period reduced. Locks can remain strong and lustrous, and held in conjunction with hair treatments healthier hair strands.

If you need to improve your life, you can choose any to solve this or that problem day. Haircut favorable on the following days:

• 3rd will come the recovery will depression;

• 9th in the relationship back to harmony;

• 11th-come back luck will come joyful emotions;

• 15th improved financial situation;

• 19-th, 22-th life will be longer, and natural charm will be enhanced.

Think carefully to identify whether a haircut on the 4th of August. A new hairstyle can have a positive impact on health, but to provoke a set of excess weight. controversial will be a hike to the master, 25th August. on the one hand, life can come good money, with another – there will come a depressive mood.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 unfavorable days for cutting

Unexpected negative from trimming the tips or design of hair scissors you can get if you choose the wrong day. There is a great danger to an unwanted result, when the lady moon sails through house the following characters:

• Scorpion (17, 18 Aug);

• Aquarius (24, 25 Aug);

• Aries (29-31 August);

• Sagittarius (19-21 August).

Haircut scheduled for these days will ruin the beauty of curls is almost certainly. Hair can suffer from inept actions of inexperienced masters, and from the broken scissors, and dull.

In addition, be careful in the days listed as detrimental according to astrological calculations of the moon phases:

• 1st-6th may exacerbate the disease;

• 2nd a depression;

• 5th will deteriorate the contact with people, comes impotence;

• 7th Barber scissors will cut the energy of life;

• 8-th, 20-th, 21-th may disease, physical or mental;

• 10 th shorter will be the life;

• 14th that plans will have to cancel;

• 16th, 17th, 23rd, 27th high chance of failure and impotence;

• The 26th will start a migraine, could be an injury, waiting for some kind of serious failure;

• 29th health will suffer and the hair will start to grow slowly;

• 30-th of possible disease;

• 31st mood irretrievably spoiled.

Tip: if the neck is short, choose a hairstyle that opens it.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2018 – conclusion

The last month of summer you need to hold so that the hot time of year, there were only good memories. Be sure to follow the lunar calendar to look perfect. Pleased with himself, confident woman attracts in their life happiness and love.