Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014

A little while, and the hot summer will fly into oblivion, and yet need to catch the best the languid days of August. Postponed all Affairs, it’s time for rest and relaxation, and that means you can add new sensations and to live the last month of summer with the taste. That is not a new haircut, will allow you to enjoy this holiday to the fullest, full of lazy Sunny space with new impressions.

The most important dates, which draws attention to the lunar calendar August full moon and new moon 10 and 25 August. This means that the waxing Moon at the beginning of the month is able to give the hairstyle a positive energy along with the beautiful hair growth. Make your intentions immediately, as the most favorable under the constellation Virgo are at the beginning. Pause at 5 and 6, and forward again. The haircut is smooth, hair is manageable. After the haircut, stock up on styling hair, and create a new image for themselves. It’s quite simple. Of the ordinary «Bob» short shank you can make a lot of interesting variations. For example, a hairstyle for every day — to split your hair into a very low side parting, curl the hair and put on the other side.

Fixing varnish you can go with a haircut a couple of days. This hairstyle in the festive version will look different: curl your hair in curlers, then disassemble the curls in messy strands. Separate the curls to allocate modeling wax. Or another option is to back comb, brush the gel from the roots, and on the back of the head to comb. Sprinkle all with varnish. All of these options do not have to spend a lot of time. And if the haircut is executed at the right time, it will perfectly fit. Similar things can be done with many other types of haircuts that makes them so popular especially in the summer when it is possible to go without hats.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014 — Perm hair

In August many creative signs is expected to rise, especially in the second half. People have long recognized the impact of the lunar calendar on the condition of the hair. Curling curls, also need to pay attention to the favorable and unfavorable periods. The first and last quarters, which almost coincide with the usual calendar feature for any transactions with the hair. Zabivaite hair in the first three days of the month, starting from August 13, for a week, and from August 26 until the last days. Hair 25 of August, they can start to curl, but a Perm in this day not to do. You can twist the hair on the curlers, which in a modern design can take the most bizarre forms.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014 — hair coloring

There is nothing easier than make the hair more bright or discolor them a few shades. In August 2014, the colouring will be successful almost all the time, especially when the Moon is under the signs of Virgo and Leo, Aries and Taurus. Put the staining procedure 6-10 Aug. Dye temporary, holding for a few days, will help you to experience what color and what concentration works best. Dyes wash out quickly because paint only the top layer, but grey hair is covered completely. The color fades gradually.

Dye and coloring lotions are good for toning and have the advantage – the paint washed off completely potent nekrasivska lotions. Good hair dye for about 20 treatments wash remains largely intact. Paint will have approximately 5 weeks only regrown the tips, and freshen up the previously painted areas. Resistant paint to cover gray almost forever – to the border where the hair grows back. The pigment penetrates the cortex in the 30 minutes indicated in the instructions, then another 10 minutes is fixed from the inside.

It is recommended to paint only regrown hair, otherwise the pigments being oxidized again in the hair, making them porous. When the hair becomes thicker, and changes in porosity reduces the greasiness of hair. Rich colours makes the hair more dense, and Vice versa, a thin hair when lightening look even thinner.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014 — favorable days for haircuts

Only a hundred years ago, a woman with a short haircut provoked ridicule and misunderstanding. It all happened rather quickly – the world has changed along with the development of technical progress. Increased movement speed, and the weak half of humanity it took a lot of courage to short haircut was simple and familiar. The first hair cut to the jawline, and then gave them different shapes.

A rare beauty for once in your life don’t try to dramatically change their image, and make yourself bold short hairstyle. Haircut very clearly emphasizes the facial features, especially eyes. In August successfully infused several positive factors – increase of the moon, Zodiac signs and more. The first and last weeks of the month are ideal. Under the signs of Taurus and Cancers including hair will turn smooth and crisp, 17 to 22 August, you can try something new. After August 25, the hair will grow especially well.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014 — unfavorable days for cutting

In favorable for hair and Wellness, August excluded, for a few days – full moon, new moon and constellations lions and Scorpions. These days it is better to take care of the hair in the summer heat they can become too dry. Dry hair can occur for many reasons , ranging from genotype, and nerve ending stress. But most often the problem is caused by improper hair care. It is frequent staining, the constant blow-drying and open the hair under the blazing summer sun.

Buying a Hairdryer, ask – if there’s a temperature switch. On hot days, dry your hair only in cold mode. In the heat it is not necessary to wash your hair every day because when washing to rinse a lot of the lipid layer. Means on care of hair needs to correspond to their type. Dry hair massage with your fingertips with cosmetic oil. Do self-massage scalp to improve blood circulation in hair roots.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2014 – conclusion

The lunar calendar haircuts helps to know the best time to complete the hairstyle, regardless of whether you radically change the image, or just straighten the strands. Horoscope hairstyles allows you to choose and time to design bangs.

Whether I have bangs?

This question asks himself every girl, even one that has never tried to go with bangs. Indeed, in this original details is the many possibilities of reincarnation. Thick and broad bangs from ear to ear makes it visually bigger. The milled edges seem to be stylish and too short bangs above the forehead reduces the age of the woman, turning her into a naive and sweet child. Vamp makes his bangs, covering the brows and eyes. If you thin out the bangs and blend the hair from the top, the image becomes young and touching. Oblique bangs can be with a different tilt to his head or zacheshetsya is right. Plays an important role and length, and selected it based on the proportions of the face.

Use the lunar horoscope haircuts, and your change will be successful.

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