Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2018: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

April the mood is excitement, a premonition of the imminent heat and enjoying the bright sun. Many girls on this month scheduled experiments with hair tired of the winter from hats and constant stress.

Astrologers advise to carefully study tips April of the lunar calendar haircuts to keep a positive attitude and not to spoil the hair before the summer season.

The major lunar events of April

• the full moon happens April 30;

• «slimming» the moon is visible in the night sky from the 1st to the 15 th day;

• the new moon will take place on 16 April;

• the disc will rise from 17 th to 29 th April.

The full moon can be done with curls anything: get a haircut, trim the ends, or sneak to do a Perm. The potential of this day so high that damage to healthy hair does not happen, and the wizard will work out even the most difficult haircuts. It is important to consider the energy of the day so as not to spoil your mood for the next few months.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2018 – Perm hair

One of the most drastic treatments, perming continues to be popular, despite the high trauma to the hair shafts. This is not surprising: curly curls look romantic and incredibly feminine. Due to «chemistry» can dramatically change the image.

To chemical composition did not spoil the hair, choose the right day for Curling. She will be successful in the days of the progress of the moon through the zodiac Virgo: from the 25th to 27th of April. The hair will keep alive the elasticity and Shine.

But on the days of the Regal Lion to outline a Perm can only be the winner of tough and unruly curls. «Lion period» in April, will last only two days, the 23rd and 24 th. Girls with normal hair structure to curl these days the wave will be very steep, because a lion increases the waviness of the hair.

Water signs of the zodiac affect the hair shafts in the process of Curling. Discard procedure in those days:

• from 2nd to 4th of April (Scorpio);

• 10 th, 11 th April (Aquarius);

• 12th –14th April (Pisces);

• 21st and 22nd of April (Cancer).

Tip: hair after chemo by a special gentle wash technology. You can dilute the shampoo with water, pour into a sprayer and applied on all hair, but only on wet roots. When you wash your hair, the tool will be spread on all the hair rods and clean them at no extra friction.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2018 – hair coloring

Many women constantly, once a month fixing your hair or the roots. It is therefore important to choose the right day for this procedure, especially as it is often.

The easiest way to identify the staining on the full moon or the period of maturing of the young Crescent. Less aggressive chemicals will damage the strands. In April is the period from the 17th until the 30th of April. Caution will not hurt, in 13th lunar day (27 April), when possible negative influence on the staining results.

Be a positive influence in their lives by using the staining procedure is possible if to identify it on the following days:

• 4th April, you can dare to experiment, to attract a strong and pure energy of new opportunities;

• 7th more light (compared with natural) color will attract good people and lift your spirits;

• 8th will improve the fiscal situation;

• The 9th lifted the mood;

• 13-th, 29-th coloring will bring fun and raise self esteem;

• 16th-can be painted with natural dyes (chemical can burn vulnerable hair);

• 17th, 25th, natural dyes henna Basma will maintain hair health and strengthen relationships with others;

• 18th-staining natural plant dye will strengthen the financial situation ;

• 19th, 21st, 26th, 27th staining will bring joy, luck and improve understanding with family and colleagues;

• 30-th staining in the darker color will protect you from trouble.

To postpone the painting to 6, 11, 15, 20, 22 April (possible conflict or major conflict), 28 APR (worse health status).

Tip: when choosing color, be careful. Black color rarely goes to the same ages. Brunettes are unlikely to be to face red shades – they are not in harmony with the skin tone.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2018 – favorable days for haircuts

Any easy or complicated haircut, held on the day, not only fun. It can have a positive impact on your health, strengthen relationships and even improve your prosperity.

To get the expected result, you need to schedule a visit to the salon on the day of the passing lights of the night in the homes of friendly signs:

• Virgo (25th, 26th, 27th April);

• Taurus (17th, 18th April);

• Capricorn (7th, 8th, 9th April);

• Gemini (19th, 20th April).

Marking a haircut on these numbers, you will receive a real pleasure from its updated appearance and improve the curls.

In addition, astrologers recommend to take into account the General trends of the lunar day, as they allow you to combine a haircut and bring about positive changes in your life:

• 3 April is favorable for hair cutting day;

• 7th, 8th of April, the haircut will make the mood great, besides strengthen health;

• 13th will improve health, and strengthen relationships with colleagues, friends and family;

• 15th-promises prosperity and joy;

• 19th-improves mental state, relieves depression and even strengthens the field of Finance;

• 22 th 26 th haircut or trimming the tips to lengthen the life, give the image attractiveness;

• 28th will improve the condition of hair and the relationship with the family.

Mixed day for haircut – April 29. The procedure can ruin the mood, lower the tone, but at the same time can attract success and money.

Tip: to turn short office hairstyle a good option for parties, you can either smoothly combed hair back and fix it with gel or ruffle design. In the latter case, you need to focus on individual strands of hair using colored chalk or coloring the foam, and the hair lift at the roots and fix the varnish.

Lunar calendar haircuts on April 2018 – unfavorable days for cutting

It is believed that shear off the ends and spinning wheels in the period of decrease of the lunar disk: the hair will grow slowly. However, this feature need to keep in mind those who cut close and wants a little longer to keep the shape of the haircut. In addition, the roots of the hair cut in this time, stronger hair stop falling out and become healthier generally.

Bad days for the procedure is the period when the beautiful moon is resting in the zodiac:

• Scorpion (2-4, 29 and 30 April);

• RAM (15, 16 April);

• Aquarius (9-11 April);

• Sagittarius (5.6 April).

If you schedule a haircut on these days, the hair may deteriorate. They become brittle, weak, dull. It is possible that the master will be all to fall from hands, and not joy.

Taking into account the recommendations of astrological calendar do not create a haircut for the following days:

• 1 April will trigger a headache, trigger failure, and even trauma;

• 2-th, 5-th worsen the condition, will attract failure;

• 4th, 10th worsen the feeling;

• 6th spoil the mood;

• 9-th, 20-th, 21-th will lead to fatigue, quarrels with others;

• 11th worsen the health of the hair will reduce the immune system, the countdown part of the life energy;

• 12th will cause a depression;

• 14th will shorten the life.

• 17th-long damage hair;

• 18th frustrate the plans;

• 23rd, 24th, 25th, will trigger illness;

• The 27th will cause failure, worsen the condition;

• 30th threatening injuries, headache, failure.

In the April days, you have to be especially careful when choosing the day for a radical change of image and usual care procedures.

Putting yourself in adverse days, only the very skilled or your permanent master. The lunar calendar haircuts will help to choose the best day for a visit to the salon or independent hair dyeing at home.