Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

September gives hair a much needed rest from the scorching rays of the summer sun.

Want to update your hairstyle, to change summer tops for something more elegant.

The moon will tell you what days of September to schedule a haircut, Perm or coloring.

The first five days at the beginning of the month, the moon continues to grow.

The full moon occurs on the sixth.

On this day, the stars recommend to get a haircut: the hair will start to split, weaken, lose strength and Shine. But the colouring, Perm, scalp massage will be handy.

From the seventh to the 19th the disc melts to be born again the twentieth of September. From the twenty first to the thirtieth number of the Moon is growing again. At this period safely assign haircuts, styling, beauty treatments: they will be successful.

Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017 – hair

For Curling tresses need to choose the periods of entry of the moon into the zodiac of Virgo. Stress hair are not so strong chemical burns the hair, and hair will be just great. In September, the virgin rules the skies of the nineteenth and twentieth of September. It is the perfect days for Curling.

If «Khimki» bad shampoo, it needs to be done during the stay of the Moon in the house of the Lion, sixteenth and seventeenth of September. It’s all in the ability of the Royal zodiac to give even straight and stiff hair needs softness and ability to curl.

If your hair is curly from nature, artificially curl their these days is not worth it, not to get too steep curl. Besides weak, damaged hair will undergo at this point, too much load and can be seriously damaged. Have to restore the health of curls.

Perm in September, don’t plan on following numbers:

• the third, fourth, and thirtieth days of Aquarius;

• the fourteenth, fifteenth days of the Cancer;

• 23rd, 24th – Scorpio days.

These Zodiacs can ruin a Perm, even if it makes an experienced master. High risk that the hair will weaken, become brittle and dull.


Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017 – hair coloring

Change the tone or color of the curls is more successful when the moon is waxing, in the period of accumulation of energy. To change the color of the curls can be from 1 th to 5-th, and then from the 21st through the 30th of September. After dyeing don’t forget to feed the hair with natural oils and masks to reduce damage.

Is to consider the recommendations of the stars on the colouring associated with special energy background of the lunar day. Change the tone of hair can affect your interactions, your health and important areas of life.

Positive staining in these September days:

• 2nd: increase the flow of money;

• 4-e: if a little touch up roots or slightly update the tone, it is possible to achieve success;

• 5-e: repainted in a brunette, you can become invisible to negativity and can avoid serious problems;

• 7-e: reddish and bright colors of paint will help improve relations with relatives and acquaintances;

• 8: to be happy and successful, it is recommended to repaint the hair like they were painted in the Supreme moments of life success and happiness;

• 11-e: repainted in blonde, you will attract the right people;

• 12th: returning to natural color, it is possible to strengthen and enhance the well-being;

• 15-e: if you need a new job or improved relationships with boss, become a brunette;

• 18-e: radical color change of hair will attract money and improve health;

• 23rd: dyeing with natural dye will improve health, improve performance;

• 25-e: natural colors will enhance the quality of the business;

• 30th: dyeing with natural dyes will help to reach an understanding with the chief.

The thirteenth lunar day (in September, the third number) unfavorable for the radical renewal of hair color or touch-up roots. To paint to this day do not: the color will not the same, and the hair will deteriorate.

Negative way to bring about staining on the relationships and energy of the 10th (will spoil a good mood), 16th (will cause fights and misunderstandings), 20 th (negative for Finance and communication) and 26th (conflict) Sep.


Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Hair’s no good or bad days. Just need to know exactly what goals you want to achieve. General recommendation to cut locks only when the moon is waxing is good for those who want to quickly grow them. Indeed, if a haircut in the growth period of the lunar disk, the hair grow faster.

Those who need to strengthen weakened hair, seal the structure, to date the hairdresser need for the melting of the moon. Decreasing from 7 th to 19 th of September the Moon to get locks to grow more slowly but will improve their appearance.

The most successful haircut, it turns out in the days when the Moon returns to Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Virgo and Leo. So feel free to plan the procedure in the following numbers:

• first, second, 28th, 29th (Capricorn);

• tenth, eleventh (Taurus);

• the sixteenth, seventeenth (Lev);

• eighteenth to the twentieth (Deva);

• 21st, 22nd (Libra).

Favorable points associated with a hairstyle that can attract positive energy, improve your health, cheer up.

These are days of September:

• 1st: will strengthen the vital energy;

• 2nd: bring unexpected or additional income;

• 3-e: good for health, improving financial condition, increase intuition;

• 7-e: can dramatically change the life and to ascend to the pinnacle of success. But if everything is fine, is it worth it to change?

• 8-e: increase attractiveness, enhance health;

• 10-e, 14-e, 15-e: attract the positive;

• 12-e: improve the credibility;

• 18-e: add charisma and charm;

• 20-e: short haircuts are able to change destiny;

• 22nd: refreshes the whole body;

• 23-e: attract wealth;

• 25-e: increase creativity;

• 26th: will help to recover and attract money;

The appearance depends entirely on physical health. But there is feedback. Cutting hair in favourable terms of the lunar calendar days, we can affect your physical and emotional health, recover faster, relieve depression, strengthen the immune system.

Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

Problems with short hair can appear if you combine the procedure with lunar days of Cancer and Pisces. In September 2017 it’s the fourteenth, the fifteenth (Cancer). Zodiac Fish in the first month of autumn in the sky does not appear.

The stars recommend that you refrain from haircuts these days:

• 4th: there will be depression;

• 5-e, 6-e, 9-e, 21-e: will worsen the health;

• 13th: bad relations with others;

• 16-e: strengthen mental stress;

• 17-e: negative impact on mental state;

• 24-e: the cut will be ruined;

• 28th: it is likely to attract into your life negative;

• 30-e: a negative impact on health.

Lunar calendar haircuts on September 2017 – conclusion

The hair need attention and care. It has long been observed that to take care of curls is easier if you use the tips of the moon. If you ask for, using different hairstyling procedures, you can manage your own life.