Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Grooming hair in October, you need to pay attention to the recommendations of the lunar calendar haircuts.

This will help to get rid of negative emotions, improve health, regain hair luster and beauty.

On the growing moon, you can plan different haircuts and treatments.

During this period, the hair together with the entire body absorb cosmic energy, the force, therefore, respond well to care.

In October, the Moon rising from 1st to 4th, from 20 th to 31-th number. The full moon comes on the 5th of October, the new moon is the 19th. These days, you should be attentive not only to the procedures related to hair, but also do to monitor your health.

The melting of the lunar disc observed from the 6th to the 18th of October. A good time for haircuts with the objective of strengthening the roots and structure of tired, brittle strands.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017 – hair

Perming is always a great stress to the hair. If the components and the exposure time are chosen correctly, instead of the luxurious waves or tight curls can be obtained dead, devoid of life and health of strands.

Very good to catch the waves for days zodiacal Virgo. During this period, the risk of burning, to ruin the locks is minimal, and the degree of Curling will work out exactly as it was planned, the client and the master. The moon stays in Virgo sixteenth and seventeenth of October. «Khimki» will be successful and remain on the hair for a long time.

To curl the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, the stars suggest only owners of thick, heavy, unruly strands. In these days the Moon visits the house of the Lion. This zodiac gives curls natural waviness. If your hair is light, porous, curly by nature, the lion in the moon night is better not to expose them to a chemical wave: it’s too tight curl.

Not worth to do salon permanent Curling these days:

• 1st, 28th (Aquarius);

• 11th, 12th (Cancer);

• 20th, 21st, 22nd (Scorpio).

These Zodiacs are unfavorable for the procedure. The hair will deteriorate, and the result unlikely to please.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017 – hair coloring

The growing moon is favorable for the procedure of changing tones and hair colors. So feel free to spend your home or cabin staining in the first four days of October, and then from the 20th to the 31st. Color get rich, not become an unpleasant surprise, sweeps long.

With a properly sized pigment and the tips of the stars can attract positive energy.

Hair good these days:

• 2-e, 31-e: ‘ll refer you to the cash flows;

• 4-e: slightly changing the hue of the hair, can bring success;

• 5-e: a dark dye will hide from enemies and troubles;

• 7-e: reddish and light colors will help to overcome raznoglazy family, and colleagues;

• 8-e: to attract success and happiness, you should go back to that hair color, which was the hair in the brightest period of life;

• 9-e: natural colors will enhance business relationships;

• 11-e: if you are in need of useful connections and acquaintances, Piekrastes in bright color;

• 12th: return to natural color will enhance the well-being;

• 15-e: dark toned colors will help to establish business rapport with the boss or find a new job;

• 18-e: a radical change of color will enhance health and attract money;

• 22nd: genuine beauty will affect the growth of health improvement of health;

• 24-e: natural dyes will enhance the quality of the business;

• 28th: natural color will help relieve all the negativity.

On the thirteenth lunar day (3rd October) is to abstain from staining. The negative background of this day may paradoxically affect the result of dyeing.

Transfer staining to be a 10-th, 16 th, 20 th and 25 th of October for another day. A change of hair color is fraught with negative events, unstable state of mind, conflict at home or in the team.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

The tips of the brush or doing a short haircuts you need in the days of combining the moon with the houses of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Gemini:

• seventh, eighth (Taurus);

• ninth, tenth (Gemini);

• the sixteenth, seventeenth (Deva);

• 25th, 26th, 27th (Capricorn).

The hair will become thicker, stronger, no longer split and hair will be perfect. To strengthen the roots, should be scheduled a haircut on the 13th, 14th or 15th of October. During this period the Moon passes through the star Lion house.

To attract the positive, avoiding conflict and troubles need to use the tips in the planning of haircuts:

• 2-e, 22-e, 31-e: promises additional profit;

• 3-e: improve health and help to solve the problem with the finances will sharpen your intuition;

• 7-e: could radically change the situation, to achieve the long-awaited success. If life is completely satisfied, from visiting the salon is to give;

• 10-e 15-e: improve mood, attract the positive energy;

• 11-e: strengthen health;

• 12-e: enhance the credibility, strengthen health;

• 18-e: give charisma, enhance natural charm;

• 21-e will update the body;

• 24-e: good for the creative mind;

• 25-e: accelerates healing;

• 26: will sharpen intuitive understanding of what is happening.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

On the full moon (5th Oct) it is better not to get a haircut. The tips will start to split, hair to thin. You may experience unexpected trouble with health.

Negative effects after a visit to the barbershop, threatening to manifest itself in those days:

• 4-e: may precipitate depression;

• 5-e, 9-e, 29-e: worsen the condition;

• 13-e, 14-e: will make disharmony in relationships with colleagues and family;

• 16-e 17-e: worsen psychological health;

• 23rd: it is unlikely that the haircut will turn out good.

Adverse effects faces a haircut during the waning moon, from the 6th to the 18th of October. At this point the immune system is weakened, so the additional loss of energy associated with ostaganem the tips of the hair, the body does not need.

Lunar calendar haircuts on October 2017 – conclusion

The moon helps to treat hair to choose optimal days for different manipulation of the curls. Taking into account the advice of the lunar calendar haircuts, you can get rid of many problems associated with hair growth and at the same time to attract the positive energy.