Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Women’s health and beauty are linked to lunar cycles.

This feature is necessary to use, so hair always looked flawless and gave mental health.

In November, the Moon appears twice: at the beginning of the month from the first to the third, and in the end: from 19 th to 30th.

At growing moon it is good to identify the beginning of something important, meet the right people and to care for your hair.

It is believed that during this period, the hair and the whole body filled with energy, vitality, and because active treatments won’t hurt them.

The November full moon and the new moon falls on the fourth and 18th November respectively. Difficult days when we need to very careful with your hair and with yourself, beloved. The full moon is marked by good-natured Calf, and so almost all the hair treatments will be successful. But the new moon falls in the zodiac Scorpio what makes the situation in the star house unstable, and the result of haircuts and perms unpredictable.

In November the Moon is waning from the fifth to the 17th. despite the gradual loss of strength, weakening of the immune protection to lose heart and to cancel all treatments for hair is not necessary. Situation can correct positive Sign.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017 – hair

Curling refers to very aggressive methods of influence on both the roots and the hair. Particularly affected, of course, hide-and-seek, therefore, to carry out the procedure need only have experienced craftsmen who are well versed in the structure of the hair and are able to pick the most gentle formulations.

Definitely need to catch the wave and on the right from the perspective of the lunar calendar days. This will help to save nerves and literally to protect the locks from destruction. Walking with a dead Bud burnt hair would be long, so better to prepare for procedure.

For those with thick, unruly, straight, tight strands a good time will be the period of the moon through the house of Leo the 10th and 11th of November. These two days will give the hair a large waviness, so «Khimki» will be held for a long time. And here is the hair and are already inclined to curl, an additional wrap should be abandoned: curl get too tight.

Much more favorable for the iron periods Virgo – 12-13 November. Heavenly lady will protect hair from adverse influence of the chemicals will retain their luster, elasticity and health.

Ill-suited for the procedure of Curling the company of Aquarius (24, 25), Cancer (8, 9) and Scorpio (16, 17). These watermarks will do anything to ruin the work of even an experienced hairdresser: curl will be irretrievably damaged, it will become catastrophically break down, lose luster, and restore them to health would be Oh so easy.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017 – hair coloring

Women dye their hair willingly and often. Almost all of us in search of something podkashivaet, repaint, experimenting or correct. This should be done with a mind that is listening to the advice of the lunar calendar haircuts.

Dye your hair on the growing moon it is possible and necessary: this is the active growth period of hair when he is strong and will recover quickly after the aggression of chemical dye. The pigment will fall exactly and the expected 1,2,3, 19 – 30 August. Applying oil masks, balms will help to minimize the effects of, and the Shine of curls will not be lost.

Power engineering of lunar days in a special way affects not only the results of the staining, but also on what is happening in life. Under the eye of both the favorable and unfavorable energies – the basic spheres of human life: love, work, communication.

Here are some auspicious events may occur when painting certain days in November:

• 1,2 – roots touch up or easy change of shade will attract success;

• 3, 4 dark shades are favorable for the attainment of harmony;

• 5 – coloring in red and light colors will improve the relationship with family and colleagues;

• 6 – if trouble follows, in this day you need to dye your hair the color that you wore in the fatal period of luck and happiness;

• 7 – natural colors will help to establish business relations;

• 9 – light dye will draw in the life useful links;

• 10, 30 – a procedure would enhance the wealth, attract money;

• 13 – dark tones will help to find new work or make you more attractive in the eyes of the authorities;

• 16 full color image will enhance health and attract Finance;

• 20, 21, 22 – it is better to use natural dyes. Natural energy will increase efficiency, improve health, preserve tranquility at home, and at work.

• 23 – natural paint to enhance business acumen;

• 25 – will make attractive, to boost self-esteem and confidence.

The thirteenth lunar day is 1 November. To dye your hair this day is not worth it if you are not sure about the wizard.

The negative effects of dyeing can be if the procedure is scheduled for the following days:

• 8-e (will lead to emotional instability);

• 14 (will cause communication problems);

• 18 (bad for financial Affairs;

• 24 (will provoke a major conflict);

• 26 (deprive of self-confidence).

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

For the quick growth of curls the tips you need to trim on the growing moon. But strengthens and restores the structure of hair cut in a descending moon. Why girls with damaged hair it is better to get a haircut when the Moon is «losing weight», that is, in the period from the fifth to the 17th of November. The hair will grow slower, but their quality will change for the better.

The Zodiacs of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Leo and Virgo – the most friendly procedure sostoyaniya hair. Since ancient times it was considered at least mystical, as high – threat. So plan to visit salons for haircuts need 4.5 (Taurus), 10, 11 (lion), 12,13 (spinster), 14, 15 (Libra), 22, 23 (Capricorn) Nov.

Given the energy-time haircuts on the following days:

• 1 – improve health, enhance women’s intuition, will help to solve financial problems;

• 5 – can dramatically turn life to achieve the incredible. If anything do not want to change, and don’t need a haircut;

• 6 – make more attractive, strengthen the respiratory system, permanently retain the shape of hair (at the expense of the waning moon);

• 8 – good mood and positive charge;

• 9 – to improve their health;

• 10 – well affect the attitude of others;

• 13 – will attract positive energy;

• 16 – make charismatic and charming;

• 17 – to increase life expectancy;

• 18 – make confident;

• 20 – will update the body;

• 21 – increase the inflow of wealth;

• 23 – increase of creative activity;

• 24 – will help to recover;

• 25 – sharpen intuition;

• 27 – will prevent from health problems;

• 29 – save life energy;

• 30 – will bring additional profit.

Using the tips of the lunar calendar, a woman can not only find beauty, but also significantly affect their health, well-being, physical and mental well-being.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

It is not suitable for cutting days when the Moon passes through Cancer (8, 9), and Fish (in November these days). In addition, trim the tresses could harm the exchange of energies on the following days:

• 2 – will lead to depression;

• 3, 7, 19 – bad effect on health;

• 11, 12 – can destroy relationships, lead to serious problems;

• 14, 15 – will damage the psychological health;

• 22 – may absolutely not get;

• 26 – will attract the negative;

• 28 – bad impact on health.

Lunar calendar haircuts on November 2017 – conclusion

Don’t be afraid to experiment with their look: a woman simply has to change! The more that ahead of new year’s eve, when you want to be special. A little workout the day before wouldn’t hurt. However, be sure to consider the influence of cosmic energies. What it is, nobody really knows, but what moon of tips and warnings work – that’s a fact!