Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The influence of nocturnal beauty of the moon on the growth and condition of hair proven long ago. Therefore, when planning the procedures connected with care of hair, be sure to consult lunar cycles.

In may 2017, the year the Moon appears twice: first to the tenth number, and then from 26 th to 31-th number. Full lunar disk can be seen in the sky on may 11, the new moon meet on the 25th. Accordingly, decrease of the lunar disk from the 12th to 24th may.

The perfect treatments for your hair during the full moon. So planned or sudden visit to the salon 11 — th must become successful. However, the situation is complicated by the constellation of Scorpio, at a party which on this day was visiting the Moon.

Zodiac signs make serious corrections in our plans for hair care. What should we expect from them in may?

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2017 – hair

Gorgeous curls – a dream romantic-minded girls. To create a playful feminine curls or curls with the ideal chemical compositions 5 and 6 may, when the Moon enters the house of Virgo. Friendly Virgo will protect hair from the aggression of «Khimki».

Additional assistance to the Barber shop Perm will have a lion. This zodiac gives the curls a natural undulation, therefore, the effect of iron in his days may not be entirely expected. Hairstyle «a La Pushkin» will not everyone, so from 2nd to 4th may, a Perm should only trust a very experienced master who knows your hair is not worse than their own.

To destroy the structure of hair, to deprive it of its natural Shine to dry hair, make them brittle capable of «Khimki» made in the period of power over the Moon in Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces and Cancer.

In such days it is better to abandon the professional iron:

• 9th – may 11th (Scorpio);

• 17 th, 18 th may (Aquarius);

• first, 28th and 29th of may (Cancer).

A major change in hairstyle to anything good will not result, on 3 may, so for a drastic change smooth hair for curls you should choose a different time.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2017 – hair coloring

Coloring process locks in the favorable days of the growth of the lunar disk. From 1st to 10th, from 26th to 31st may she will be successful. Special objectives can only be achieved if you change the hair color on certain auspicious days of the may lunar cycle.

• 1 and 30 may, the painting will enhance the business quality.

• May 6 of natural colors will help to establish contact with the authorities.

• May 8 will attract the energy of money.

• May 11, with coloring, you can avoid trouble.

• May 14 and 15 magical days: painted the hair in a color that you wore in the best days of your life, you can attract the same positive energy.

• May 18, repainted in a light tone, you can attract helpful people.

• May 19 update color hairstyles will help to strengthen the financial sector.

• 24 may dramatically change in tone will attract the energy of health and money.

Do not paint the locks on the thirteenth lunar day, i.e. the ninth of may. You should refrain from changing the tone of hair and second of may in order not to cause misunderstandings and quarrels in the family or at work. The seventeenth of may, the staining may cause a bad mood, and the twenty-second, twenty-sixth and thirty-first to provoke a quarrel with others.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Many people know that the haircut in the days of the growth of the moon will have a beneficial effect on hair, many people know. If you dream of long tresses, it is possible to really speed up their growth. For this you need only to update the tips in the growth phase of the moon (at the beginning and the end of may).

However, decreasing the lunar disk can be useful to strengthen the roots and give fullness to thinning hair. The moon wanes in may from the 12th to the 24th.

A good mood will give the haircut made during the period of travel of the moon through the constellations of Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Libra.

In may you can schedule a salon visit for the following dates:

• 3-e ,4-e and 30-e, 31-e (Lev);

• 5th-6th (Virgo);

• 7th,8th (Libra);

• 14th – 16th (Capricorn);

• 24th,25th (Taurus).

Haircut will bring a special energy when you consider the following recommendations.

• Creative types should get a haircut 1st and 30th may, to help boost energy and imagination.

• Heal and strengthen the health can 2 nd, 5 th, 14 th, 15 th, 18 th, 19 th of may.

• Strengthen intuition, if the haircut of the 3rd, and to attract money – 8-th and 28-th of may.

• Haircut of the ninth and thirty-first of may a good thing as it sharpens the intuition, will help to improve your health, attract money.

• The haircut may 13, can dramatically change lives.

• A new haircut will enhance the positive energy of the 17th, may 21st, will make a charismatic and incredibly charming the 24th, will update the entire body of the 27th.

Lunar calendar haircuts on may 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

In a warm cozy enough may days when the haircut can cause trouble. General guidelines relate to periods of waning moon. Otricanie tips these days energy drain, weaken the body. People with low immunity should be especially attentive to their health.

There are other recommendations that will avoid reduction of energy and trouble. Not necessarily, but highly likely the appearance of problems because of my haircut in the following days of may:

• 4-e: attract the negative;

• 6-e: bad for health;

10-e, 11-e, 23-e: cause depression;

• 12th: violate health (especially important for people with diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems;

• 16th: bad for health;

• 20-e: to spoil relations with other people;

• 22-e: will lead to lack of energy and depression;

• 29th: haircut it won’t be the one you want.

If you choose the wrong haircut for the period while the Moon visits Sagittarius, the hair becomes brittle, unruly, cranky. From 12 th to 14 th such a period waiting for us in may, so you need to think hundred times before deciding on a haircut.


Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – conclusion

The desire to bring the appearance in order in may becomes insurmountable. Sunshine, warmth, a feeling close to holidays or vacations stirs the blood. Want to immediately buy a new dress, heading out to sea, but first to make the mind something absolutely mind-blowing. To the desire for change has brought positive emotions, you need to plan a visit to the salon only «right» or at least safe days. The moon will tell you the easiest and fastest way to happiness.