Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The female body is by nature tuned to the lunar cycles.

The direct influence of the moon on the procedures associated with the hair, our grandmother noticed centuries ago. The lunar calendar haircuts today helps to select the best day to visit the salon.

Why does it work?

The human body can be described as a special «biological battery» that can recharge your batteries or spend it depending on the cycle of the moon. The accumulation of energy begins with the second phase, from the eighth to the fifteenth lunar day. At this point the person feels inflow of forces. A period of stability and activity continues in the full moon until the 22nd lunar day.

The fourth phase runs from the 23rd to the 29th lunar day. No new business to start is not recommended because in this moment is «energy discharge»: the body weakens. The first phase of the lunar cycle and unfavorable, as in the time of the new energy storage (from the first to the seventh lunar day) human health vulnerable.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – hair

In addition to the lunar satellite of the Earth great power over us are the signs of the Zodiac. The stars combined with the Moon give a more accurate idea of when to do a haircut, «Khimki», the color of the hair.

Beneficial to get a Perm in the period of Virgo. In March 11-th and 12-th number. Hair will not suffer, the curls will turn out exactly like I wanted.

But the 9-th and 10-th March, hair should be extremely cautious. It’s all in the constellation Leo. This zodiac makes curls curl without any chemicals, and therefore there is a danger to get too obvious effect.

To abandon the «chemistry» is better in the period of Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius, Scorpio. If you curl in the days of the power over the Moon these Zodiacs, the hair becomes brittle, dull, and the ends – split ends. The structure of the hair absolutely will collapse.

To stifle in himself the wish to curl with the chemical composition should be as follows:

• 7-e, 8-e Marta (Cancer);

• 23rd – 25th (Aquarius);

• 16th, 17th (Scorpio).

All other days, the wave will not hurt. Feel free to go to the familiar master from first to sixth, eleventh to the fifteenth, from the 18th to the 22nd, 26th and 31st. In General, there are plenty to choose from.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – hair coloring

To paint hair it is recommended in the growth period of the moon. In March, the Moon appears twice: first to eleventh, and from 29 th to 31-th number. These days the paint will fall as it should, the hair will not be damaged, and the result will please.

Special considerations for painting relate to the following days.

March 1: it is preferable to use natural dyes. A close relationship with nature will improve mood, increase energy.

March 2: dyeing with natural dyes will be effective for the business lady. Their business acumen grow, there will be forces on the solution of difficult problems.

March 5: increase women’s attractiveness, and self-esteem.

March 7: the return to natural color will help to get rid of the negativity.

March 8: you can improve relations with the boss.

March 10: a staining impact on improving the financial situation.

March 11: the thirteenth lunar day is extremely unfavorable to staining. Although if you believe in yourself, to abandon a planned visit to the salon is not worth it.

March 26: if you have enough courage to radically change hair color, you can achieve significant improvements health and financial well-being.

March 31: natural hair color when coloring will return the family peace of mind.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

The moon rise has a direct effect on the hair. Trimmed in this period, they will grow quickly. It’s not always good, especially if the woman hair cut stylishly short. Have to literally after two or three weeks again to pay the master.

Cut in a waning moon will strengthen the hair roots. If the bulbs are weakened, go to the salon it was during this period. In March, it continues from the 13th to the 27th.

The excellent result of the shortening of curls and strands during the Union of the moon with Libra, Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, Virgo.

So make sure to plan a visit to the salon is necessary on these days:

• from 2nd to 4th, 30th, 31st (Taurus);

• from the 13th-15th (Libra);

• 9th, 10th (Leo);

• 11th, 12th (Virgo);

• 21st, 22nd (Capricorn).

Recommendations of the special nature will help to correct the financial Affairs and relationships with others. To pay attention to them is for those who want to correct any negative circumstances in his life.

March 1: attract money and material goods;

March 4: will help to recover, increase financial flow;

March 5: enhance intuition, help to succeed;

March 10: promises a profit;

March 15: can dramatically change your life;

March 16: make more attractive, will improve health;

March 23: will attract positive energy;

March 26: will give charisma;

March 27: to extend the life.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

It is not necessary to cut hair on the waning moon. This is a General recommendation, which involves considerable energy consumption during this period. Ostrega hair, we further weaken the body.

But in March, there are other negative clipper days.

March 6: will draw negative;

8th, 13th, 17th, 18th March: be bad for health;

March 12: fraught with depression;

March 22: may provoke an argument;

24th, 25th March: harm in mental health;

March 31: there is a danger that the cut will be unsuccessful.

never cut the baby in for the first time on the waning moon. It is believed that it might spoil his hair for life. They will be weak and rare.

Lunar calendar haircuts on March 2017 – conclusion

March is quite favorable for correction of vital errors and to get rid of problems through the magic of the moon. Hair can accumulate a tremendous amount of energy and information, so care is very important to choose the right day.