Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

The last month of the year is a special time.

Including because literally every woman reserves at December some important procedure: a haircut, Perm or coloring.

This is understandable, because new year’s eve happens once a year, I want to look amazing.

Therefore, the condition of the hair should be treated very carefully, and the hints of the lunar calendar is not to give up.

Waxing Moon in December, is visible in the sky of the first and second numbers, and then from 19th to 31st. the full Moon occurs on 3 December, the new moon on the 18th. On the growing moon are important treatments for hair assigned to haircuts, styling, coloring.

Decreases the Orb of night from the 4th to the 17th of December. To do anything with my hair these days should be very careful. However, strengthening hair follicles and improvement of hair cut in a waning moon is just perfect.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December, 2017 – hair

The stress of perms is the expected risk, and women go on it quite calm. Indeed, if the curl was successful, then greater happiness than every morning happy to look in the mirror just yet. I wouldn’t say the failed Khimki ending burned with curls, cool «lamb fur» instead of playful curls and for months with a broken mood.

So the perms should be conducted in full compliance with the tips of the moon: the chance to maintain the health of the hair and get the desired result much more. In December, the stars recommend to curl 9, 10, when the Moon returns to Virgo. But 7.8 Dec (Lev) are not for everyone: the Regal zodiac gives a wave to any hair. So if he winds or too thin, «the lion Khimki» may be too intense.

Don’t want to tempt fate and make permanent in the days of Cancer (5, 6), Aquarius (21st, 22nd) and Scorpio (14, 15). «Khimki» will not be successful, the health of the hair will cause irreparable harm.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December, 2017 – hair coloring

Painted in the cabin on the growing moon is perfectly safe: the pigment will fall as it should, and the result will please. With home coloring, there are many questions, but if you have the skill, then all will be well: the stars will help.

Especially when you take into consideration relevant recommendations related to energy.

Staining will be very favorable in these days of December:

3 – the dark pigment will hide from trouble and enemies;

4 – dark paint will give harmony;

5 – bright red color will improve relationships at home and at work;

6 – have a chance to turn himself to good luck if you dye your hair the same as in the most happy and successful days of his life;

7 – natural pigments normalize business relations;

9, 10 – bright colors will attract helpful people;

11 – natural color will increase the financial well-being;

13 – the dark color will help in the work;

16 – a complete change of color will attract money and bring health;

20, 21, 22, 23 – in all spheres of life will be harmony, if you use natural dyes;

25 – increase the attraction and give a confidence;

30 – will attract money.

On the thirteenth lunar day (1 December and 31 December) dyeing the tresses is not: the result can be unpleasantly unexpected.

To avoid staining, it is also in these days:

• 8 – destroy the emotional background;

• 14 – could ruin relationships with others;

• 18 – bad for the financial sector;

• 24 – provoke conflicts;

• 26 – take away the confidence.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December, 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Taurus (1,2, 28, 29), virgin (9, 19-2), Capricorn (19, 20-2) and Twins (30, 31) give the hair the day hair manageability, softness, so it all works. Curls after refreshing the ends will be stronger, thicker, the shape of the hairstyle will stay longer and delight.

To attract prosperity in all spheres of life, you can plan a visit to the wizard using the additional tips:

1, 31 – will impact on good health, strengthen the financial well-being, increase intuition;

5 – completely changed my life, will help to reach unprecedented heights;

8, 13 – will attract the positive;

16 – give a lot of charm;

18 – increase confidence and self esteem;

20 – will update the body;

21 – you’ll attract wealth;

23 – enhance creativity;

24 – will help to heal;

30 – will generate additional income.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December, 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

To get a haircut on a full moon is quite dangerous, so the visit to the salon 3 Dec better to cancel. Hair can poredet, will start to split at the tips, and health can bring. In new moon, December 19, to get a haircut too, is not: bad for the health and well-being.

Adverse mowing in those days of December:

• 2 – facing depression;

• 3, 7 – is bad for health.

• 12 – fell out with others;

• 14, 15 – will damage the psychological health;

• 22 may not happen;

• 26 – will attract the negative;

• 28 – bad for health.

Consider possible negative factors, going to the hairdresser.

Lunar calendar haircuts on December, 2017 – conclusion

The moon gives us many wonderful opportunities. Using the lunar calendar haircuts that every woman can become not only irresistible, but also to improve the hair, to improve relations with the world and themselves, to restore health.