Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, Curling and dyeing hair

Hair in August, require careful maintenance.

Haircut can strengthen and improve the roots, to restore the structure of hair.

Most importantly, to follow closely the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

The moon’s influence on the female body so much that sometimes regular trimming can strengthen or weaken the immune system.

The moon is in August of 2017 grows from the first to the sixth, then 22nd to 31st. The full moon will come the seventh of August, the new moon on the 21st. On the growing moon is favorable all the body manipulation of the strands and curls.

From the eighth to the 20th the number of the lunar disk will decrease. At this point you can have a great strengthen weakened roots or slow down growth of hair, if you want to preserve the shape of short haircuts.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017 – hair

Chemical components of professional perming hair will cause minimal damage, if the plan procedure on the growing moon. If you want to get a full guarantee of success, sign up for «Khimki» have the periods of the Moon through the zodiac Virgo: the 22nd or the 23rd number.

Please note: the 22nd and 23 August 2017 – better days not only for Curling, but for any procedure related to hair! This combination of favorable factors in the night sky is uncommon. These days are perfect haircuts, perming, coloring, hairstyles, and treatments will bring the most benefit. Hair will look gorgeous, the tips of the curls for a long time not brittle.

Inappropriately strong may be the reaction to a Perm in the period of the moon through the house of the Lion of the 20th and 21st of August. This zodiac gives any curls the ability to curl, so the weak hair «Khimki» can be extremely strong. A good result will receive only the owner of thick, coarse hair, which is permed and badly kept.

To refrain from perms is when the moon moves through the house of the Scorpion (the first, 26th, 27th, 28th August), Cancer (18-th and 19-th August), Aquarius (the seventh and eighth of August).

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017 – hair coloring

Rules for dyeing hair in August do not change: do it best in a growing young moon: the first six days of the month, and 22nd to 31st. Dye will cause minimal damage, well lie on the hair and washed out soon.

However, keep in mind that unfavorable for coloring the thirteenth lunar day, 5 August. Hair can change the color unevenly, to weaken, to lose vitality.

The lunar calendar is used to map favorable for dyeing days with regard to the influence the hair the signs of the Zodiac.

• first: you can get rid of negative experiences and factors;

• second, third: natural dyes to improve relations with the boss and the situation with the business;

• 4-e: change the tone of curls will strengthen the financial sector;

• 7-e: the dark tones of the paint will hide from trouble;

• 9th: bright and reddish hues will improve relationships with others;

• 10-e: to attract positive in your life can be repainted in the color that you wore in the happiest moment;

• 11-e: natural dyes can be used to improve relations with colleagues;

• The 13th: the painting will attract the right people and the right people;

• 14-e: natural tones will strengthen the financial situation;

• 17-e: dark tones will appeal to the authorities or facilitate the search for a new job;

• 20-e: if you change color radically, you can strengthen your health and increase well-being;

• 23rd – 26th: natural vegetable dyes will improve the efficiency and fortify peace of mind, business abilities;

• 31st: to improve relations with the boss will help the dyeing of natural dyes.

Negative days for staining 12th (bad mood), 18th (will worsen relations with people), 22nd (will negatively affect the finances), 27th (can cause conflicts).

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017 – favorable days for haircuts

Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini – the most auspicious signs for haircuts. If a haircut in the days when the Moon is staying in these houses of the Zodiac, you will not regret it seems to the salon. The haircut will turn out just perfect, hair to hair, and clipping the ends will have a positive impact on the health of the hair.

To schedule a visit to the salon on the following numbers:

• from 4 th to 6 th, 31st (Capricorn);

• 14th and 15th (Taurus);

• 16th and 17th (Gemini);

• 22nd and 23rd (Virgo).

To strengthen the rare, fragile hair very good haircuts in lion periods. The moon is lodged in the house of the Lion of the twentieth and 21st August. If a haircut during this period, you can make the hair thick, lush.

Favorable time for cutting can be used with the specific objectives: to improve the health and financial well-being, attract the right business and personal relationships, avoid conflict and keep calm.

Should pay attention on the following days:

• 3-e 12-e 17-e: improve mood, promises positive emotions;

• 4th: promises a profit;

• 5-e: a positive impact on the financial condition, health, sharpen intuition;

• 9-e: can dramatically change the life. If changes are not desirable to cut should not in this day;

• 10-e: will help to improve the health of people suffering from acute and chronic respiratory diseases;

• 13-e, 14-e: strengthen the immune system;

• 20-e: will make a charming and charismatic;

• 21: will have a positive impact on life expectancy;

• 22nd: life-changing;

• 23rd: renew energy, healthier hair;

• 24-e: attract financial flows;

• 26th: help creative people to emerge from the crisis;

• 27th: will produce healing effects;

• 28th: sharpen intuition.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017 – unfavorable days for cutting

It is not necessary to get a haircut during the waning moon. Trimmed at this point, the hair will grow worse, you can start to get confused, will cease to hold the hair. Yes AI health may be weakened, as the human immune system in this period is reduced.

Please pay special attention for the following days when the haircut can adversely affect the energy sector:

• 2nd, 31st August: may feel worse;

• 6 August: likely appearance of depression;

• 7th, 11th Aug: bad for health;

• 15-e, 16-e: threatens to conflict with the environment and people;

• 18-e 19-e: will cause a psychological discomfort;

• 29th: the increased threat of negative energy;

Astrologers warn that haircut on 25 August may not happen. So trust your tresses can only friend the master, who knows the peculiarities of your hair.

Lunar calendar haircuts on August 2017 – conclusion

The lunar calendar haircuts allows to regulate the growth of hair, affect their condition, to protect them from the aggressive effects of dyes and chemicals for Curling. In August 2017, the first year quite a lot of days when any procedure with hair successful. It is the last summer month gives women a unique two days of the 22nd and 23rd, when the result of visiting a Barber shop would be ideal.